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November 15, 2019

5 Best CBDfx Products to Take With You On Road Trips



5 Best Cbdfx Products To Take With You On Road Trips

The best CBD items can hit the road with you without being inconvenient. Come check out the best CBD products for traveling!

There’s nothing quite like a road trip with friends or family; the freedom to go where you want at your own pace, passing through colorful cities and experiencing the difference in culture that each offers. Without road trips, you never would have discovered your passion for Ethiopian cuisine, and your Facebook profile picture of you with that giant meatball statue in the middle of the desert wouldn’t have come into existence. 

You may not have known that the road trip experience could get even better with the addition of CBD. Here at CBDfx, we provide you with a collection of products that can easily be taken with you as a trusty travel companion no matter where you go! 

#1: CBD Charcoal Face Mask

While on a road trip, you don’t have much time to worry about the way that your skin looks. Between driving and making occasional pit stops at restaurants and gas stations, you don’t get the opportunity to scrutinize your skin and apply products that can return it to its original glory. You’ll certainly feel the dirtiness and dryness, but there’s very little that can be done about it. This is where the CBDfx Charcoal Face Mask could come in handy, offering both moisturization and purification.

The CBDfx charcoal face mask is one of the most mobile CBD products that you’ll find anywhere on the market, let alone in our catalogue. A CBD face mask functions just as a regular mask does, requiring only that you place it on your face correctly and don’t perform any acrobatics that might make it fall off. Really, it’s that simple; it takes more time to get the mask out of the container than it does to apply it to your face, which should tell you something about its convenience. 

Best of all, these masks can be used almost anywhere, including in car rides–when you’re not driving, of course. Heading out to the mountains to visit your hermit relatives? Driving to your annoying younger cousin’s bar mitzvah so that you can listen to a child halfway through puberty sing-read verses from the Torah? There is no bad time for a face mask, and the ingredients that are present in the mask will allow your skin to glow while you sit and watch the Rabbii presiding over the Bar Mitzvah try and fail to win the crowd over with his dad jokes.

What makes this face mask special is the activated charcoal that digs deep to clear your pores, allowing you to eliminate impurities that would otherwise be virtually impossible to reach. Having a clean, smooth face is important for a number of situations, such as business trips and big dates. There are times when looking anything but your best just won’t cut it. With this product, you’ll never have to worry about not having access to a quick and effective facial cleanser.

#2: Shea Butter Mini Balm

Balms in general are heavily underrated; they’re the complete package, from their compact containers that can be stored anywhere to their easy application that only requires two fingers. Balms offer largely unmatched convenience and provide a plethora of different functions, such as moisturizing dry or cracked skin and leaving you with a soothing sensation and pleasant scent. The Scottie Pippen of CBD products, they have already achieved things that many other products haven’t, and it’s only a matter of time before they begin their rise to stardom. 

Imagine: you’re sitting in your tent, midway through a camping trip with friends. This camping trip is part of a larger road trip taking you across the Pacific Coast, and the last two days have consisted of hiking, hunting and finding a nice place to set up camp. You’re having fun, but you’d be lying if you said that the labor wasn’t taking a toll on your body. The nights have been rough, as well; constant rustling outside of your tent is filling your mind with worry and limiting the amount of sleep you’ve been able to get. Waking up this morning, your skin was plagued with dryness, and when you look at yourself through your phone’s front-facing camera, it appears that you’ve aged five years in the past two days. You desperately wish that you had your skincare products with you, but nothing was compact enough to make the trip. 

Suddenly, you see something peeking out from inside your hiking bag. Like the classic Chef Boyardee commercial, your inanimate savior appears: CBDfx Shea Butter mini balm. The day seems bright, and you think that you hear a choir of angels singing somewhere in the distance. You take the tin of balm out of your bag, dig into its contents and rub it onto areas of your skin that deserve it most, and you immediately begin to feel better about the future of your skin!

The Shea Butter balm is especially nice because of its staple ingredients. Shea Butter contains fatty acids and vitamins that moisturize, soothe and soften your skin, making it an ideal ingredient for a balm. Combine that with the enjoyable effects of high-quality, broad spectrum CBD and you’ve got a product that’s ready to please you whenever it’s used. You can trust us when we say that our Shea Butter mini balm can be brought with you wherever you go. Whether you’re heading off the grid to become one with nature, or driving straight into the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, you can rest easy knowing that this balm can come with you and offer its assistance as you move through your day.

cbd products for road trips


#3: CBD 1500mg Tincture Oil

The day is finally here; you, a humble resident of Ruso in McLean County, North Dakota, have saved up and are making a trip to Los Angeles. This is the first time that you’ve ever been out of the state, and the prospect of seeing the sun for the first time in your life is getting you extra excited to embark on such as adventure. You’ve decided to make it a road trip, allowing you to experience a bit of every state that you drive through. In particular, you’re interested in trying the different types of food that you encounter in each state. A self-proclaimed “foodie-in-training,” you want to try everything that you come across, whether it be a massive pile of meat slathered in sweet barbeque sauce or a lollipop with a cricket frozen in time at its center. 

