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June 22, 2020

3 Smart Strategies - How To Buy CBD Online

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3 Smart Strategies For Buying Cbd Online

Buying CBD online can be a daunting task if you’re ill-prepared going in. With these helpful tips, you’ll be navigating the online world of CBD with ease!

Remember when we used to buy stuff in stores? For those of you who’ve either avoided them or chosen to scrub the idea from your memory, they’re those big boxy buildings you walk inside that have food and other items lined up on shelves. It can be a tremendously inefficient way to go about getting certain items, but one nice thing about it is that there are people there who are trained to help you find what you want. With their assistance, your shopping adventure runs much more smoothly, and you can be wholly content with the purchases you make. 

Nowadays, we are growing much more accustomed to the concept of someone simply leaving boxes or bags of items we’ve ordered online right outside of our front doors. There isn’t really any need for getting in your car and venturing out into the world to talk to the people. Putting on pants and shoes to go out and grocery shop is quickly becoming a thing of the past, due to both the convenience of online shopping and the cultural shifts that we’re experiencing in the present day. 

The downside to all this, however, is that when we shop online, it’s like walking into twenty or thirty stores at the same time. There are more shelves, and more items on the shelves, than we could ever comprehend. Buying CBD is no different. In fact, it’s getting more difficult every day, what with all the choices between products and brands. 

In situations such as this, it’s helpful to have some vetting strategies on hand. Here are three that we hope you find useful: 

#1. New to CBD?

If you’re new to CBD, we get that finding the right products online can be a daunting process.  There are so many choices in brands, and so many characteristics to keep track of when you’re honing in on the product or products that are best for your wellness. This strategy involves a great deal of research, but trust us when we say that you’ll be thankful you put in the time. While you’re learning particulars about certain companies and the products they offer, you’ll discover more about CBD in general as well, which will allow you to make the most personally impactful decisions possible. 

We recommend that you start with researching how the company sources their hemp extract. If they’re a purveyor who uses organic hemp, then you’re off to a good start. From there, you can look into what method of extraction they use. Chances are, if they use a CO2 extraction method, then they’ve prioritized their customers’ wellness over taking the easiest way out. 

Next, make sure they have the kind of product you’re looking for. Ask yourself, how might you use it? What are the results you’re hoping it to yield? From there, you can start targeting specific products. Looking to bolster your skincare regimen? Well, then you’ve narrowed the field a bit and can start looking into the other supporting botanical ingredients that each product contains. 

#2. Looking to Branch Out?  

If you’ve got a little experience with CBD products, then you likely already have an idea of which actually work for you. Maybe you want to branch out and try a new category of products. Vapes have been your thing for a while, and you dig their range of flavors and incredible portability, but suddenly you find yourself taking an interest in tinctures. 

First things first, you should start by checking out the Certificates of Analysis that comes with a given product. Since you know how CBD affects you and which products are your faves, taking a deep dive into their particulars will give you an opportunity to uncover what else might be going on in them. 

Of course, we know you’re a fan of CBD, but what about CBN and CBG? Being able to target these specific cannabinoids, which can sometimes go unmentioned in a product’s ingredient list or other marketing materials, will bolster how you experience the wider spectrum of a CBD hemp extract’s unique compounds. 

#3. Been Around The Block?  

You’re an established pro in the CBD game, so you know what sort of products integrate well with your daily life, as well as which compounds they contain that make them a perfect addition to your overall wellness routine. 

If this is you, the buying strategy we recommend involves timing the sales; be patient, and buy in bulk. No matter which brand or range of products that you prefer, you’ll find that there are enticing promotions being put on throughout the year to make it even easier to enjoy CBD. Sometimes, these promotions take the form of site-wide sales, offering a percentage off any product you order. Often, there is a minimum dollar amount you have to spend in order to access the discount, but if you’re in the business of timing these sales, you’re going to want to order a high volume anyway that will last you until the next time such a similar promotion pops up. 

If this doesn’t have much appeal in your eyes, you can also watch for sales on particular products you enjoy. Certain products are always being bundled for individual discounts, which could be perfect for you. For example, if you’re into CBD vape products, right now we’ve got the ideal variety bundle to satisfy all your vaping needs. If CBD topicals are your thing, we also offer this tantalizing topical bundle for everyday use!

No matter how acquainted you are with CBD, another tried-and-true strategy when it comes to shopping online is to reach out to the company’s customer service department. While not all departments are created equal, it’s a great way to get to know the people behind the brand. We pride ourselves on our elite customer service, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction!

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