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December 9, 2019

6 CBD-Infused Versions of Your Childhood Games



6 Cbd Infused Versions Of Your Childhood Games

Games as a child can be made new again by changing the rules and incorporating CBD! Let your inner child free with these adult versions!

By: Chloe Persichetti and Jacob La Cava 

The holiday season is often characterized by its abundance of games. Whether they’re board games like Monopoly or less structured ones like Charades, they seem to always result in a good time for all involved. This year, we have some fun suggestions that could make these games even more fun with CBD! The possibilities for CBD-infused games you can play are endless, and we at CBDfx have compiled a list to help you identify some of the best ones to try out. Take a recess from adulthood with these sweet variations on fun and timeless games.

#1: Checkers

Checkers is an undoubtedly classic game. Easy to learn and fun to play, this is one of the ultimate games for those who are looking for a casual way to get their brain moving. We have been playing it for years and now, there’s a fun spin on it! 

While keeping the checkerboard, put the checker pieces to the side and play using two different kinds of CBDfx gummies. We recommend the red, original gummies or the green, spirulina and turmeric gummies; you could also use our gummies infused with melatonin, but then you run the risk of being too tired to keep playing! In addition, once a piece has reached the opposite end of the board and is “kinged,” you can switch out the gummy for another CBD product to indicate the change. A tincture bottle would be great here, since it would offer a clear distinction between the two types of game pieces. Plus, you could occasionally drip some oil into your mouth to enjoy the effects of CBD while you play, which is always nice.

As you play, and are slowly moving the gummy bears closer to your opponent’s side, you realize your competition has jumped you while you weren’t paying attention. What happens? You have to eat the gummy they jumped! In fact, every time you get single, double or even triple jumped, you have to eat the gummies they took off the board and vice-versa. We don’t think you’ll mind too much, because every gummy has 5mg of organic, broad-spectrum CBD, and additional ingredients have ensured that each piece will taste like a gummy that you might find at a candy store, offering sweetness that partially nullifies the natural flavor of the hemp extract.

The game ends when a player has eliminated all of the opponent’s gummies from the board.

#2: Hi! Ho! Cherry-O

The classic game of Hi! Ho! Cherry-O is comprised of three main items: a tree that contains the game’s “cherries,” your basket and a spinner with subsections that are marked with different numbers. To play the game, you first have to use the spinner. The number that it lands on indicates how many cherries you should take from your tree and put into your basket. The goal of the game is to get as many of the cherries into your basket as possible. What you don’t want is the spinner to land on the option of “spilling” the cherries that are in your basket, which means that they would all return to the tree.

This game offers one of the easiest, and tastiest, CBD adjustments. If you’re looking to give this game a cannabidiol make-over, you can simply replace the cherries with CBD products. We recommend using our original CBD gummies, since they are the perfect size and could be placed in bulk in the tree. Additionally, these gummies each contain 5mg of high-quality CBD, meaning that if the temptation to consume some of them becomes too strong, you can do so without having to think about the amount of CBD you’re consuming. 

If you like the idea of replacing the cherries with gummies but want a product with a little extra kick, our Spirulina & Turmeric gummies could be exactly what you’re looking for. The natural ingredients in these gummies serve the dual purpose of providing some nutritional components and giving the gummies a more diverse flavor profile. Once you’ve decided what your replacement item will be, you’re ready to go. Just make sure not to eat too many of the gummies right away, or you won’t have enough game pieces to play!

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#3: Freeze Tag

Let’s take it back to a popular recess game we could never get enough of: freeze tag. The game where a chosen person is deemed “it” and they begin chasing others in order to tag them. Whoever they touch must “freeze” in the position that they were tagged in, and they cannot move until someone who has not been frozen touches them. The game ends when the person who is “it” has effectively tagged everyone. 

CBDfx has come up with a new rendition that will have everyone, young to old, enjoying the latest spin on their favorite childhood game. The new game rules are as follows — as the person who is “it” runs around trying to tag others, people who have still not been tagged can only run and unfreeze people by putting a vape pen in the frozen person’s mouth. Only after a three second pull from the pen can they be unfrozen. 

This is where rules can vary based on the group’s decisions — the person who is “it” may tag the unfrozen person as they are waiting for the frozen player to take their three second pull. If they are tagged during those few seconds, they have no immunity and will also become frozen. 

