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November 1, 2020

Breaking Down CBD Pills, Vapes, Gummies, and Tinctures


CBDfx Staff

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There’s a lot to learn about CBD pills.

The same is true of CBD vapes, CBD gummies, and CBD tinctures, in fact.

It’s hard to figure out which one is the best to achieve the desired result you’re looking for with so many different product types—pills, vapes, gummies, and tinctures, and more. Many people end up trying all of them when it’s all said and done, but sometimes, this can be a waste of time and money. 

But what if you could get a breakdown of each product—what it’s made with, pros, cons, what people typically use it for, etc.? 

Wouldn’t this make the decision and shopping process more convenient because you have more knowledge going into it? 

Let’s do it.  

Let’s break down the most popular products on the market. But first, let’s look at what all of these products have in common. 

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

A man holding on to a flowerAll hemp-based CBD products are made with either full spectrum oil, broad spectrum oil, or CBD isolate. 

What’s the main difference between these three types of oils

The main difference here is full spectrum contains the plant’s “full spectrum” of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. This means trace amounts of THC are still present, which translates to less than 0.3%. 

With the broad spectrum option, trace amounts of THC have been removed, but few cannabinoids and terpenes are still present. The CBD isolate option is pure CBD—everything else has been extracted from the oil. 

Some people gravitate towards the full spectrum option because it facilitates the entourage effect. This is when all of those compounds can work synergistically and provide you with heightened therapeutic effects. 

At the same time, some tend to stray away from the full spectrum option because of those trace amounts of THC because can trigger a false positive on a drug test

Broad spectrum is an excellent alternative if you agree with the latter because it’s THC free, and you still have some cannabinoids and terpenes to activate the entourage effect.

They’re all therapeutic and non-psychoactive, so it’s all about taking stock of what’s the most important aspect for you.

CBD Pills

A woman holding two capsulesCBD pills are a great option for those new to CBD and looking for a longer-lasting product. Plus, they’re premeasured, which makes daily servings a breeze because you don’t have to mess around with getting measurements right. 

Capsule concentrations generally range from 15mg to 30mg per pill, and you can find them in full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate options. Additionally, most CBD pills are formulated with the inclusion of some type of fatty oil, like MCT oil, which increases absorption and efficiency. 

Overall, capsules are a great choice if you have some experience with CBD or you know you handle higher concentrations of CBD. But, some people don’t like the idea of having to take a set amount every day because some days may call for less. 

By now, we all know how much of a personalized experience CBD is, and this is a great example of this notion. 

CBD Vape Pens

A collection of CBD vape pensVape pens have gained quite a bit of attention over the last few years. If we had to guess, it has everything to do with ease of use and a ridiculously high bioavailability rate. 

What’s the big deal with bioavailability

It’s the rate at which your body absorbs the cannabinoids and puts them into action. When you take a puff of a CBD vape pen, all of those cannabinoids are going directly into your bloodstream through your lungs. This means you’re going to feel the effects much faster than any other CBD product. 

This aspect alone makes vape pens a favored choice for many because it provides a quick rescue when things take a turn for the worse. 

The only downside is you have to be observant and cautious when shopping for vape pens because some companies use harmful chemicals like vitamin E acetate. Although, you can avoid this by verifying ingredients with the third-party lab reports. 

CBD Gummies 

A collection of CBD gummiesWho doesn’t want a taste treat combined with daily wellness? 

CBD gummies are one of the most popular products on the market these days because they’re easy to use, and they taste great—simple enough, right? 

An added bonus of gummies is you can find just about any kind of variation you’re looking for. There are gummies made with full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate options. 

Many companies seek to align their gummy products with an underlying value of health and wellness. Some formulations even include sleep-enhancing ingredients for a restful night’s sleep.

The cool thing about gummies is some of them come in very low concentrations, so you’re able to stack the concentration up as needed. Also, lower amounts of CBD enhance focus and attention, and sometimes, it’s all you need to set your day in the right direction. 

The only gripe some people have about gummies is they take longer to kick in because they have to pass through the digestive system—losing some of their potency through this journey. 

CBD Tincture Oils 

A man taking CBD from a tinctureA few years back, when CBD was just starting to make ripples in the water, CBD tincture oils were all the rave. 

Even though there’s some innovative stuff to hit the market, tinctures are still around, and for a good reason. If we revisit the idea of bioavailability, we’ll see tincture drops are taken under the tongue, through the capillaries. 

Furthermore, it’s recommended you hold the drops there for 60 seconds. This way they can fully absorb into the capillaries and make their way into the bloodstream easier. 

Tinctures are incredibly versatile and convenient. However, many dislike the process of finding their ideal amount. 

Moving Forward with CBD Pills

The beauty of CBD is there’s something for everyone. And when you break down the different categories, you’re able to weigh the pros and cons.

Good things take time, but it’s good to know there’s an abundance of options out there!

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