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October 22, 2019

5 Easy Places To Store Your CBD Gummies



5 Easy Places To Store Your Cbd Gummies

Want to buy some CBD products but don’t know where to store them? Here are a few spots that offer discreet, convenient storage.

So, you’ve finally decided that you want to dip your toes into the world of CBD. You’ve done your research, scrutinized countless web pages detailing the pros and cons of hemp extracts, watched multiple videos posted by some user calling himself “Brother Vape-ture” describing the different methods of consuming CBD; you’ve become something of a CBD master at this point. You hop onto our website, fill your digital cart with all kinds of products and, without any hesitation whatsoever, confirm the order. You finally did it, the weight of the decision is officially off your shoulders!

Later that week the doorbell rings, and sitting at your door are the items that you purchased. You quickly pick them up and bring them into your home, but once they’re all inside and you’ve taken them out of their packaging, something happens. You’re excited and happy that the products are finally here, but there’s something else mixed in with those feelings: panic. You realize that in all your research on CBD, you never actually cared to learn where you could store CBD to make it discreet. You know that people use CBD products while they’re out and about, but you don’t know where they go when they aren’t in use.

Like a rat in a trap, you went for the cheese without assessing the environment, and now you’re left confused and worried about how to effectively incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. Well, worry no more, because CBDfx is here to save the day! Here are 5 convenient methods of storing your CBD products, both at home and while you’re out on the town.

#1: Bathroom/Bathroom Counter

Your in-laws are coming to town, and you were gracious enough to offer them your guest bedroom. They quickly accepted the offer after telling you in an unconvincing tone of voice that they could never intrude like that. You don’t mind having them, but you know that they have no clue what CBD is… and they might get the wrong idea. You suspect they know about your appreciation for all things hemp, and they’ve been very vocal in the past about their (misinformed) opinions. You figure, hey — maybe it’s better to just avoid this subject altogether instead of trying to explain the finer nuances between the different cannabis strains.

You could always be honest with them and try to come to an understanding, but since you know that won’t work, the bathroom counter is an ideal spot for you to discreetly store your CBD and CBD products. Your bathroom is likely one of the first places that you visit every morning, as well as one of the last places that you visit at night. The sink is the scene for lots of action as you prepare to begin or end your day. CBD may be the ideal item to add to that daily routine, offering a serving of cannabidiol and an assortment of different natural ingredients to make your morning a little better.

CBD Topicals are perfect for this type of morning or nightly use, and you won’t have to struggle to hide the fact that they contain anything out of the ordinary. These topical products function in the same way that regular topicals do, interacting with your skin and muscles through the use of certain natural topical ingredients that can relieve and moisturize. In addition to high-quality broad spectrum CBD, they contain things such as jojoba oil, aloe vera and peppermint, which all function to soften the skin and provide you with an appealing, cooling sensation. Our facemasks are a product that could easily blend in well on your counter. Simply place them between two regular face masks and stack them neatly in a corner of the counter, and your nosy in-laws won’t suspect a thing. They fit well into any daily self-care routine and take up very little space. 

Other than the logo and descriptions on their containers, CBD topicals look nearly identical to regular topicals. The bottles are identical, meaning that they will not stand out when you place them with a group of other products. Their natural hemp scents are hidden from the nostrils by ingredients such as peppermint, whose strong aromas overpower the terpenes found in the topicals. If you feel like the bathroom counter is too obvious a place for it to be, you can place your bottles in the shower as well. This cleanser in particular, a premier CBD topical option that aims to remove impurities from your skin’s pores, looks incredibly similar to the products you already have in your shower, so stashing it there wouldn’t be too difficult.

#2: Food Pantry

You’ve run into a problem: you love CBD and CBD products, especially those coming in an edible form, but they’re beginning to conflict with your need to keep everything neat and tidy. Order is your life, and when things start looking disorderly around your house you begin having panic attacks. You can’t find a good place to put your CBD edible products, because you don’t believe that they fit in anywhere. They looked off when you tried to keep them on your bathroom and kitchen counters, and the thought of just leaving them out on a table without any reason for them to be there is enough to give your OCD a full-blown panic attack.

