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October 30, 2019

5 Ways to Add CBD Topical Products to Your Daily Routine



5 Ways To Add Cbd Topical Products To Your Daily Routine


All the functions of the topicals you’ve used in the past, with a boost of CBD. Here are a few ways that you can add these products into your daily routine!

If you’re like most people, you have a certain daily routine that you try to follow as strictly as possible. We love these routines; they take the guessing out of our days, keeping us on a track that doesn’t require much more than physically moving ourselves along. It limits the amount of brain power that we have to use on a daily basis, eliminating the need to constantly be figuring out what comes next and what needs to be done. Without our routines, the structured lives that we’ve grown accustomed to would be dealt a significant blow.

So, you’ve discovered CBD topicals, which combine the ingredients found in premier topical products with high-quality hemp extracts. You already use CBD and have grown comfortable with it, so these products sound like the next reasonable step. Adding CBD to items like balms and lotion is intriguing, and it would allow you to absorb CBD passively without taking any time away from completing your daily routine. These CBD topicals are effective and efficient products that ensure results in little to no time. You’ve heard this and it piques your interest, but how would you even go about adding these items to your routine without having to make any real adjustments to it?

Lucky for you, I, the poltergeist that lives within CBDfx’s source code, have the answer that you desire. Here are 5 ways that you can implement CBD topicals throughout your daily routine!

#1: Morning Facial Cleanse

You wake up in the morning to the soothing, rhythmic tones of your phone’s alarm system. This is the fourth alarm of the morning, and you figure now is as good a time as any to get out of bed and start your day. Still half-asleep, you stumble over to your shower and get it running. Post-shower, you stand in front of your mirror to apply additional facial cleansers. The health of your skin is important to you, and if you don’t feel as if it is being given the attention it requires every morning, it will have an effect on the rest of your day. As a result, you’ve found yourself obsessed with products such as facial cleansers and lotions. The purifying process that they perform on your skin ensures that you are starting your day looking as good as possible. CBDfx topical CBD products contain many of the ingredients that work best for reducing your skin’s impurities and leaving it looking smooth and clean. 

Switching from a regular facial cleansing product to one containing CBD is much simpler than you may have thought. They share many more similarities than differences, though their one major difference in cannabidiol content is certainly something worth noting. CBD topicals are an evolution of sorts, and the regular topicals that you’re more used to seeing are part of the previous generation. Possessing all the functions of their predecessors, as well as a helping of CBD with each use, there isn’t a single reason that you shouldn’t consider taking this next step in skincare. Our Rejuvediol facial cleanser is the perfect product to introduce to your morning skincare routine. It contains charcoal that, once applied to your skin, removes the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your face overnight. Peppermint and green tea leaf extract provide the face wash with its minty, welcoming scent and leave a tingling feeling on the skin.

CBD facial cleansers could be used in the morning OR at night, depending on the way that your skincare routine works itself out on any given day. If you find that you really love the way it makes you feel, the Rejuvediol cleanser is gentle enough that you could even use it twice per day, both in the morning and at night. By replacing your old cleansing topicals with these CBD products, you are introducing the CBD that you love so much into your routine without having to sacrifice additional time out of your day.

5 Ways to Add CBD Topical Products to Your Daily Routine

#2: At The Mall

You and your friends make it a priority to go to the mall at least three times a week, meeting up after classes or during lunch work breaks. You always meet them in the food court, grab something to eat and then head into some of your favorite stores. It’s an activity that can at times be demanding on your body, especially when it comes after gym days. You’ve found that walking around the mall, as fun as it may be, is beginning to take a serious toll. You feel worn out quickly, and your skin gets more and more irritated the longer you shop. Still, you don’t want to disappoint your friends by going to the mall with them less often. You want to do something to quell this irritation, but nothing you’ve tried has had any positive effect. You’re on the verge of contacting a witch doctor to fix your bodily woes, that’s how desperate you’ve become. 

