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September 6, 2020

5 Things You Have to Try on CBD



5 Things You Have to Try on CBD

We all have different ideas on how to enjoy CBD. 

Many of us think to turn to this phenomenal compound when we’re feeling overwhelmed and distraught. While this is perfectly fine, keep in mind there are many other ways to take advantage of CBD. 

Many only think of it as a therapeutic approach—a method of tackling something after it’s occurred. 

But what about all the other ways we can utilize the relaxing and mood-enhancing effects of CBD? 

With this in mind, we thought it would only be right to talk about five things you have to try with CBD. These things might feel familiar, but trust us, CBD will amplify them and make them much better.

To start…

1. Walk and Connect with Nature 

There’s something special about taking a stroll through the thick of nature. Sure, it’s not everyone’s first idea of a good time, but it has a way of balancing you out when you’re feeling high-strung and overwhelmed. 

Nature walks are said to increase short-term memory, ward off depression, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation, fatigue, among many other benefits. 

We believe it has a lot to do with the awe-inspiring moments you find yourself in during nature walks. These picturesque scenes have a way of moving something inside of us and opening our minds to the beauty the world encapsulates. 

CBD pairs well with a nature walk because it allows you to soak up all of nature’s benefits with an open mind and a calm, inviting demeanor.

2. Elevate “Bath Time”

Have you ever noticed how a good soak can change the course of your day? You dim the lights, light your favorite scented candle, and of course, you’ve got to have bubbles.

But, if you haven’t experienced an elevated bath with CBD, you’re doing it all wrong. 

Well, not all wrong, but you’re missing out on a major component that provides tranquil and therapeutic relief. Moreover, baths are one of the best ways to decrease stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and other issues that arise within our bodies and try to slow us down. 

How do you go about incorporating CBD into bathtime? 

There are many ways; you can choose to utilize your favorite tincture or gummies, or you can opt for topical produce like CBD-infused bath bombs or Epsom salts. 

You’ll feel the difference no matter which type of product you choose to include. Some people like to combine a variety of CBD-infused self-care products to elevate their personal time.

If you do this, make sure you keep your experience with CBD in mind

3. Meditate and Get in Touch with Yourself

Sometimes, we need to get in touch with our inner thoughts and feelings to move past something troubling us. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t find a productive way to accomplish this, but a helpful approach is combining meditation techniques with CBD. 

Meditation is proven to help manage and reduce stress, increase self-awareness, gain new perspectives, lower high blood pressure, and many other wellness benefits. When you combine CBD with meditation, you’re giving yourself access to the calming vibes the mind and body need in order to have a productive meditation session. 

There are many different types of meditation you can try. There’s mindfulness, guided meditation, and transcendental meditation, to name a few. No matter which method you choose, remember learning to meditate takes time and practice

If you’re already meditating and are thinking about incorporating CBD, you’re already on the right track. It doesn’t matter what type of product you choose to incorporate into your regimen; you’ll see meditation in a whole new light once you add CBD into the mix.

4. Letting Your Creativity Flow

Creativity is such a beautiful thing because it comes together from our very own thought processes. 

More importantly, it’s how we find our own way of creating a visual representation of those thoughts we have to “get out.” Being creative is more than being consumed by the process—it’s therapeutic. 

When we’re angry, upset, or sad, we can pull out a pen and pad, or canvas and paint, and let it all flow out. 

Have you found a creative outlet that’s also therapeutic? If you haven’t, you should start exploring the many options available

For some people, this looks like journaling, while others find great relief and relaxation in painting, but you can choose many other creative outlets such as clay molding, singing, writing, DIY projects—the list goes on. 

CBD provides the perfect foundation for your creative outlets because it helps you tap into creativity you didn’t know was possible. 

5. Have a Movie Night

We’re all trying to think of new and inventive ways to stay entertained with COVID still looming over our heads. 

You’re in the house, so television has been the go-to entertainment source for the whole family. But have you tried including CBD with a movie night at the house

CBD is for the grown-ups, obviously, but this doesn’t mean the whole family can’t get in on movie night. Print up some faux tickets, pop a pizza in the oven, and bust out all your favorite snacks, because CBD-infused movie night is like none other. 

Whether you watch an intense psychological thriller or a horror full of jump scares, you won’t flinch nearly as much as you’re used to because CBD’s going to keep you relaxed throughout the whole movie. 

Oh, and every family has someone who keeps asking questions throughout the entire movie—CBD helps with this too!

How to Keep Trying New Things with CBD

The possibilities are endless when it comes to CBD. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s the truth because we all engage in different activities and want to gain something different from our experience with CBD. 

When you find out one of your favorite past times is much more enjoyable and relaxing combined with CBD, it’s like discovering that hobby all over again for the first time. 

So we urge you to keep venturing out of your comfort zone and trying new things that can create balance and tranquility in your life. It’s also important to keep CBD in mind because you never know where it’ll fit in perfectly. 

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