Dabbing our 100 percent pure CBD concentrate wax is easy no matter where you are. If you have a dab rig at home, you can simply load up your CBD wax just like you’d load up any other oil, and after inhaling deeply, you can sit back in your favorite seat and enjoy the immediate and potent onset of our organic full-spectrum CBD.

Dabbing is one of the most efficient ways to enjoy high doses of CBD (cannabidiol). Even if you already love to dab, you might not know that dabbing CBD, specifically, is easy — and amazingly effective. When you take CBD wax dabs, you deliver high levels of concentrate CBD directly into your lungs, and unlike ingestion, CBD dabbing takes effect instantly. Learn more about CBD dabs and why you should try CBD wax if you already love dabbing.

1. Dabbing CBD Concentrate Wax Is Easy

Dabbing our 100 percent pure CBD concentrate wax is easy no matter where you are. If you have a dab rig at home, you can simply load up your CBD wax just like you’d load up any other oil, and after inhaling deeply, you can sit back in your favorite seat and enjoy the immediate and potent onset of our organic full-spectrum CBD.

To make it easy to dab our CBD concentrate wax wherever you are, we offer a top-notch CBD vape pen. Our Mini CBD Wax Pen may be small, but it comes with two powerful 11mm dual-core atomizers that deliver incredible results whether you like small puffs or huge hits. These atomizers are interchangeable, and you can insert the ceramic 11mm core when you want a strong hit and replace it with the quartz 11mm core when you want to enjoy a smoother dabbing experience.

When you use our Mini CBD Wax Pen to enjoy your CBD concentrate wax, you never have to worry about losing any of your precious wax. Every wax pen we produce features a proprietary one-way anti-leak valve that ensures no melted concentrate will leak into the interior of the pen. Whether you like the idea of having an alternative to your dab rig or you want to enjoy your 100 percent pure CBD concentrate when you’re on the go, our Mini CBD Wax Pen gives you the freedom to enjoy CBD anywhere you want at any time.

Plus, our CBD wax dabs come in a resealable acrylic container that’s easy to slip into your pocket or bag before you head out to work, school, the gym, or wherever your day-to-day life takes you. Just remember to bring the convenient USB charger that comes with your Mini CBD Wax Pen with you just in case your battery runs out of juice.


2. CBD Wax Effects Are Promising

Researchers around the world have determined that CBD shows great promise as a treatment for a variety of conditions. Our customers agree; they’re convinced that we offer the best CBD wax on the market, and here are some examples of the glowing reviews they have left for our organic CBD wax dabs:


Melissa L. tells us she has solved her sleep issues with our CBD wax dabs. “If I do this before I go to sleep, I don’t grind my teeth in my sleep and it has greatly improved my TMJ facial pain & headaches.” Michael W. says that he “[s]lept through the night and woke up refreshed” after he dabbed our organic CBD wax. Les P. shared that our CBD concentrate wax “[w]orks great helps with anxiety, sleeping problems and arthritis pain.”


Susan M. was able to reduce her pain medication consumption with our CBD wax dabs. “Works amazingly for my back pain. Cut prescribed meds way back.” Jeffery C. says that using our CBD wax completely ended his need for pain medication. “[W]hen i got my first order i was on 3 kinds of pain meds but after 3 days i dropped all my pain meds.”

Richard Z says that our CBD wax is “just amazing” and that CBDfx wax “is the best treatment for me.” He goes on to say that his “pain is now much more tolerated with your wax.” Gaby H. concurs: “They ease the pain on my back. I recommend this product.”


Paige F. says that she had used prescription anxiety medication for years before trying our CBD concentrate wax. She tells us that “about a week after using cbd I did not have to take medicine anymore to control my anxiety” and that “[i]t’s an amazing feeling knowing I don’t have to rely on pills to make me calm.”

Michael V. shares that our CBD concentrate wax “worked very well for my GAD [Generalized Anxiety Disorder] and also alleviated some stress and depression.” Ang217 says you can feel the effects of our CBD wax after two puffs and that our CBD concentrate “[c]almed my nerves and cleared my head.”

Other Conditions

Paul B tells us that our CBD wax is “great for my Arthritis,” and he says that dabbing our CBD eliminated his pain within five minutes. Nicole O. is amazed that she has “no more inflammation” now that she uses our CBD wax dabs, and she says that this cannabidiol concentrate has even helped with her sinus issues.

Maria K. is amazed by our CBD wax. “The CBD wax did wonders for my chronic pain and stomach issues.” Ray W. had a wonderful experience with our Mini CBD Wax Pen. “I found the mini CBD wax pen to be a convenient way to consume CBD and the results met my high expectations in terms of product purity and benefits.”