The number of disposable pens and vapes is also up to the players. Either everyone has a pen in their pocket while playing OR there are only a few pens and players must throw the CBDfx disposable pens to each other if they need to unfreeze people to make it less accessible and harder to play. If you see two players frozen during the period of taking a three second pull, a non-frozen player may take that pen from the frozen players and keep it as their own. 

#4: Kick the Can 

Kick the can is an easy game to play because it doesn’t require much setup — just a can to kick and places to hide. Here’s how the game goes: one person is crowned “it.” Once that person is identified, it’s time to decide where the “prison” will be. It can be any well defined area so no one gets confused. When all aspects are decided on, the person who is “it” takes the can and puts it in the middle of the open area while the other players run and hide. Once the person has counted to a certain number with their eyes closed, they open them and the game begins. The person who’s it darts off, hoping to find the other players and get them out of hiding in order to tag them. 

When a player gets tagged, they are sent to “jail.” Those tagged have to stand in the previously designated area and wait and cheer while the remaining free players try to make their way to the can to kick it. This is a great game, but CBDfx has come up with a new twist that will make our inner kids happy while also allowing us to get our daily serving of CBD!

Instead of a can, place a jar of CBDfx Gummies in the open (the flavor option is up to you). When you have not been caught and see the bottle to free the other player, you must run over to it, open up the bottle and take TWO gummies before the other players can be freed. If you are caught before eating the gummies, you are also tagged and sent to jail — no one is freed. Keep playing until either everyone has eaten a serving or you decide to try out another one of our games on the list. 

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#5: Beer Pong

Ever heard of beer pong? We got you covered — here is an interesting twist on the timeless party game, called “tincture pong”. The general rules of the game remain the same: get a ping pong ball to land in each of your opponent’s cups before they get the chance to do the same to you.  

Fill all 10 Solo Cups up with water and arrange them in the shape of a pyramid facing your opponent. Groups of two stand at either end of the table, and each group is given two ping pong balls to use for the duration of the game. One side goes first and throws both balls while keeping their elbows behind the table. 

This game could take ten minutes or forty minutes, depending on the skill level of the players, and while you don’t drink the water that is inside each cup, you are made to take a large gulp of your own drink every time your opponent eliminates a cup. For our variation, instead of drinking a beer or other alcoholic beverage, you drip a serving of tincture into your mouth each time your opponent eliminates a cup. You can add you own rules and variations to this game as well, as long as you keep the tinctures involved. Additionally, you could choose to use one of our CBD chill shots instead of the tincture, if you want an experience closer to the alcohol-based versions of the game.

 #6: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Hear us out — pin the tail on the donkey, but instead of a tail it’s a CBD vape pen. We know it sounds a bit bizarre at first, but when you really think about it, pin the tail on the donkey is a game that allows for a pool of diverse variations, whether you’re changing the item being pinned or the item doing the pinning. Pin the tail is a classic game that has maintained its popularity by requiring so few items and possessing so few rules. All you need is a “donkey” and something to pin it with, and you’re good to go!

Tons of fun CBD variations, then, could be created without altering the core idea of the game. In this case, we think it would be best to switch it up and use a vape pen when you play. For this version of the game, you will be trying to get the vape pen into someone’s else’s mouth. Similar to the original game, you will be blindfolded, making this task much easier. Those watching you can elect to either help or hinder you, shouting directions and cluing you in on where your target is standing. Our disposable vape pens would be ideal for this game, as their delicious flavors would incentivize the person playing “donkey” to stand still while you blindly prod them with the pen.

If a vape pen doesn’t sound interesting to you, you could also try this game with a CBD face mask. In this instance, the goal would be to blindly apply the face mask to your target, and the one to best apply it would be the winner. Regardless of the product you elect to use, this will be a fun game that keeps everyone interested and involved, no matter their role.

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Never feel like you’re too “old” for games. Sometimes all it takes is putting a fresh spin on them to make them come alive for you once more! Try any, or all, of the games on this list, and if you’re feeling really creative, find a game that you love and give it a CBD twist. The holiday season is all about having fun with friends and family, and we would like nothing more than for our CBD products to be a part of your festivities! 

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