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March 9, 2020

5 Best CBDfx Products For A Weekend Getaway



5 Best Cbdfx Products For A Weekend Getaway

Even the perfect getaway could use a little something extra. Here are 5 situations where CBD products could improve your weekend activities!

By: Jon Huffman-Eddy

It’s a Wednesday morning and you’ve just sat down at your desk with the first coffee of the day. You take a sip, then a deep breath. You take a peek at the clock and make some mental calculations, realizing how much of the day is left until you’re officially headed toward the weekend. To be honest, that’s way too much math this early in the morning. You sit, exasperated, while you consider how unfathomably far away those lovely two days of freedom, rest and relaxation are. They sure do hold a little shine, don’t they? You’ve got a trip planned, a little escape, and you’re getting closer every second. 

Maybe you’re finally making your dreams of wine country come true, or flipping a coin to choose which direction you’ll drive; maybe you’re simply sticking around town for a little “staycation”. We here at CBDfx are stoked for you no matter what kind of weekend getaway you have planned. If you decide to invite our good friend CBD along for the ride, we’ve got some recommendations that we’re sure you’ll love:

1. “Glamping” in Self-Care Style

Perhaps you and bae have been wanting to craft a little escape into the wilderness. For weeks now, you’ve heard birds chirping when you close your eyes, smelled the tingle of pine trees and the warmth of open air. While the sounds and smells of the natural world are alluring to you, sleeping on the ground has never been your thing, and you feel that plumbing was invented for a reason. Frankly, there is no better way to survey nature’s abundance than from the back deck of a quaint cabin in the woods – not a creepy, horror movie one of course, but one with big windows and a walk-in shower. 

Before you settle in to watch the sun set behind those beautiful sequoias, apply this Lavender CBD Face Mask  and take your relaxation to the next level. This particular mask is formulated for the perfect evening, featuring luscious lavender and a powerful topical serving of 50mg broad-spectrum CBD. The supporting topical ingredients in the mask, such as lavender oil and citrus extract, begin to soothe and calm your skin the moment you put it on, but make sure to leave it on for at least 10 minutes to enjoy its full effect.  Even after you remove it from your face, the CBD and other botanicals in this mask will continue to absorb into your epidermis and underlying tissue.

#2. Summiting with Savor 

For you, the whole point of escaping to the woods might actually be to get your body moving. Whether you’re into rock-climbing, hiking or even mountain-biking, it’s all about finding that perfect vantage point. On a short weekend trip, you’re up early to attack that mountain, probably after sleeping in a tent on nature’s mattress: dirt. Once you’re up, it’s a quick breakfast and then you’re on your feet for the next ten hours. While there’s nothing quite like the feeling of tromping through the wilderness and breathing deeply from its highest peaks, your body’s bound to get worn down a bit. 

CBDfx has you covered no matter what kind of complaint your body’s lodging with this CBD Balm Bundle. Soak up the moisturizing effects of shea butter and citrus, perfect for dry conditions. For extended overnight stimulation, you have the Overnight Recovery balm, packed with evening primrose oil, lavender and orange oil. Uncomfortable in the morning? CBDfx Muscle balm is here for you, and if your skin is feeling sensitive, enjoy the subtle blend of chamomile and tea tree oil offered by the Calming balm. All of these balms are 100% vegan and are blended with 150mg of organic, broad-spectrum CBD extract. 

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#3. Coastal Calm

Whether you’re charging the waves for a session with the surf gods or just like the feeling of the sun on your face, the beach is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. With the sounds of seagulls far above and a salty ocean fragrance rising to greet your nostrils, there are a million natural pleasures to be enjoyed along the coast. What more could you need? Well, apart from a swimsuit, some sunscreen and maybe a book and towel, we can think of a thing or two. What better way to center yourself and absorb all those negative ions than with some CBD?

Our CBD Tincture Oil 1000mg comes in a small, 30ml vial that is compact enough to take with you anywhere. Blended solely with high-quality MCT oil, which is perfect for increasing bioavailability and ensuring that you enjoy every last bit of CBD, this full-spectrum hemp extract has a subtle, earthy flavor that echoes the simplicity of the beach. With a dropper-full under the tongue, you get more than 30mg of organic CBD and are on your way to the perfect getaway. 

#4. New City Cruising 

You could live in the dreamiest place in the world and still get bored from time to time. After all, we’re human, and with that distinction comes the desire to roam. If there’s a new city you wish to explore, perhaps it’s the architecture that draws you, or you’ve been told the streets sparkle at night. Whatever the reason, you’re going to want to be clearheaded and communicative. After all, a city is more than buildings and museums; it’s the people that make the experience special. Generally speaking, this means gathering in bars and having a few drinks. But what if you don’t want to waste any of your precious time in this new city feeling groggy or hungover? 

These CBD Chill Shots present a wonderful method to still enjoy the ritual of taking a shot without any of the alcoholic content. CBDfx offers these tasty little 2oz shots in two flavors, Berry and Lemonade, and each of them contains 20mg of organically farmed, full spectrum CBD hemp extract. The perfect size for storage in your bag or purse, they’re fit for any time of day, as well as any kind of adventure you have in mind.

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#5. It’s Not Always About the Destination

You’ve heard the line at least a thousand times, so we won’t bore you by repeating the second half. Oftentimes, it’s true, the trips we take aren’t really even about the destination itself. They’re about getting there; the planning, the open road, the music we listen to on the way. The truth of the matter is that the place we choose for our weekend getaway could be totally meh, but the trip can still be totally worth it. 

A perfect complement for this journey is our Honeydew Ice CBD Vape Pen. This soft, sweet, slightly chilled flavor means each moment you spend with it is like a little vacation of its own. Each pen is user-friendly, disposable and offers 30mg of C02-extracted, organic broad spectrum CBD. 

These are just a few of the ways in which you can incorporate CBD products into some incredible weekend getaways. Whatever sort of weekend you’ve got planned, we hope it’s fantastic!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.

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