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December 30, 2019

5 Situations Where You’ll Be Glad That You Had CBD



5 Situations Where You'll Be Glad That You Had Cbd

Tired of having no way to avoid your life’s awkward moments? Here are 5 times in which your CBD product could save you from an unfortunate situation!

By: Jacob La Cava

We’ve all found ourselves in situations that are far too awkward to handle. Whether you’ve just pulled a “push” door or torn your pants while attempting the splits of a lifetime at a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor, hindsight always seems to clue you in on what could have been done to prevent certain embarrassing events from occurring.

What if there was a way to prevent these situations altogether? Here at CBDfx, we know that life can be awkward, so we’ve come up with a list of preventative measures that will allow you to rely on your foresight instead of being plagued by hindsight. 

Here are 5 situations in which having CBD on hand could save you from a world of awkwardness.

#1. Use CBD Edible Products to Avoid Bad Cooking

You love your relatives, and you always look forward to visiting them once the holidays roll around. One thing you don’t like, however, is your aunt’s cooking, and no matter how much you and your family beg for everyone to go out to eat, she insists on cooking up something abysmal. She might be the only person on the planet that uses an Easy-Bake-Oven to cook a casserole meant for ten people, and the threat of another “mystery pie” looms over every meal. You’re desperate for a way to avoid another unfortunate dinner with them, and you know that other members of your family feel the same. 

Edible CBD products are your best friends in this situation, offering you a solution for any and all disaster dinners. They provide you with the sustenance that you’ll need to make it through the night, while allowing you to avoid eating your aunt’s cooking altogether. First, you have to place a napkin on your lap, which shouldn’t look out of the ordinary at dinner anyway. Then, as soon as your aunt is looking away, slide a bit of the food into the napkin and pop a CBD edible gummy into your mouth. We recommend using our Original CBD Gummies, which taste great and look like normal, run-of-the-mill gummies. When your aunt looks back at you, it will appear as though you’re simply enjoying her cooking ⎯ although the lack of tears should be a dead giveaway that you’re eating something else.

Discarding the actual food is going to be a bit of a challenge, since you’ll end up amassing a bit in your napkin. For the best effects, don’t take too much food to begin with, and pretend that you’re full and can’t finish a portion of it. Then, when you take your plate to the sink, discreetly drop the napkin in a trashcan. Unless she performs an in-depth analysis of the trash can contents, you should be in the clear!

#2. CBD Drinks as Shots at Parties

It’s 9:30pm and your night is just getting started. While you usually aren’t that interested in parties, you’ve agreed to go out with your friends to a nearby house party tonight. You’re not much of a drinker, which only becomes a problem when you attend parties that aren’t being hosted by someone you know. Tonight’s venue is a trap house-esque spot owned by a man whose nickname ⎯ or real name, you honestly aren’t certain ⎯ is “Spike.” You’ve only met Spike a few times, and you’ve realized three major things about him: he’s from Newport Beach but talks like Johnny Rotten, he hates the “establishment,” and he loves to drink beer. You know that he’s going to make a big deal out of you not drinking, and there’s nothing you’d like less than becoming the center of attention at this party filled with “Sex Pistols” impersonators.

Having a CBD Drink with you at the party would be the ideal way to avoid any sort of awkward situations with Spike and the others. Before you head out to the party, grab a drink that you enjoy and drip some CBD tincture into it. Then, bring it with you to the party and sip from it as the night progresses. If anyone asks about it, just be honest and tell them that it’s a CBD-infused drink. They likely won’t push you to switch your drink, and they’ll think that you’re cool for bringing a CBD drink in the first place. If anyone gives you grief, you can always just switch the topic of the conversation to something that you know they’re riled up about, weaseling your way out of an awkward conversation.

If everyone is taking a shot and you don’t want to be left out or looked poorly upon because you’re not participating, you can bring a CBD Chill Shot along with you to the party. Chill Shots are the perfect size for consuming in a single go, and they taste much better than any hard alcohol. You can clink in peace, knowing that you’ve successfully avoided any tense situations at this party.

