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June 12, 2020

5 Perfect Video Games To Pair With CBD


Jacob La Cava

5 Perfect Video Games To Pair With CBD

Time to combine your 2 favorite things in the world: video games and CBD! Here are some of the best ways to pair your favorite games with CBD products!

By: Jacob La Cava

Certain pairings in life just seem to make sense; graham crackers and marshmellows, Simon & Garfunkel, mid-tier Subarus and unnecessarily large spoilers, etc. Arguably one of the strongest combinations that you may not have gotten to experience just yet is video games and CBD! They’re a match made in heaven, and the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense.

Of course, you can’t just slap CBD and video games together at will. Certain video games are perfect for specific types of CBD products, and while any combo of the two will be enjoyable, you can easily enhance your experience by combining the two that blend together best. Here are some examples to get you started in the right direction:

#1. Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the most popular collections of games ever, selling hundreds of millions of game copies and netting over $15 billion dollars in sales. While the games are separated into multiple different story lines and have recently turned more toward perfecting their multiplayer functions instead of providing single player campaigns, they all give us a look at some of the more extreme potentials of warfare. Plus, more recently, the US Army has begun using the game for recruitment purposes. While Call of Duty players won’t be able to dolphin dive and cheese their way through real-life combat – there are no wall hacks in Afghanistan – it will certainly be interesting to see what kind of effect this has on soldier recruitment numbers!

Many consider Call of Duty to be one of the franchises that really allowed the first person shooter genre to flourish in a way it hadn’t previously. People who enjoy Call of Duty love the OG’s, and they don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles that other games such as Battlefield are known for. The perfect product for this type of game is our Original Red Gummies. Their minimalist ingredient list is ideal for those who are looking to simply enjoy CBD and all its cannabinoid buddies. Just like collecting W’s in COD, you’re going to love every minute of these gummies!

#2. Fortnite

Fortnite has paved the way for games with battle royale formats, and its “free-to-play, pay for aesthetics” structure has helped make these types of games more accessible to a much larger audience. Plus, it’s hard not to love Fortnite for its occasional odd interactions. Virtually nowhere else in the gaming industry are you constantly at risk of being absolutely styled on by a ten-year-old with a Travis Scott character skin. It’s a harkening back to the good old days, when no in-game voice chat was safe from the high-pitched voices of frustrated children.

To be good at Fortnite, you need to know how to build. Being able to build structures to move yourself around the map more freely and gain that upper hand in fights is going to be a crucial part of your path to victory. Of course, with building practice also comes some physical discomfort. The human wrist isn’t designed to be wrenched around into awkward positions repeatedly, which is why you need to be able to prepare your body before and after playing. Our Muscle & Joint Hemp Cream is ideal for this situation. Similar to working out, you can use the cream before and after playing, applying it wherever you see fit and watching as white willow bark and menthol provide you with their soothing attributes.

#3. League of Legends

This game’s community is as widespread as it is angry, and it’s got a higher salt concentration than most oceans. If this is your game of choice, you’re either a huge fan of MOBA’s, like playing online games with your friends or have an affinity for being verbally abused by random people on the internet. League is a massively popular online game that has found itself to be a driving force for the eSports industry. Game knowledge and mental fortitude are keys to success in League, and while its matchmaking can be dodgy at times, every game has the potential to keep you on your toes for its duration.

While playing League, your eyes always have to be on the prize. You’ll constantly find yourself multitasking while in a game, trying to maintain control of your lane while simultaneously watching your mini map to keep track of your enemy’s whereabouts and secure important objectives. You’ll need a CBD product that you can use while playing, without being forced to look away for an unnecessary amount of time. Our CBD vape products are perfect for you! Our vape kit is specially designed to work with CBD vape juices, which we offer an abundance of, and our disposable vape pens come in an assortment of different fruity and cannabis-derived flavors. Finally, you can enjoy CBD without having to miss a single one of the insults that your jungler hurls at you during the game!

#4. Kingdom Hearts

Few game franchises have managed to divide gamers as harshly as Kingdom Hearts. You either love or hate them, depending on what you look for most in a game. While the storyline has done nothing but become more convoluted over the years, and some of the dialogue is still characterized by its uncomfortable anime gasps and pauses, the visuals and emotional backdrop of the game are undoubtedly top notch. The games function as a crossover between Final Fantasy and Disney, which sounds bizarre on paper but is executed to perfection. With the exception of Donald Duck, all of the game’s characters are well done and spark your interest at one point or another.

If you enjoy Kingdom Hearts, then you’re likely a fan of being given an abundance of options to choose from. These games are all about packing in as many features and ability sets as possible, greatly boosting both the replay value and the amount of time spent on your first run of the game! For this reason, your ideal CBD product would come from our line of 7 different CBD gummies! Each gummy variant combines 10mg of CBD per serving with a unique set of additional extracts, such as apple cider vinegar and biotin, that provide their own beneficial effects. Chomp on some gummies while you build your Gummi Ship, and keep pretending to understand where the storyline is heading!

#5. Pacman

Ah, Pacman; a true classic, janky controls and all. Pacman is the forefather to most of the games that we see today, and it can be thanked in large part for the video game industry being as popular as it currently is. While the gameplay is simple – navigate Pacman through a maze to eat all available orbs while avoiding the ghosts that chase him – it found widespread appeal and became a staple of the gaming industry very early on. It might sound silly, but some would say that it laid the groundwork for suspense-oriented games as well, since you were never certain of how the ghosts would move through the maze and always had to be concerned that the game would cheat and redirect one directly into your path.

True fans of Pacman are, for lack of a better term, crazy. These are the type of people who cover their walls in Pacman posters and feel compelled to buy Pacman figurines and card decks whenever they see them. If this happens to be your game of choice, then you’d be a huge fan of our CBD soft gel capsules. With the capsules, you can easily emulate your yellow, circular hero, and since the capsules consist of 25mg CBD mixed with MCT oil, you’re going to love their increased bioavailability. Atari fans around the world, rejoice; your perfect CBD product has arrived!

With the right knowledge on hand, you can greatly enhance each and every one of your gaming + CBD sessions. Try out any of these combos, or experiment to find out other combos that work best for you!

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The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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