In this situation, or any others where you’d find your skin worn and irritated on a daily basis, a CBD balm could be exactly the type of product that you’re looking for. As is the case for regular balms, CBD balms contain ingredients that will soothe and hydrate your skin, easing some of the discomfort that you are feeling. The tins that these balms come in are miniscule, fitting into your purse or even the pocket of your pants. You won’t have to worry about making room for the balm as a result, meaning the amount of required steps associated with taking it out with you remains minimal. 

Application is incredibly straightforward. Dip two fingers into the tin and procure some of the balm, then apply it to any part of the skin that you feel is irritated or needs the balm for any other reason. Gently rub the balm into the skin after applying it; this will speed up the absorption process, providing moisture for your skin faster than if you simply let it sit. Once you’ve done this, all that’s left to do is wait for the effects of the balm to kick into gear. If you are interested in these products, our line of CBD balms are available and they guarantee to give you a comfortable option for situations like these. Providing your skin with a warming sensation, these balms are designed to function in the same way as regular balms that you may have tried using in the past, with the additional effects of high-quality broad spectrum CBD. With this product, you’ll never have to bail on mall plans with your friends again. That is, unless they show up with that weird artsy kid Alfonso again who won’t stop telling you that you’d be perfect for his “experimental short film.” In that case, we’d say you have every right to give them a rain check on the trip.

#3: After The Gym

You’re a big-time fan of the gym, making time after every day of school or work to get some lifting and cardio in. You’re addicted to the grind, in a way; you don’t feel right unless you’ve gotten in at least an hour on your favorite lifting machines. The way that your blood starts to pump, the rapid beating of your heart, the strain of your muscles as they attempt to lift heavy weights; there’s nothing at the gym you can honestly say that you dislike. After the gym, however, it’s a completely different story. Your body is on fire, you feel like someone just hit you with a truck. Every motion that you make, every attempt at performing tasks around your home, produces a feeling that makes you groan. Normally, you would turn to one of two products: cream or CBD edibles. Your appreciation of CBD edibles makes them an appealing choice, but the topical ingredients found in cream could produce effects to your liking as well. 

Hemp cream combines the ingredients found in a muscle cream with the hemp extracts that you’ve grown so fond of over the years. The hemp cream works like any other cream that you’ve used in the past, just pump it out of its bottle and apply it to desired areas of your body. Similar to the balms, slowly rubbing it into your skin is recommended as it potentially makes the process of absorbing the cream move a bit faster. Its bottle is compact, making it an essential travel item that could be taken with you to the gym itself and giving you the ability to apply it whenever you determine that it is desirable. Never again will you have to wait until you get home to do something about your exhausted, post-gym body.

Not all hemp creams are created equal, and assuming otherwise could result in you purchasing an item that doesn’t completely live up to your expectations. Most CBD companies that carry topical products will be selling some form of hemp cream, and most will claim that their creams are industry leaders. Here at CBDfx, we can actually show you that our products are the best through our detailed ingredient lists. Our CBD hemp cream contains white willow bark, which delivers a sensation that both cools and warms your skin while additional supporting topical ingredients work to minimize discomfort. Also included in our cream is tocopheryl acetate, a form of vitamin E that potentially provides your body with protection from harmful compounds known as free radicals. Simply put, and in the cheesiest way possible, your body will thank you for choosing our hemp cream. 

#4: Date Night Preparation

It’s Friday night. For you and your significant other, that can only mean one of two things: a new episode of Young Sheldon, or date night. The two of you have kept this routine going since you first started dating, reserving your Friday nights for getting dinner, seeing a movie or trying to outdo each other with different romantic date ideas. Tonight, the two have you decided to go all-out and have a big, expensive night out on the town. You want to look as good as possible, so you race home after work to begin your date night preparation extra early. You start your normal routine, and everything is looking good, but something appears to be missing. Not that your routine has been altered in any way; you performed every step with care, making sure not to miss anything along the way. No, you just feel like another step is needed to provide you with the best looking skin possible. 

