CBD, also known as cannabidiol oil is available in 47 states, even those without legalized marijuana. It’s easier in some states than others, but as the interest in CBD grows, more state governments are starting to notice.

You’ve probably heard of it but may not know about all of the benefits. There are multiple ways to ingest CBD oil, including CBD oil tincture, but knowing when and why to take it could be a mystery.

Solve that mystery by reading these 8 CBD oil tincture benefits.

CBD Oil Tincture BenefitsCBD Oil Tincture Benefits

CBD oil tincture is just one way to use CBD. Before getting into this particular method, let’s take a look at what CBD oil really is. There is a lot of misconception and many people have questions when hearing about it.


What Is CBD Oil?What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is often misunderstood as a form of marijuana, and while it does come from the same plant, it does not make the user high.

CBD contains no actual THC which is the component that produces the high effect. CBD oil has been used to treat everything from pain to depression. It encourages the body to use its own natural chemicals to ease several symptoms.


Where Can I Get CBD Oil?Where Can I Get It?

In 30 states it is available along with other cannabis-based products. 17 other states have guidelines and requirements in place for those seeking CBD oil. You will need to be experiencing certain symptoms and have strict doctor recommendations to get it.

Check your local and state laws to find out how to get it in your area or what steps to take if you can’t quite yet.


What Is CBD Oil Tincture?What Is CBD Oil Tincture?

While there are many ways to use CBD oil and take it, CBD oil tincture offers one of the easiest and most manageable methods.

The oil is made along with alcohol that is slowly burned out, producing a concentrated oil that allows the user to control exactly how much they are using. It can be hard to measure how much you are using with vape pens or edibles, but with measured doses, you know exactly what you’re using.


8 CBD Oil Benefits8 CBD Oil Benefits

Why do people use CBD oil? It’s not just for pain. Many symptoms and serious health problems can be treated with the oil. It offers a natural remedy that many consider much safer than prescription alternatives.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.


1. CBD helps with Anxiety
1. Anxiety

People with depression and anxiety often struggle with what medication to take for treatment. Many pills are addictive and come with serious side effects.

Taking CBD oil for anxiety is a natural alternative that may calm people’s minds.

In medical studies, it was shown that patients using CBD oil experienced improvements in social situations, brain functions, and speech ability. It helps produce serotonin and can battle many symptoms that come with depression and anxiety.


2. CBD Helps with Pain Relief2. Pain Relief

It’s pretty common knowledge that the country is facing a serious opioid crisis. Narcotics and other controlled substances for pain often fall into the wrong hands and are distributed illegally and abused.

CBD oil helps treat pain and avoids the problematic addiction and overdose issues.

CBD oil has been shown to provide relief for chronic pain, muscle spasms and other pain throughout your body.


3. CBD is being used as a Cancer Treatment3. Cancer Treatment

A lot of testing and research is still being done on CBD oil and its ability to help cancer patients but the results are promising so far. CBD oil can help patients deal with the side effects of chemotherapy including nausea but it may be able to do a whole lot more.

When combined with THC doctors have seen proof that CBD has the ability to attack cancer cells. This means that we may have a natural solution for the fight against cancer that is so important to many.


4. CBD has been reported to help Quit Smoking4. Quitting Smoking

It’s amazing how smoking remains one of the hardest addictive substances for people to quit. The science behind cigarette’s harmful effects cannot be denied and it kills too many people every year.

People who have used CBD oil have had a much easier time quitting smoking. Using vape pens, smokers have been able to mimic the act of smoking while inhaling CBD that satisfies the craving.

Even if you don’t want to use a vape pen, CBD oil tincture can reduce the need for cigarettes and make it easier to deal with the period of time while the nicotine leaves your system.


5. CBD is known to help Epilepsy patients5. Epilepsy

Doctors are seeing great results in treating epilepsy with CBD oil. Patients experience fewer seizures and have an improved quality of life. CBD treatment has produced great results even with low doses, perfect for the use of CBD oil tincture.

Advisors to the FDA are also delivering positive opinions on the use of CBD which is a big step toward nation-wide legalization and acceptance. People suffering from rare forms of epilepsy finally have a natural solution to the seizures that plague them daily.


6. CBD calms Inflammation6. Inflammation

While it’s not a heal-all for serious disease related to inflammation such as heart disease, it has proven to be a huge help.

When eating healthy and getting exercise, CBD oil can assist in reducing inflammation that leads to heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Monitoring exact doses allow people to take only what is needed every day without disrupting their lives.


7. CBD can assist in weight loss7. Weight Loss

A large percentage of Americans struggle with weight loss. Eating right and exercising isn’t easy for everyone and the results aren’t always what we hope they’ll be.

CBD oil actually regulates blood sugar and encourages proteins and mitochondria that breaks down fat and burns calories. It’s also been shown to convert white fat to brown fat which attacks the unhealthy fat.


8. CBD is beneficial for you skin8. Skin Care

Skin care is a million dollar industry, and CBD oil may find a prominent place amongst the many products out there.

CBD oil restricts the production of oily material that harms our skin and creates problems such as acne. Many teenagers and adults suffer from the embarrassment and frustration of acne. Ingesting CBD oil can solve a problem naturally and at a lesser cost than expensive creams.


What Can CBD Oil Tincture Do for You?What Can CBD Oil Tincture Do for You?

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms CBD oil may be right for you. If natural remedies interest you but you want actual improvement, then look into the different methods of using CBD therapy.

To learn more about CBD oil and take advantage of some great CBD oil bundles, check out your options today.