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April 3, 2020

Best CBD Products For A Sleepover



Best CBD Products For A Sleepover

What if there was a way to get more out of each sleepover than you ever thought possible? Here are some of the best CBD products for your next get together!

By: Jacob La Cava

We’ve all been to a sleepover at some point in our lives. There’s just something special about spending the night with a significant other or your friends, playing games and having deep conversations that bring you all together in a new way.

You might have thought that sleepovers had reached their peak when you introduced all-night movie marathons and mountains of Dino Nuggets to the mix, but you were actually mistaken. Up until this point, your sleepovers have actually been missing an essential ingredient. Luckily, we at CBDfx are here to enlighten you.

While we might not be able to have any sleepovers at the moment, here are a few ways in which CBD products can be the perfect addition to any future get together:

Gummy Olympics

So, you’ve accepted that you’re never going to the actual Olympics. You’re two years as a child gymnast looked promising, but instead of mastering the pommel horse and uneven bars, you spent the next few years getting the golden chromas for your guns in Call of Duty. With the window quickly closing on your Tokyo Games aspirations, it might be time to face the music and recognize that you’re better off cultivating peaches in Animal Crossing than performing triple axles on the grand stage. That being said, just because you aren’t cut out for the actual Olympics doesn’t mean that you can’t host your own version of the Olympics at your next sleepover!

At its core, the Olympics are simply a chance for athletes from around the world to represent their country and play games. Your Olympics could be structured in a very similar way, with each participant representing their own neighborhood and trying to outdo each other in games tailored to your friend group’s set of skills. To make things extra interesting, you could set up an entire Olympic Games-esque competition based around CBDfx Gummies. You could compete in a number of fun games, including seeing how many gummies you can stack on top of each other without the pile falling and determining who has the greatest gummy-shot putting capabilities. With a whole array of gummies to choose from, you could use a different type to denote each competition, or you could even use three types of gummies to identify the bronze, silver and gold medal winners for each game!

Sleepover Drinking Games

If you’re an adult and you’re planning out a sleepover for you and your friends, it’s highly likely that you’ve put some thought into what drinking games you can play to pass the time. Drinking games are a fun and easy way to boost the morale of a sleepover, and since there’s pretty much a drinking game for every single activity, you won’t be running out of options as you move through the night. If you wanted, you could even play a drinking game based around how long it takes the pizza guy to get to your house!

While these games are fun, they could certainly see some improvement. This is where CBD comes in. Instead of drinking beer or hard liquor as you likely would for these games, you and your friends can use CBDfx Chill Shots! Chill shots come in bottles that are the perfect size for consuming in a single go, which makes them perfect for drinking games focused around quickly drinking smaller amounts at a time. You could even use these chill shots in a variation of “spin the bottle”! Simply replace a normal bottle with the chill shot, and either play the game as the creators intended or have the person chosen by the bottle consume its contents. The possibilities really are endless, and since our chill shots possess delicious berry and lemonade flavors, you won’t be seeing the usual winces that often come with regular drinking games!

Nothing Wrong With A Little R&R

Maybe your perfect sleepover isn’t filled with high-energy activities or hours of drinking games. Many people simply enjoy a lowkey night with friends, enjoying each other’s company and making time for adequate rest and relaxation when it starts getting late. Sleepovers are all about having fun, and if you and your friends find group “me time” to be fun, then that’s exactly what your sleepover should be centered around. Whether you elect to do a group face mask session, or simply all want to go to sleep early and enjoy some much-needed rest, you should plan ahead of time to ensure that everyone runs smoothly.

Here at CBDfx, we carry several products that would make the R&R at your next sleepover even more enjoyable. You and your friends can try out our CBD Face Masks, which combine 50mg of high-quality CBD hemp extract with a collection of supporting topical ingredients such as lavender, charcoal and aloe vera that are certain to leave your skin feeling new and improved! Additionally, if you’re trying to get a fuller night’s rest, you can try our Melatonin Gummies. The melatonin in each gummy works to maintain a strong sleep-wake cycle and leave you feeling fresher each morning. Once you make these adjustments, your sleepovers are going to go from good to great in no time!

These are only a few of the best products for boosting your sleepover, and you can get them all right here at CBDfx! If you order now, you can take advantage of our 25% off site-wide sale and grab everything that you’re interested in for an incredible price! We guarantee that you’ll be the center of attention when you bring all of these CBD products to your next sleepover!

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