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CBD and Diabetes: The Ultimate CBD Guide for Diabetes


For people who suffer from diabetes, life can be a daily struggle when it comes to controlling blood sugar. It can feel like life revolves around regular insulin shots and unceasing attention to detail when it comes to consuming food. Then, there are those terrifying times when your blood sugar gets out of whack, and […]

CBDfx Vape Juice & Vape Kit Are The Perfect Pair

CBDfx Vape Juice and Vape Kit are the Perfect pair

The numerous health benefits of CBD are something that many people are talking about these days and are well documented. There happens to be a large number of people who are tired of taking prescription medications to deal with their insomnia, anxiety or ongoing pain issues and would much prefer a natural and even organic […]

Is CBD Good for Inflammation?

Is CBD Good for Inflammation

Today, countless people across the world are taking CBD in order to experience relief from pain.  This gentle, plant-based compound has a profound effect on inflammation throughout the body.  Therefore, it can help with everything from arthritis pain to localized pain caused by a recent injury. Now, in order to grasp how CBD is so […]

For Those Battling Bipolar Symptoms: Turn to CBD

For Those Battling Bipolar Symptoms Turn to CBD

Bipolar disorder affects about two million American adults. This particularly debilitating disorder can be difficult to manage and hard to diagnose. Sadly, many people who have bipolar disorder experience only partial relief with medications that are commonly prescribed for their condition. However, new studies indicate that CBD might be extremely effective when it comes to […]