Many people don’t understand how important a face serum can be for getting your skin to look as impeccable, young, and vibrant as possible. Investing in a skincare routine without a face serum is like drawing a picture without coloring anything in. Sure, you could stop there and have a complete product, but something crucial would still be missing. Face serums penetrate deeper into the skin than other products, reaching additional imperfections and giving your skin an enhanced youthfulness that could not be achieved otherwise. People thought bread was perfect, but then they learned that they could combine it with jelly… and changed the world. The perfect quarterback was found in Joe Montana, until Steve Young and his athleticism outside of the pocket made the world second-guess themselves. You see where we’re going with this. Every time that we think something is perfect, a new variation or addition is found that can make it even better. The face serum is that additional piece that completes the puzzle of facial skincare. 

Face serum alone is an essential beauty item, but when you add CBD to it, it becomes the ultimate skincare tool. CBDfx’s face serum still possesses all the advantageous capabilities of other premium skincare competitors, while simultaneously offering a full serving of high-quality CBD with every application. Our Rejuvediol face serum contains a dozen different supporting topical oils that provide your skin with nourishing vitamins and moisturization needed for pristine skin. Its assortment of pleasant fragrances is designed to satisfy your aromatic needs while it gets to work. Its small bottle size allows for it to travel with you as well, in case you need it for your skincare routine while you’re traveling across the country. Date night is a great application for this serum, but really any situation that calls for extra perfect skin can benefit from its use.

5 Ways to Add CBD Topical Products to Your Daily Routine

#5: End Of Day 

Regardless of the way that you spend the hours that make up your day, chances are high that you’ll end up in the same exhausted state. Some days are longer than others, requiring that you perform more actions or tasks than you’re used to. Other days can be short but still feel long, the weight of the day before still bearing down on your shoulders. Sometimes by the time you get home from work or school, your body feels more like a lifeless sack of potatoes than a living organism. This exhaustion can affect your skin’s complexion as well, and while certain foods and other products can be consumed to satisfy your hunger and other needs, these same products often don’t have an effect on your skin. Topicals often offer their assistance here, containing ingredients such as aloe vera and shea butter that positively interact with your skin. However, sometimes you just don’t have the patience or strength at this point of the day to sit and apply creams and lotions. You want something that can be slapped on your face and set to work by itself.

CBD facemasks are the answer to this issue, proving to be an effective yet relatively effortless means of both addressing your skin and absorbing a full serving of CBD. The process of using a facemask is so simple that you’ll regret never trying one out in the past. All that you have to do is remove the mask from its packaging and place it on your face, then let it sit for approximately ten minutes to transfer its CBD content and nutrition-rich topical ingredients into your skin. Take the mask off and discard it, and you’re done! You can do whatever you want while the facemask is on, you just need to make sure that it stays in a single position for its ten minutes of use. Essentially, as long as you don’t have a full-on WWE-style wrestling match while wearing it, it will work just as intended and provide your skin with the rejuvenation that it deserves.

The hardest part of using the facemask comes before you even put it on. You will need to choose the type of mask that you would like to use! How do you decide? There are countless CBD facemask options on the market, all with scents that vary in strength, sweetness and other important factors. Maybe you’re interested in something that smells sweet like fruit, or maybe an earthier, more natural aroma is what you’re after. Our Night Time facemask offers a lavender scent designed to put you at ease with its soft, fragrant characteristics. Their packaging is travel-sized, meaning that you could use CBD facemasks regardless of your location. As an added bonus, these facemasks could double as part of your “Purge” Halloween costume… so if you’re still looking for a costume, we’ve got you covered!

These are 5 easy ways that you can add CBD topical products to your daily routine. Whether you’ve got a full day ahead of you or your only plans are to sleep, eat and then sleep some more, you can find a way to use these topicals without spending more time than is necessary. Your skin is important, so you’ll be pleased with the gentle support of premium topical ingredients that these next-evolution CBD topicals have to offer!

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