Is anything more satisfying than a night of steaming hot romance? A good night’s sleep just might be. Getting plenty of rest is not only pleasurable, it’s critical to your overall health and happiness. Many of us, however, struggle to fall and stay asleep at times. And, here’s the problem: when you can’t get to sleep, you might be tempted to take powerful drugs, which, as we all know, often have unwelcome side effects. Many people are now choosing CBD drops for quick, safe relief on sleepless nights. Here are some (not so well-kept) secrets about why and how to choose and use CBD tincture to help you get the rest you need, and maybe warm up your love life, too.

SECRET: We all need more sleepSECRET: We all need more sleep

Let’s face it. Nearly everyone has nights from time to time when they can’t get to sleep due to stress, anxiety, and other common causes. Around 40 percent of adults in the United States sleep less than the recommended minimum of seven hours daily, according to the National Institutes of Health. Here’s the thing, the effects of a chronic lack of sleep are more serious than just feeling tired all the time. It significantly increases your risk of suffering from health problems such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression.


SECRET: Sleeping pills are potent drugsSECRET: Sleeping pills are potent drugs

Okay, we’ll be honest: it’s not such a secret. More and more people are figuring this out through personal experience. Yes, persistent sleeping problems can tempt some people to take strong medicine such as Ambien or Nyquil. The majority of those who regularly take these drugs report side effects such as feeling drowsy, confused, or forgetful the next day. Even scarier: Three percent of users of these products admit to dozing off while driving. And older people taking these medications are much more likely to suffer from falls. While lack of sleep is harmful to your health, pharmaceutical sleep aids may be even more dangerous.



Cannabidiol, an ingredient extracted from hemp plants, is a natural alternative with real scientific support. A research report in the April 2018 edition of the medical journal Frontiers in Pharmacology notes that “in subjects with insomnia, use of CBD was associated with an increase in total sleep time and less frequent awakenings.” Further, CBD “did not cause ‘hangover’ effects.”

While researchers continue to study the benefits of CBD for sleep disorders, CBD users confirm what the scientists are documenting. “I was experiencing great difficulty with having a full night of sleep. When I would wake up in the middle of the night, it would be one or two hours before I could fall asleep again,” says Eileen R., a customer of “I have been using CBD oil for approximately three weeks, and have been sleeping through the night. If I do wake up, I can more easily fall back to sleep.”

Another CBDfx customer, Helen R., has seen similar benefits. “I take a dose most nights before bed and find that it greatly relaxes me without feeling like I’ve been drugged,” she says. “I also notice significant improvement in my aching joints.”

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SECRET: CBD is all-naturalSECRET: CBD is all-natural

Unlike drugs manufactured in laboratories, CBD comes from hemp plants, which have been grown as a source of fiber and medicine for thousands of years. Hemp contains cannabidiol, the active ingredient in CBD tincture oil. It can also be used in capsules, gummies, vape juice, and drinks. CBD is potent enough to be effective, but it’s important to know that it is not psychoactive—that is, you won’t feel intoxicated when you take it. And you won’t be putting harsh chemicals in your body.


SECRET: Your body is waiting for CBDSECRET: Your body is waiting for CBD

You come equipped with the tools needed to use CBD. “Endocannabinoid” receptors attached to your nervous system play a critical role in regulating the release of hormones and enzymes in response to stress. The receptors are also in your digestive tract and connected to your immune system. Taking CBD keeps your endocannabinoid system activated and well-supplied for its critical work.


SECRET: Not all CBD is alikeSECRET: Not all CBD is alike

Many products are made with isolates—the CBD separated from all the other compounds in the hemp oil. But the oil’s fatty acids, terpenes, and flavonoids have an “entourage effect,” helping make the cannabinoids more effective. To get all of the benefits of CBD, look for “full-spectrum” products. Also, check to see how the oil has been extracted from the plant. Powerful solvents used by many brands may leave behind unhealthy residues. For the purest CBD, go for products that are extracted using safe, natural CO2 gas. How the hemp was grown makes a difference, too. Organic hemp is raised without toxic pesticides and herbicides that damage the environment. In high-quality tinctures from, the oil is CO2-extracted from organic plants and blended with MCT oil, another natural ingredient that’s rich in healthful fatty acids.


SECRET: CBD tincture drops go to work prontoSECRET: CBD tincture drops go to work pronto

Any CBD product may help you get a good night’s rest. But tinctures are an especially smart choice if you’re having trouble sleeping. When you squirt a dropper-full of CBD tincture under your tongue, the oil is absorbed through the mucous membrane and the countless tiny blood vessels there and it starts moving through your body immediately—no waiting for your digestive system to process the CBD first.

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SECRET: Your love life just might heat up with CBDSECRET: Your love life just might heat up with CBD

When you’re chronically tired or feeling stressed, you’re not likely to be in the mood for romance. Anxiety can make intimacy uncomfortable for, too. But with CBD drops, you can be well rested, relaxed and ready for love.


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