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August 20, 2020

5 Signs You Know It’s Time to Switch CBD Brands



5 Signs You Know It’s_Time to Switch CBD Brands_

If there’s one thing to be said about the CBD journey, it’s constantly evolving—and sometimes that means it’s time to switch CBD brands.

This is true on a personal level and on a larger scale when it comes to the market developing, growing, and expanding. 

However, when you want to switch CBD brands, you may have to try a few different products and a couple other brands before you find something that ticks all the necessary boxes for you. 

On a market level, CBD companies are ever-expanding and growing in many different aspects as we learn more about different cannabinoids, what they’re capable of, and how to include them in a variety of products. 

At any rate, sometimes we have to switch it up, and here are five signs we wanted to throw your way, so you know when the time is upon you. 

1. You’re Not Feeling the Effects

You’ve probably heard that you should give CBD time to build up in your system because some of us have fewer naturally occurring endocannabinoids in the body

When we let the cannabinoids from the product accumulate, the product has all the elements needed to thrive, as far as effects go. 

A few things can occur when you start with a new product. You can feel it, and like everything it provides, but then see those effects begin to dwindle because you developed a tolerance. On the other hand, you may not feel anything from the beginning. 

If you’ve built up a tolerance to the product you’re taking, you can increase your serving amount as you see fit until you reach the desired results. If you don’t feel anything at all, you have a bigger issue on your hand and need to try another alternative. 

Keep in mind different product types have different rates of bioavailability. For example, if you’re taking gummies and not feeling anything, you may want to try a tincture or vape pen because they have those higher rates we’re speaking of. 

If you try all of this with no avail, it’s time to check out another brand. Each company has its way of sourcing their hemp and creating their product line-up, and something within their formula just isn’t cutting it for you.

2. It Doesn’t Taste Good

Think about when CBD edibles first hit the scene. If you remember one thing, you most likely remember how bad they tasted. 

One of the key elements companies seek to continually improve is the taste of their products. You can like everything a product offers by way of benefits and results. However, if it tastes like you’re chewing on a rug, chances are, you’re not going to stick with it because it’ll be far from the highlight of your day.

If you’re half a bottle into a product that your taste buds still aren’t rocking with, it’s time to find a better option. 

Many companies utilize natural ingredients and sugars to create a flavor profile that tastes as good as it is for the body. 

You don’t have to shudder as you gulp down your CBD!

3. It’s Too Expensive

Sure, presentation is something to be concerned about, but can you eat that shiny gold box? 

You want a company that pours plenty of its resources into the actual product and can provide excellent quality at reasonable prices. Some companies try to dazzle you with the presentation, but you may find the end product is lackluster and ineffective. 

Alternatively, the product could be phenomenal, but the price tag puts a massive dent in the wallet. Sure, you could keep up with this, but why would you when you can align yourself with companies who make attaining CBD affordable and have split payment options like Sezzle.

Yes, quality CBD costs, but you should be able to gauge what the average is between reputable companies.

4. They Aren’t Giving You Enough

This can apply to different aspects of your experience. You feel you’re not getting enough “bang for your buck” regarding the total amount of CBD per product in a more literal sense. 

This can also tie back into the notion of not getting enough, relief-wise, from the product you’re using. You’re taking it religiously, you’ve practiced patience, and given the product time to build up, but you’re still unsatisfied. 

In this case, go back to step one and try exploring other brands and products. 

5. They Aren’t Improving Their Products

With all the modern innovations CBD companies are exhibiting, you need a company on the cutting edge, creating new products that work to boost different aspects of your well-being. 

The CBD industry seems to be growing by what seems to be the minute. With this growth comes new and inventive product ideas, all aimed to improve the overall quality of your life by including a helpful blend of vitamins and nutrients within different products. 

Suppose you see a particular company isn’t making any effort to improve their products. This could be a sign they put little effort into product development because they have one goal in mind—profit. 

Don’t get us wrong; this is the overall goal for all companies. Still, some companies show a deep passion for improving the happiness and wellness of their customers. In contrast, others do the minimum and collect whatever profits it may bring. 

If It’s Not Working for You, Fix It

Some of us get comfortable within our routines and patterns, which is okay until it starts to interfere with you. 

If you need CBD to cushion some of those intense feelings and emotions life throws our way, and you’re CBD isn’t cutting it—maybe it’s time to switch CBD brands. You may find it annoying to have to hop back on the web and shuffle through different CBD companies, but at the end of the day, it’ll pay off. 

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