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February 10, 2020

A Different Perspective



A Different Perspective

With high-quality CBD products, there’s often more than meets the eye. Come check out the different ways that you can view CBD!

By: Jacob La Cava

There are countless reasons that we love to view art; the calculated color contrasts, the view-altering angles, the hidden subtext that we get to dig our hands into, etc. There seems to be a form of art for everyone, and artists around the world are constantly finding new and interesting ways to frame views of the world and display them in all their beauty. It can be a form of escape from the world, or could instead be a way to understand the world in a more fulfilling way. In most cases, perspective is key to uncovering the meanings of an art piece, which is why it’s important that you approach each piece with an inquisitive mind and do the appropriate research.

CBD follows a surprisingly similar pattern here, boasting an impressive abundance of uses and constantly being infused in different, unique products. In the same way that art can be interpreted in various ways by those that view it, CBD can be experienced in a number of unique ways that can’t be labeled with a single description. A greater understanding of CBD can only be achieved through a deep-dive of info on the compound, and specific products provide their own lists of ingredients that can be researched to garner further knowledge regarding just how each product functions.

Here are some ways that the perspective shifts that we view in art can also be applied to everyone’s favorite cannabinoid:

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Art that uses cellophane is notable for its exceptional use of color. The colors that you see in cellophane art aren’t those that you would necessarily expect, such as a tree with blue and purple leaves or a floating yellow cloud. It passively challenges your perception of what you’re viewing and allows you to enjoy your new understanding of the objects in a given piece. This is common in many forms of art, and is one popular way of getting your audience to see your art’s world in a completely different light.

Similarly, the CBD products at CBDfx are certain to make you rethink many of things you thought you knew about CBD. While it may not seem to be the case at times, there’s a major difference between low and high-quality CBD products. On the outside, they definitely look the same, but once you consume a high-quality product, you’ll be subjected to a major perception shift. Much like the art form, the kaleidoscope of flavorful terpenes in each product will help you unlock your mind and shed any preconceived notions of what CBD can be.

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Glass is a fun, interesting way to get a single subject to appear in multiple different forms. Angles are everything when you’re using glass for an art piece. When you view an object through certain types of glass, the refraction and warping that occurs will change the shape of the object to varying degrees. Even the slightest head tilt can alter the shape of an object, giving an entirely new appearance in some cases. This effect gives a piece of art flexibility that is only apparent once you’ve experienced firsthand.

CBD products offer an array of variations as well, sometimes major and sometimes so slight that you might have missed the changes. The most obvious example of this is the sheer volume of different products that are currently available for purchase on the CBD market. You can find everything from tinctures and gummies to facial cleansers while sifting through CBD products, and even within those different categories, you’ll find different flavor profiles, concentrations of CBD and more. These differences give the CBD market an enhanced flexibility and volume that you might not have previously expected!

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Magnification in art allows you to pinpoint specific details that you would have otherwise missed completely. It’s similar to glass in a sense, since you’re getting to see certain perspectives of an object that are hard to achieve normally. However, with magnification, you get to focus on a very specific portion of an object. This brings certain aspects of the object to the forefront, providing them with a limelight that they’re not used to. The details of a ladybug’s wings, the subtle warping of the puzzle piece’s edge; details such as these would be lost without magnification.

CBD products’ ingredient lists and lab reports offer a service that’s quite similar to that of magnification. In the same way that the art form can highlight certain details and amplify their importance to the whole, ingredient lists and lab reports detail the different compounds and supporting ingredients that go into a product. Sure, you know that CBD is included in your face mask, but what gives it its light, floral aroma? What gives your CBD balm its minty, cooling effects? Ingredient lists and lab reports clue you in on that smaller items that allow the whole to flourish.

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Mirror art often offers its audience a moment for self-reflection. While mirror art can simply reflect an object or illustrated figure instead, it often opts to include you in the piece. Even when the mirror in the piece is reflecting an illustrated figure, the theme of self-reflection is the primary focus. In one way or another, reflection is a major theme in all of art; our perspectives and understanding of a piece and the world it envisions is influenced by our own experiences and desires. Mirror art simply eliminates the need for a middle man and narrows in on this reflection.

High-quality CBD products reflect a better future, filled with all-natural products that can omit the unnecessary ingredients that other products are rife with. The quality of CBD is becoming increasingly important for CBD products across the board, which is good for both the consumer and the world at large. If cultivated correctly, CBD should never come into contact with any potentially harmful chemicals or other items, from its development in a hemp plant to its blending with clean MCT oil. CBD symbolizes the kind of non-GMO, natural world that, with any luck, we are moving toward.

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The Prism art form can produce some of the most beautiful and abstract pieces that you’ll ever see. A form of stylized chaos, prism art is similar to glass and magnification, often pulling from both styles and combining them into something glorious. Light refraction is possible, and even likely at times, and it’s common to have an object be duplicated and displayed in several forms of varying magnification. Like a scene out of the film “Interstellar,” something about its scattered appearance is extremely appealing to the senses.

The CBD community at large shares some similarities in this regard. The compound has brought together hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy its effects and the wonderful products that it’s become a part of. People from all different backgrounds, across age and language barriers, can say that they belong to a single, vast group who loves CBD and everything it stands for. We belong to that group, and so do you; we’re proud to play our part in the great CBD prism.

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