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Is CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) and Hemp Seed Oil The Same?

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Seed Oil

The cannabis (hemp) plant is an amazing and diverse source of many different substances and compounds, and it can be hard for the uninitiated to discern what product does what. You need to make educated decisions when it comes to your health and wellness choices, and a big part of that is gaining knowledge about what to expect from the various cannabis-related products out there. So, in order to help you strive for higher wellness with confidence, we’re highlighting two natural oils within this industry that are commonly mistaken for one another — after all, each one is beneficial depending on circumstance. Today, we’re looking at Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) vs. Hemp Seed Oil.

CBD: Does It Really Work for Managing Chronic Pain?

It’s hard to deny that the research surrounding the cannabis plant’s potential to treat different medical ailments is seeing more traction now than it ever has before. With the recent de-stigmatization of the hemp plant and the legalization of its use for medical reasons, it’s understandable that more and more people are lining up for a potential relief they can’t get from anywhere else.

CBDfx Chill Shot Review –

This is my CBDfx Chill Shot review. I needed a pick me up at work today on this day of 4/20. It just seemed fitting. So, I took this around 12:00pm in the middle of the day. Around this time, I’m already somewhat bored and need a perk up. I grabbed the CBDfx Chill Shot out of the fridge and gave it a go.

It has a natural citric smell that’s not overbearing. It also has a lemony taste to it. If you have tried other shots like red bull you will notice a difference. The CBDfx Chill Shot was like taking a punch. The taste really hit you. After taking CBD tinctures over the past few months I slightly enjoyed the different flavor that hit me for the first time.

Half hour later I feel a rush of energy. I can feel my body energized. It’s an awesome rush. Imagine the feeling about being around people who are all excited and you are feeding off each other.