Your food pantry could be the answer to your prayers in this case. Most CBD edible products can be stored here without seeming to be out of place. If you are hellbent on maintaining order in your pantry, they can easily be stored with your sweets. These edibles and the candy that you would buy at the store are designed to be very similar in shape and size. They only really differ in scent and, in some cases, taste. However, these variables wouldn’t affect anything here anyway, since the aromas of the CBD edibles would only reach you if you left their container open. Our CBD gummies take on the appearance of the classic gummy bear and give no indication of being CBD-infused, other than the information on the container. If someone were to enter your pantry, they likely wouldn’t even notice that there were CBD products. This way, you can quell your agitation with things being out of place and you won’t need to curb your CBD consumption. 

Outside of CBD gummies, products such as tincture oils could easily be stored in your pantry, and could even find their usefulness increased as a result. CBD tincture oils are most often taken sublingually, meaning that they are applied underneath the tongue and allowed to sit and absorb for a short period of time before being swallowed. This is one of the most efficient means of absorbing CBD, and in all it takes very little time. Another method of application for tinctures, however, is through its addition to your food or drinks. This product is very flexible, in the sense that it can be blended into practically any meal with relative ease. If it doesn’t have any added flavors, it can be mixed into butter and eaten as part of a burger. If it does have an added flavor it can be dripped into a smoothie and consumed in that way. These tincture oils can be kept with other oils in your pantry, and since they don’t require any specific temperatures to avoid going bad, you don’t need to worry about shortening their life spans. Following these instructions, your CBD products will all find their correct homes and you won’t have to spend any more nights having nightmares about an open, slightly askew bag of gummies on the verge of falling of your table and onto your living room carpet.

5 Easy Places To Store Your CBD Gummies

#3: Purse

You’re planning on going out, but you really want to find a way to bring your favorite CBD products along. You can’t fit them in your pockets, and any other form of storage that you can think of would leave you looking clunky and awkward. You’re running out of time; it’s “endless mimosa night” at the local brewery and your friends are eager to get there before a large crowd arrives. It’s crunch time, and just as you get ready to accept defeat and leave without your CBD, you figure it out: a purse.

Your purse is likely the most convenient place to store CBD products, whether they be gummies, oils or lotions. Your ability to store your products will be limited here by a few variables, the first of which being the size of the purse. Purse size has a direct impact on your ability to carry anything, CBD or otherwise. If you have one of those purses that grandmothers lug around, then you’re in the clear. We’re talking about those purses that seemingly contain black holes, allowing them to hold virtually anything that you put into them. It’s the kind of purse that you use to hold other purses; sinkholes envy them. If this is the case for you, then congratulations, literally any CBD product can be brought with you. 

However, if you have a moderately sized purse that you like to bring with you when you go out, your list of CBD options begins to shrink. You only want the products that won’t make it look clunky and full, maintaining its overall look of elegance. Our tincture oils and hemp cream are perfect fits, and could potentially prove useful to you as you go through your day. Hemp cream looks and functions like a normal cream but provides a full serving of broad spectrum CBD, making it ideal for situations where you want to use your CBD products but don’t want to catch the attention of those around you.

Let’s say that you don’t have a medium-sized purse, but instead have one of those purses that even a chihuahua wouldn’t try to squeeze into. This “purse for ants” is more for aesthetic purposes than for carrying things, so even things such as tincture oils won’t fit without looking awkward in it. The optimal fit for this purse would be one of our CBD mini balms, which are compact enough to be discreetly stored pretty much anywhere. Plus, they offer the full effects of our larger CBD balms, which can be used at any time of day to enrich skin that feels dry and irritated.

#4: Mini Fridge

You’re in your third year of college, living in an apartment near campus with a few of your friends. You’ve known your roommate since freshman year, and even though you think he’s a cool guy and you generally enjoy his company, he keeps helping himself to your CBD products while you’re in class. You’ve addressed the issue in the past, but all you got was a flimsy apology and a promise that it wouldn’t happen again. Spoiler alert: it happened again, when several gummies magically disappeared from the bottle on your desk. He denied stealing them, but the sugar residue on his shirt betrayed him. You want to be stern with him, but you’re starting to get the feeling that something’s, well, off about him. He’s been wearing a lot of black, won’t stop quoting Youtube gurus and keeps going out to see the Joker movie. You’re desperate for a way to reduce the chances of him stealing your future purchases. 