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#3. CBD Topicals Can Save A Bad Tinder Date

Online dating can be rough; you never really know who’s on the other side of the conversation, and once you actually meet, there’s a chance that the other person is completely different from their online persona. Apart from the threat of encountering an actual serial killer, you could find that the person you chatted with is much less friendly or sociable in person, or they don’t actually like a lot of the things that you do. In some instances, the person might not reveal their true colors until far into the date. For example, let’s say that you’ve gone on a date with a girl that you’ve been chatting with for a week. Everything started out wonderful, and she seemed to really be the girl that you met online. Then, once you make it back to your place, a flurry of red flags start popping up. Immediately upon entering your apartment, she starts looking around with a scrutinizing eye, as if scanning the place for valuables. Then, when your cat meowed at her later that night, she barked at it. You decide that you might not be into her, but you don’t know how to bring the night to an end without being awkward.

CBD face masks could be the answer to your prayers here, giving you an easy, fun activity that the two of you can do that keeps a certain wall of separation up to prevent any other undesirable activities from occurring. CBD face masks function the same as regular masks, doing all the work over the course of ten minutes once you’ve carefully applied one to your face. With face masks on, the amount of activities that the two of you can realistically participate in is shortened, and while it might bum her out, it will save you from having to do anything that you don’t want to do. Plus, the supporting topical ingredients in the face mask will be a great help in keeping your skin looking strong and smooth.

With any luck, she’ll get the message by the time the face mask is done working, and the two of you can say goodnight without feeling unbearably awkward about the whole thing.

#4. CBD Bundles For Quick Anniversary Gifts

You’re woken up early in the morning by your significant other, for reasons completely unknown to you. They’ve already cooked you dinner and are acting much giddier than usual. Finally, as you check the date on your phone, it dawns on you: your anniversary is quickly approaching. This would usually excite you, but you haven’t bought anything yet and it’s too late to go out and do some serious shopping without making it look obvious that you forgot. You could take her out to a nice dinner, but you usually do that anyway so it won’t suffice. With your options quickly dwindling, you’re forced to put more and more effort into not letting your panic show. 

Heading to the CBDfx website and grabbing a CBD bundle is a quick and easy way to avoid the awkwardness of not having planned anything out ahead of time. We offer several bundles, each containing its own assortment of high-quality CBD products. For example, our Treat Yourself Gift Set contains an assortment of topical and edible CBD products, such as our Mini Calming Balm and a pack of CBD softgel capsules. The set’s contents offer a complete CBD experience, providing you with tasty treats and topical ingredients that will both strengthen and soothe the skin without you having to put in more than minimal effort.

Best of all, our bundles could be used as a “couples” gift, meaning that both you and your significant other can enjoy its contents together, adding another layer to the gift! With quick delivery times and guaranteed quality, you’ll never have to worry about approaching an anniversary empty-handed!

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#5. Bad Breath Vs. CBD Vape Pen

Countless people around the world suffer from bad breath, and regardless of the cause, this can have detrimental effects on each and every conversation that they have on a given day. First impressions are crucial for everything from dates to business meetings, and if your breath scares someone off within the first ten minutes of interacting with them, a change needs to be made. Imagine this: you’re on your way to a first date, and you’ve spent hours getting ready. You want everything to go well, so you were extra thorough. However, when you check your breath, it stinks to high heaven. You reach in your pocket for a pack of gum and realize that you left it at home. With no way of freshening your breath, you feel that your date is destined for disaster.

Suddenly, you remember that you brought a CBD vape pen along with you. While it isn’t a stick of gum that you can chew the flavor out of, it could provide you with a short term solution. CBDfx Disposable Vape Pens come in an assortment of different fruity flavors, including blueberry and melon, which offer pleasant notes for both yourself and those around you to enjoy. While on your date, take a pull from the pen when your date looks away. The flavor of the juice could potentially remain in your mouth, and therefore could freshen your breath. If your date also likes using CBD products and appreciates the smell of a fruity vape pen, you don’t even have to hide it; rip away! You’ll both enjoy the aroma of the pen, and you’ll avoid the awkwardness of seeing your date wince when you talk in their direction.

These are five awkward situations that could be remedied to an extent if you had a CBD product on hand. If you don’t currently own any CBD products or need to restock, check out the wide array of items that we sell here at CBDfx. We’re certain that you’ll find a product that you really love on our site!

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