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June 19, 2020

Best CBD Products For Your Grandparents

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Best Cbd Products For Your Grandparents

Trying to get your grandparents to try out CBD for themselves? Here are some of the best types of products to introduce them to!

By: Jacob La Cava

CBD is the perfect wellness item for adults of all ages, and while we’re sure that you’ve begun taking advantage of the powerful compound, what about your grandparents? Due to its less than favorable perception over the last century, many older folks have been misinformed about the effects of CBD. As a result, they haven’t gotten to enjoy the greatness that is CBD.

Now is the perfect time to introduce CBD and its fellow hemp compounds to the older members of your family. Here are the types of CBD products that offer the easiest, most enjoyable first-time experience for your grandparents:

1. CBD Gummies

One of the easiest introductions to the world of CBD comes in the form of CBD-infused gummies. CBD gummies combine the powerful effects of CBD and its fellow cannabinoids with the shapes and flavors that your grandparents are likely already familiar with. They’re as straightforward as possible and are super easy to chew! Our CBD gummies are especially advantageous for newer CBD users, their shape being perfect for consumption and their sleek bottle being easy to take with you no matter where you go. Have a grandma who loves to travel? Leave a bottle of our Original Red gummies in her egregiously oversized purse, so she can enjoy them on the go!

Aside from their CBD content, there’s much more that goes into each gummy that your grandparents are sure to love. Our Turmeric & Spirulina CBD gummies contain two superfood ingredients that are tightly packed with essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to maintain a healthy immune system. Additionally, we offer Men’s & Women’s Multivitamin gummies that combine 10mg of CBD per gummy with an array of beneficial vitamins and other compounds, such as biotin, vitamin A and calcium. With these gummies, your grandparents will be getting much more than just CBD!

2. CBD Tinctures

Similar to gummies, CBD tinctures benefit from being a form of edible, which is much more recognizable for people than some other products. CBD tinctures also benefit from being an oil, which makes them much easier to quickly consume. It’s as easy as filling a built-in dropper with the oil and dripping it into your mouth. This type of CBD product works especially well when you let it sit under your tongue for a short period of time, so that a portion of the CBD can be absorbed through the capillaries under your tongue. This provides an even faster interaction between the CBD and your body!

All of our tinctures are made even more effective through the inclusion of MCT oil, which is a popular carrier oil. By combining CBD hemp extract with MCT oil, we greatly boost the tincture’s overall bioavailability, allowing the CBD’s effects to be readily accessible almost immediately. In addition to MCT oil, our Wellness 2:1 CBD + CBG Tincture also includes a portion of CBG, a highly active cannabinoid that works well alongside CBD. Curcumin and coenzyme q10 are also included in this tincture’s formulation, providing their own crucial health and wellness benefits. This is the perfect introduction to CBD tinctures for your grandparents!

CBD for grandparents

3. CBD Topicals

There are 3 things that all grandparents love: coin purses, thinly veiled prejudices and topical products. When you start to get up in age, keeping your skin relaxed and moisturized is of the utmost importance. While you should never be ashamed of the way that your body looks, there’s nothing wrong with striving for skin that’s smooth and healthy. If your grandparents are big fans of topical lotions, creams and balms, then this is the perfect avenue through which you can introduce them to CBD!

We offer a lengthy lineup of potent CBD topical products, which includes face masks, creams, balms and even massage oils! Our CBD face masks are a great product that your grandparents can enjoy before heading out for a night on the town, and our Overnight Recovery CBD balm is perfect for use in their daily nighttime routine. Are your grandparents especially active or experience physical discomfort throughout the day? Our Muscle & Joint Hemp Cream combines up to 1000mg of CBD with a blend of white willow bark, menthol and caffeine, all of which soothe your skin while providing a delightful cooling sensation. It’s a must-have for anyone with an active lifestyle, and it can be applied at night to work its magic while you sleep!

4. CBD Disposable Vapes

While these might not be as initially inviting as the other products on this list, they’re still an incredibly effective means of enjoying CBD that your grandparents are sure to love! Our CBD disposable vape pens combine CBD hemp oil with the perfect ratio of PG/VG to offer a hit that’s as smooth as it is delicious, every single time. Plus, these pens are compact enough to easily fit in your pocket, so they can go with you anywhere, whether you plan on staying home, heading out to run errands or taking a walk around your neighborhood for some exercise. It provides the sort of flexibility that your grandparents will come to greatly appreciate!

If your grandparents have never had cannabis products before, it would be best for them to start out with our fruit-flavored disposable pens. These items offer a selection of vibrantly sweet flavors, such as Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade! However, if your grandparents are familiar with cannabis or have an understanding of what cannabis products taste like, they’ll enjoy our CBD terpene pens, which offer the terpene flavor profiles of many famous cannabis strains, such as Pineapple Express and Gelato. Either way, we know that they’re going to love these smooth pens, along with all the potent flavors that they provide!

These are some of the best CBD products that you can introduce to your grandparents when teaching them about the layered functional wellness benefits of CBD. Start out with one of these groups, and based on their experiences, branch out to the others and provide your grandparents with a full CBD extravaganza. We guarantee that they’ll thank you for it!

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