The solution stares at you from underneath your bed: your mini-fridge! The thing that you wanted freshman year because it looked cool but ultimately turned into more of a hassle than a convenience. It’s moment to shine has finally come! A mini-fridge is a good place for you to store your CBD products for multiple reasons. First of all, the fridge is going to be treated as a much more personal space than your desk. If a bag of gummies is left on your desk, out in the open, your roommate isn’t going to feel as bad taking from it since it hasn’t been stowed away anywhere. There’s a certain recklessness that could be associated with leaving your gummies out in the open, and this recklessness will be used as a means of justifying taking them. By placing your goodies in a mini-fridge, you are setting up a more physical boundary between him and your CBD. He will feel less justified when having to reach under your bed and into your fridge in order to steal your things.

Another reason that the mini-fridge is a good option is that it keeps your oils at a cooled temperature. There is nothing wrong with keeping your oils out in room temperature conditions, but they will taste a bit more refreshing if they are colder. This is especially useful for products such as our blueberry tincture oil, which is delicious on its own but could also supply a cool splash of flavor for any sodas that you’re also keeping in the mini-fridge.

Repurposing your mini-fridge to contain CBD products is also the perfect excuse to try some of the new CBD drink products that we’ve released. Our 2oz CBD Chill Shots are a convenient means of consuming CBD that require no measurements whatsoever and function similarly to a tincture. With the assistance of your fridge giving the shot an extra bit of chill, it will be exponentially more taste-filled and refreshing. Best of all, drinking the entire thing means that once you’ve consumed it, there won’t be any left for your roommate to steal.

5 Easy Places To Store Your CBD Gummies

#5: Get Creative!

Some situations will call for you to be extra creative with the way that you store your CBD products. Maybe you’ve just graduated college and are moving back into your parents’ home, but they don’t understand what CBD is. This is a problem, because half of the items that you’re bringing home with you from college are hemp products. You don’t want to just get rid of everything, but you know that if they find anything CBD-related in your room, you’ll be in serious trouble. The bathroom sink could potentially work, but you feel that it’s a bit too risky. 

Illusion is going to be your key to storage in this case, keeping your products hidden in plain sight. Take one sock and fill it with some of your smaller CBD products, such as gummy packs and tincture oils. Make sure to only add as much as you can without it being overly obvious that things are inside of it. Then, take the sock that pairs with it and fold them together, giving them a new shape that more or less hides their CBD contents. Place them somewhere deep in your sock drawer, where no one would question it. If you ever need to get a serving of CBD, you’ll know exactly where to go, and unless you’re dealing with extra nosy people who are the type to investigate your sock drawer and feel every individual pair for abnormalities, you should be fine.

Another easy place to store things that are flatter or smaller in shape is your pillowcase. The pillowcase is a classic form of covert storage that honestly doesn’t get enough love. All you need to do is be the one to wash your own bedding and you’re able to completely avoid potential snoopers suddenly discovering its contents. Items such as CBD vapor pens and our sublingual strips would be ideal for this, their tiny frames and flatness lending to a much more flexible storing process. The pillowcase is ideal as well because it allows for easy access at night when you’re in bed. Enjoying your CBD vapor pen would be as simple as reaching into the pillow under your head.

Out in public with your spouse’s family but want to discreetly consume some CBD? Stash one of our CBD vapor pens in the right arm of your sleeve, and keep the sleeve in such a way the pen doesn’t fall out as you walk. Then, when you manage some separation from the group, let it shoot out of the sleeve and into your hand, like you’re an Assassin’s Creed character. Not only will this look super sick, it will also provide you with a quick and easy way to keep your CBD products on you at all times. If you don’t trust your ability to inconspicuously perform this action, putting your pen into your sock before heading out is another option that requires little to no care. You’ll just need to wear pants that conceal your socks, otherwise it will be obvious that something’s going on. 

These are 5 methods that offer optimal storage for your CBD products, whether you’re keeping them at home or taking them with you. Always keep in mind that storing these products in like an art form; it is guaranteed to feel sloppy at first, but with time you’ll get so good at it that you won’t even need to think twice about how you’re stashing away your CBD goodies. With luck, none of the scenarios described in this article are things that you’ll have to experience, but on the off chance that you do, feel free to try out any of these methods!

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