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April 10, 2020

5 CBDfx Products To Pair With Karaoke Night



5 Cbdfx Products To Pair With Karaoke Night

You might not be able to head out for a karaoke night at the moment, but here are some ways that CBD pairs perfectly with a stay-at-home karaoke sesh!

By: Jacob La Cava

Karaoke nights are a staple of American entertainment, and while they might have already seen their peak in popularity pass by, they still hold strong as a fun way to pass the time with others. Of course, at the moment, you won’t have the opportunity to head out to a karaoke bar or a friend’s house to impress with your lyrical knowledge of the Flintstone’s theme song. However, you can still enjoy a night at home with singing along to all of your favorite songs!


Any seasoned karaoke participant knows that singing is only a portion of the reason that karaoke is fun. Other important factors include dancing, as well as the atmosphere and the food or drinks that you have with you. Everything comes together to create a memorable experience for you to relive in your memory for years to come.


What many don’t know is that CBD is the perfect companion for a night of karaoke! Here are 5 products you can get right here at that you need to have with you the next time you plan on doing some karaoke:

1. CBD Soft Gel Capsules

CBD soft gel capsules are a perfect product for your next karaoke outing for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they offer a level of bioavailability that’s hard for any other CBD products to match. Due to their advanced formulation and highly soluble outer layer, they allow for a larger portion of the CBD hemp extract in each capsule to be absorbed by your body, making them as effective and efficient as possible. Plus, consuming a soft gel capsule is incredibly straightforward, only requiring you to understand the basics of capsules and swallowing.


This product is ideal if you like to perform songs that don’t give you much time between verses. Some older rock songs fit this description, as well as most rap songs. Since you don’t have as much time to consume your CBD as you would with other types of songs, you’re going to need a product like the soft gel capsule that can be taken quickly. While you spit verses chronicling the struggles of hustling out in the streets, you can enjoy the quality of life boost that these capsules provide. In the wise words of Los Angeles native and “Are We There Yet” star Ice Cube, it will definitely have been a good day!

2. Biotin Gummies

If you’ve been doing karaoke long enough, chances are you’ve sung along to a few hair band songs. Also referred to as “hair metal bands,” these groups were best characterized by their fast-paced, rock n’ roll style of music, as well as their long, well-coiffed hairstyles. Famous hair bands of the past include Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and Mötley Crüe, hosting members whose luscious locks even put everyone else to shame! As mentioned previously, they generally put out fast, guitar-heavy music that allowed for their hair to dance around the stage with them.


If you really want to put on a show while performing a hair band’s iconic song, you’re gonna need an ocean of hair as well. Sure, you don’t need all that hair, but to a certain extent the music was written to be sung by someone with wavy locks. It’s all connected to the attitude of the music, and if you’re able to tap into said attitude, your performance will end up being that much better. This is why CBDfx Biotin Gummies are the perfect pairing for hair band karaoke. In addition to providing 5mg of CBD, you also get 2500mcg of biotin, a B-complex vitamin that helps maintain that health of your hair and skin! The ghosts of hair bands past will smile as they watch you belt out “Sweet Child O’ Mine” to the audience of stuffed animals on your couch.

best CBD for guitarists

3. CBD Face Masks

While some bands focused their image around their hair, others focused it around similar gimmicks that included covering their faces with intriguing make-up designs and masks. Bands such as Slipknot and Gwar have made masks and face paint a central part of their legacy, and just as Def Leppard’s hair gave their music an extra kick, their eccentricities give them an appearance that fits perfectly with the thrashing metal that they produce. Everything works together to produce a piece of work that feels more fully fleshed out than if the band performed in blue jeans and t-shirts. 


If you want to get the most out of a karaoke run with one of these bands, you’re going to have to do it the way the Lord intended: find a mask, paint your face and pray that your vocal cords are able to recover. Don’t have a halloween mask on hand? That’s fine; it’s time to use one of our convenient CBDfx Face Masks! Coming in five different variations, our face masks will give your face the coverage that it needs in order to better tap into the personas of Corey Taylor and Dave Brockie. Plus, once the song is over and your throat is on fire, you can sit back and take in the pleasant floral aromas of the mask!

4. Hemp Cream

While we’re on the topic of metal, the subgenre nu metal contains several notable bands that you’ve no doubt heard of. Linkin Park, POD and Limp Bizkit are all nu metal bands in their own right, combining the characteristics of metal with other genres of music to create their own unique sounds. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from; by some divine decree, every single one of us has gone through a Limp Bizkit phase, taking to the band’s electric, occasionally edgy demeanor. 


Movement is crucial to these bands, and their fans are just as angsty to get up and move around. In fact, Limp Bizkit has even been attributed to much of the rioting that occurred at Woodstock ‘99. Who would’ve thought that a band with a popular song titled “Break Stuff” would be the driving force for unruly behavior. If you’re performing songs by nu metal bands, you’ll need to make sure that you’re body is up to the challenge. This is where CBDfx Hemp Cream comes into play. Along with options of 100mg and 150mg of organically grown CBD hemp extract, hemp cream’s collection of supporting topical ingredients make it ideal for any pre and post-workout routines. Never again will you have to worry about putting your life on the line for the perfect rendition of “Nookie.”

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5. CBD Tinctures

Rock and metal are fun genres to perform, but what about more upbeat music? Pop songs are extremely popular for karaoke nights, and when they’re performed properly, they can have the whole room singing along. It’s hard to resist picking up the chorus of “Dancing in the USA,” and something about Bruno Mars songs just makes you want to get up and groove. While not all pop is about glitz and glamour, its quick-paced, up-tempo format gives it the lightheartedness that the genre is characterized by.


To get you in the mood to sing some pop songs, enjoy our line of CBDfx oil tinctures, containing MCT oil for even greater bioavailability. These tinctures are a quick and easy way to experience the quality of life boost that CBD provides, and when you have one of our flavored tinctures, your taste buds will be blessed with a sea of fruity, delectable goodness. If that doesn’t leave you feeling upbeat and ready to perform an Ariana Grande song, we don’t know what will!


There are many other products that pair well with karaoke night, but these are the cream of the crop. Next time you decide to turn your computer on, find an instrumental version of your favorite song and belt away to it in an impromptu karaoke session make sure to have CBDfx right beside you!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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