3. CBDfx CBD Wax Is 100 Percent Pure

When choosing CBDfx as your source for top-shelf CBD concentrate, you can try dabbing CBD without having to worry about toxic ingredients or dangerous additives. We extract our CBD from Europe’s best organically grown hemp; since conscientious farmers grow our hemp without any dangerous pesticides or fertilizers, there’s no chance that you’ll inhale these harmful substances when you dab our CBD.

We only use full-spectrum CBD to make our CBD wax. This type of CBD contains all of the terpenes and cannabinoids that hemp oil naturally contains, which means that you benefit from the entourage effect when you dab full-spectrum CBD oil. Isolate CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t contain any of these beneficial terpenes and trace cannabinoids, which means that this type of CBD is less effective.

To make sure that you don’t inhale any butane, we only use cutting-edge CO2 extraction to make our CBD wax dabs. CO2 doesn’t leave any solvents in CBD oil, which means that you can dab our CBD concentrate wax to your heart’s content without any worries.


4. CBD Wax Pens Are Discrete and Convenient

If you want to enjoy high-potency CBD without having to drag a delicate and bulky dab rig with you wherever you go, you’ll love our Mini CBD Wax Pens. Whenever you want to enjoy a dose of full-spectrum organic CBD wax, you can simply sneak off and enjoy a puff of your CBD wax pen.

Our wax pens are small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can load your pen up with pure CBD wax dabs before you head out for ultimate CBD enjoyment on the go. If you want to make sure that you won’t run out of high-quality CBD dabs while you’re away from home, you can carry your odor-proof acrylic CBD wax container with you without worrying about anyone noticing the rich and pleasant odor of your organic CBD hemp oil.

5. You Can Use CBD Dabs without Getting High

Even though our customers report that our CBD dabs have a potent effect, they won’t compromise your mental state or make you feel high. The only known side effect of CBD is sleepiness or extreme relaxation, and our CBD wax won’t make you paranoid, anxious, or confused.

When you use our CBD concentrate wax, no one will think that you’re high. Enjoy our CBD wax in any social situation without worrying about losing mental clarity.

6. CBD Wax vs. Oil

Our CBD wax is more convenient and less messy than dabbable CBD oil. Dab oil is viscous and sticky, and it has a way of getting everywhere.

The worst aspect of dab oil, however, is that you inevitably waste some of this type of concentrate. Tiny amounts of oil always stick the sides of your concentrate container, and it’s practically impossible to reclaim this lost oil.

Wax, on the other hand, isn’t very sticky, and it’s easy to break off little bits of CBD wax without getting it all over your dabber. Best of all, you can use all the CBD wax in your acrylic container without having to worry about any concentrate sticking to the sides.

7. CBD Wax vs. Shatter

CBD shatter is relatively popular, but this type of concentrate has some significant detractors. Shatter is hard and inflexible unless you warm it up, and breaking off a dab of CBD shatter can be troublesome.

Even if you’re able to break off the exact amount of shatter you want, you always run the risk of a sizeable chunk of shatter flying off to an obscure corner of the room when you break up your slab. Plus, tiny crumbs of CBD shatter usually come off when you break this type of concentrate, and these crumbs are hard to reclaim.

8. CBD Crumble vs. Wax

Crumble and wax are relatively similar; they’re both soft, and they aren’t very sticky. However, CBD crumble tends to break off into tiny chunks that are hard to piece back together while wax is just sticky enough to make each tiny bit of concentrate stick to the end of your dabber like a charm. The relative dryness of crumble makes it easy to lose portions of your precious gram of CBD concentrate.

9. You Can Find CBD Wax for Sale Near You

Trying to find pure CBD wax can be frustrating. However, you can buy organic, full-spectrum CBD concentrate wax right here at CBDfx. We ship to any location in the United States, and we offer impressive shipping times and customer service. You can even pick up a convenient Mini CBD Wax Pen at the same time that you purchase a gram of our CBD wax to ensure that you’ll have the best CBD dabbing equipment on hand the moment that your CBD concentrate wax shows up.

If you don’t want to wait to start dabbing CBD, keep in mind that you can buy CBD wax by CBDfx from any of our retail partners found across the country. Contact us to learn more!

10. You Can Choose the Best CBD Wax without Any Hassle

Choosing the perfect CBD wax for your needs is easy. Our full-spectrum CBD concentrate wax is an industry leader in quality, and all our products at CBDfx are covered by 30-day 100 percent guarantee. We even offer a one-year warranty that covers any workmanship defects in our products.

Where our CBD wax really stands out, however, is in affordability. Every gram of CBDfx CBD concentrate wax contains 300mg of CBD, and one gram provides approximately 20 dabs. You can get 20 servings of pure organic CBD concentrate for only $49.99, which makes our CBD wax one of our most economical products.

Unlike oil, crumble, or shatter, CBD wax is easy to dab, and wax doesn’t leave wasted concentrate behind in the container. Whether you’re new to dabbing or you’re a concentrate expert, our dedicated customer service team will work with you every step of the way as you enjoy dabbing the best CBD wax on the market.