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December 11, 2020

CBD 101: How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Pain?


Paaez Coleman

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “How much CBD oil should I take for pain”?

Chances are, you have, especially if you’re new to the vast world of CBD. Then, you quickly realize figuring out your CBD serving isn’t as “black and white” as you’d hoped. 

With some of the other therapeutic options, we’re familiar with, we know to take a specific amount and wait for relief—in 20 minutes or so. If we do have to look at the directions, we can still find specific recommendations that tell us how much to take based on weight and/or age. 

While weight and age have some part in how much CBD one should take, many other factors are involved. 

Welcome to CBD 101, where we fill you in on some of the basics, and you can apply it to your very own experiences without having to shuffle through countless pages of cyber information on the subject. 

Let’s dig in. 

What is CBD? 

New 1500mg gummiesIf you’ve run across the term cannabidiol, you’ve encountered CBD. These cannabinoids are non-psychoactive, non-habit forming, and produce a wide range of therapeutic effects. 

The therapeutic aspect is attributed to hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC. Also, it’s this aspect of the plant’s genetics that gives it its legality in nearly every state in our country. 

CBD has gained a great deal of notoriety since its legalization from the The Farm Bill of 2018. It was a tremendous success for the CBD industry and consumers because it affords the convenience of getting your favorite CBD products delivered right to your front door. 

An Up-Close Look at CBD Oil

Hemp plants go through a fair amount of changes to sit in front of you perfectly polished and ready to assist. After hemp plants reach full maturity and are ready for harvest, it’s time for the extraction process. 

There are a few extraction methods typically used. Still, the CO2 extraction method is the most popular because it produces a higher quality oil. This, oopposed to some of the other extraction methods, leaving chemical residue in the end product. 

You don’t want to expose your body to toxins and chemicals for obvious reasons; however, it diminishes the consumer’s experience. 

When looking at CBD oils, you’ll see full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate options. The main difference between these options is the number of times the oil undergoes an extraction process. 

Full spectrum oil contains all of the plant’s naturally occurring compounds—cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. Some of those compounds are the trace amounts of THC, which is less than 0.3% for hemp. 

Broad spectrum oil goes through a second extraction process to pull those trace amounts of THC from the oil. Many love this option because they don’t have to worry about the possibility of feeling strange (as they would with THC from past experiences) or a false positive on a drug screening. 

The CBD isolate option is 99% pure CBD—nothing more, nothing less. 

Is There a Relationship Between CBD and Pain?

A man sitting by himself in a fieldMany opt for full spectrum CBD oil options when it comes to CBD tincture oils for full-body relief. This is the top choice for most because all of the plant’s naturally occurring compounds are still intact, enabling a deeper level of therapeutic benefits. 

These enhanced therapeutic benefits are made possible by the entourage effect. This phenomenon happens when all of the compounds are able to interact with one another, working in synergy to provide the deeper level of benefits we spoke of. 

But, none of this would be possible without the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system bridges the gap between the cannabinoids you get from your product (and the ones your body naturally produces) and the many pain receptors located all throughout your body. 

Receptors are attached on top of the body’s cells—ready to bind to cannabinoids and put them to use where needed. 

How to Figure Out Your Serving Amount

Unfortunately, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to CBD. We’re all incredibly different when it comes to the individual factors. 

It’s the differentiation within these factors that result in varied effects with CBD. For example, John could take 10mg of CBD and feel absolutely nothing, but Jane could take 5mg and feel more than expected.

Let’s take a look at some of the most critical factors: 

  • Weight
  • Age
  • The concentration of the product
  • Bioavailability rate of the product
  • Genetics
  • Personal body chemistry

For all of the reasons above, it’s advised you start with a small amount (5-10mg) and work your way up in concentration until you reach your desired effect. In doing this, you won’t pass up your “sweet spot.”

Other Viable Options to Explore 

A woman staring into spaceCBD tincture oils take a little bit of patience to get right, but there are many other options you can explore. 

If you have some experience with CBD, capsules are a viable option. Many find great success with capsules because there’s no measuring involved. You simply take your pill and go on about your day. 

Most people forget they’ve taken it until they realize their annoying ache disappeared. 

Alternatively, suppose you’re still new to CBD and don’t feel comfortable taking that much CBD (capsules are typically 20-30mg per capsule). In this case, you can look into CBD gummies or topicals. 

CBD Topicals are great for targeted relief because the cannabinoids travel through multiple layers of skin before reaching the problem area and delivering comfort. 

CBD gummies are a crowd-favorite because they’re portable, convenient, and discreet! Not only this, but many of the gummy options start as low as 5mg per gummy, making it the perfect buildable concentration. 

Final Thoughts on CBD and Pain

We all have those annoying aches and pains that plague us throughout the day. But some have consistent or chronic pain that needs a solution. 

You can take many different paths towards soothing relief, but how many of them are all-natural and non-habit forming? 

No matter what type of CBD product you try, give it a chance—you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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