Aside from food and tracking the travel patterns of caribou, your other great love is CBD. Your home is something of a shrine to cannabidiol, each room housing its own set of tincture oils, gummies and CBD-infused lotions. The only downside to your upcoming trip is that you can’t bring most of these products with you without them looking clunky in your car. 

CBD tincture oil is the perfect product for a road trip involving food pit stops. Tincture oil is a form of CBD edible that you take by slowly dripping it into your mouth. It offers greater bioavailability than other forms of edibles because of its oil form and capabilities as a sublingual product. Fitting easily in any bag or purse, this instance our tincture oil doesn’t carry a special, fruity flavor such as pineapple or strawberry, instead opting for a light, more natural taste. While it may not sound like it at first, this hemp flavor actually offers more varied use than its counterparts. Unlike others, it is easily drowned out by the flavors already present in any given food or drink that you might be enjoying. While eating your way across the country, you won’t want the flavor of your CBD to affect the diverse flavors offered by each plate. A strawberry-infused tincture oil won’t pair with ribs, and neither will a lychee-infused oil and a chili burger; a naturally-flavored oil pairs with everything, allowing you to enjoy a variety of flavors as well as the effects of high-quality CBD.

#4: Pet Tincture Oil

You’re planning a trip to visit relatives up north, and while you’ve got all of your clothes and other items packed away and ready to go, something’s wrong. You know that you’re forgetting something, but the identity of that thing is completely eluding you. You hear the clatter of nails on wooden flooring approaching you, and as you look down, you realize what it was that you were forgetting. Your pug, in all his wrinkled glory, will either have to travel with you or stay with a friend. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too last-minute for you to contact a friend about it, so “Frank” will have to join you on the trip.

Pets play a major role in your ability to make plans, since they will require someone else’s attention while you are away. If you can’t find someone who can take care of them for the duration of the trip, then you have two real options: cancel the plans or include your pet in them. Taking your dog on a road trip is a type of plan that works for some breeds better than others. Dogs like golden retrievers and border collies will do fine and behave on these trips, while smaller dogs, such as pugs and maltipoos, are impatient and bound to give you trouble. These kinds of dogs prefer their homes to the outside world, sharing more characteristics with cats than other dogs.

For all dogs, a tasty incentive to behave could make your trip run much smoother. Giving them tincture oil as a reward for good behavior is a good way to ensure that they don’t go crazy while on the road. You can either give them it directly or drip it onto existing treats to improve their overall quality. With a tasty CBD treat as his reward, Frank the Pug will be more likely to sit and stay while you drive, although he will still try to eat any food crumbs or loose change that are sitting around your car. No way to change that, it’s just how pugs are.

cbd tincture oil for pets

#5: CBD Melatonin Gummies

Road trips can be filled with fun and exciting experiences, whether they be a celebrity sighting, a newfound favorite food or a close encounter with nature. One not-so-fun experience that you’ll encounter while on your trip is trouble sleeping. Sleeping away from home can be difficult; you won’t immediately feel comfortable in a hotel room, and your body will be confused by the new bed and room layout. The same applies if you’re staying in your car to sleep while on the trip, and added factors such as the weather will further impact you. Without adequate sleep, you won’t be able to function properly the next day, affecting everything from your ability to drive to the way you interact with your environment. 

CBD melatonin gummies are a perfect product for this situation, offering a solution for your inability to sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that has been shown to assist in the regulation of your sleep cycle, and it’s consumed by people across the world who require aid with their sleeping woes.  

Imagine that you’re halfway through your road trip and stop for the night at a cheap hotel. You just want to check in and immediately pass out, but a few obstacles stand in your way. The bedsheets smell like cigarette smoke and a couple is loudly arguing in the room next to you. There’s something moving around under your bed, but you’re too afraid to investigate. You need sleep, and you need it now. This is where it would be extremely easy to reach into your travel bag, grab your bottle of CBD melatonin gummies and be on your way to a full night’s rest in no time! 

Everyone loves a good road trip with friends and family, but many don’t realize how easy it is to bring some of our mobile CBD products with you on these trips. Next time you head out for a cross-country adventure, make sure to stock up on the products that we’ve discussed here!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.

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