Types of CBD Edibles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely that you’ve been hearing more and more people rave about the fun lifestyle experience of CBD. This safe, legal chemical compound has been changing the lives of countless people as they add its use to their daily routines.

If you’re interested in trying out CBD, it’s important to know that not all CBD products are created equally. If you’re interested in exploring the wide variety of edible CBD products, there are some things that you should know in order to ensure that you pick out the best products for your unique needs.


Do CBD Edibles Work?

As CBD is a relatively new product, research regarding its various effects is still underway. Therefore, CBDfx certainly does not make any claims regarding whether you can use CBD edibles for pain, CBD edibles for stress and anxiety, or any other symptom. The FDA has not approved CBD for these uses yet, and so we’re waiting to see more scientific evidence before we make suggestions like these.

Yes, research is ongoing – but it’s simply not time to make a conclusive determination on these findings yet.


The Benefits of Ingesting CBD

As you may know, CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. Some people prefer to inhale it through a vaporizer, while others wear by topical CBD products that work through transdermal absorption.

The most popular method, however, is ingestion through edible CBD products. When CBD is ingested, its effects are brought on more gradually. This is because CBD must pass through the digestive system before it reaches the brain. Ingesting CBD also allows it to absorb into the body and be felt as an extended release for several hours.


Is It Really Safe to Ingest CBD?

Currently, there is no evidence that it is unsafe to ingest CBD on a daily basis. While high quantities may cause drowsiness as a side effect, CBD does not seem to put the user at risk of any serious side effects – although it may interact with some medications, so you should absolutely consult with your doctor before starting to try CBD (particularly if you already take prescription medication).


CBD Quality Matters

Just because CBD is a safe and legal product does not mean that all CBD products that are on the market are produced to the same standard, or equally pure and accurately labeled. Because CBD is a huge trend now, there are countless brands out there that are producing low-quality CBD products that just aren’t very good.

Currently, the CBD market is largely unregulated, meaning that many companies can get away with using filler ingredients that reduce the potency and quality of CBD. That’s why you must find a brand that you trust.

At CBDfx, you’ll find high-quality edible CBD products that are made with CO2 extracted, broad-spectrum CBD. When CBD is CO2-extracted, it won’t contain any trace solvents like butane that you end up absorbing. And because we use the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD, you’ll enjoy a CBD product that contains all the nutritive compounds that exist within the cannabis plant.

CBDfx doesn’t use filler ingredients to keep manufacturing costs low. Therefore, when you buy an edible CBD product made by CBDfx, you’ll know that you’re getting the purest and most potent CBD product possible.


The Edible CBD Products at CBDfx

CBD Gummies

Our red CBD gummies are incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. For one thing, they taste amazing thanks to our special formula and the high-quality ingredients of which they are composed. Unlike many CBD-infused candies that are on the market, the CBD Gummies by CBDfx contain only organic ingredients to keep you from ingesting something you didn’t want to.

CBDfx Gummies contain organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, water, pectin, natural flavors, natural colors and organically farmed broad-spectrum CBD. You’ll be able to pop them in your mouth throughout the day without worrying about taking in loads of unhealthy processed sugars and questionable ingredients. These candies are vegan — and delicious, thanks to their yummy berry flavor!

Each CBD gummy candy contains 5mg of organic, high-quality CBD. Many find that one or two each day is all that is required in order to enjoy the experience of CBD. If you’re totally new to CBD, it’s fine to start with just one gummy if you’re more comfortable that way.

The CBD gummies come in two different formats. You can buy a large jar that contains 60 CBD gummies. Alternatively, you can purchase the CBD Gummies 8ct Pouch that comes with 8 CBD gummy bears. This pouch is perfect as a gift, or for those who like to get their daily dose of CBD when they’re away from home.



CBD Oil Tinctures are unique in that they are consumed sublingually. A CBD tincture comes in a bottle with a dropper spout. A few drops of this tincture are placed directly below the tongue. Instead of swallowing it immediately, the user allows the tincture to absorb into the tissue of the mouth, allowing the CBD to enter the bloodstream faster. As a result, the effects of the CBD are felt much more quickly.

At CBDfx, you can find a wide variety of CBD tinctures. Each tincture contains full spectrum, organically grown CBD without any cheap filler ingredients. Every tincture consists solely of CBD oil and MCT oil. Found naturally in coconut oil, MCT oil is a healthy fatty acid that is completely safe to ingest. In fact, MCT oil boasts its own variety of health benefits. Some studies have found that MCT oil can boost cognitive function, lower blood sugar levels and increase endurance levels.

Because the CBD that is used in these tinctures is CO2 extracted, it boasts a high level of essential fatty acids, terpenes, amino acids and vitamins. The CBD is completely pure and contains nutrients from every part of the hemp plant.

At CBDfx, there are three different CBD Oil Tinctures available. Each tincture has a different CBD concentration. Therefore, you can have complete control of your dosage level by selecting the right concentration for you.

If you want to experiment with different dosage levels, you can grab the CBD Oil Tincture Bundle. This bundle is like a variety pack, providing you with all three tinctures while saving you money.


CBD Capsules

There are many CBD enthusiasts who prefer to get their daily dose in capsule form. If you’re someone who takes daily supplements, the CBD Capsules may be the most convenient way to consume CBD. All that you have to do is take one capsule as a part of your normal morning or nightly routine.

CBD users absolutely love the CBD Capsules at CBDfx because they can be taken at any time of the day. They can be taken with or without food and will not upset your stomach whatsoever. Many customers find that just one capsule daily does the trick.

The CBD Capsules at CBDfx can be purchased in the form of a large jar that contains 30 capsules or a small pouch that contains 8 capsules. Each capsule contains 25mg of organic, full spectrum CBD.


CBD Chill Shots

This is easily one of the tastiest and most enjoyable ways to get your daily amount of CBD. This Chill Shot comes in a small bottle and can be sipped throughout the day or taken all in one sitting. In addition to broad-spectrum CBD, this Chill Shot contains 200mg of L-Theanine, an amino acid that benefits the mind and body in a variety of ways. Best of all, this Chill Shot tastes just like lemonade!

The CBDfx CBD Chill Shot contains 20mg of  broad-spectrum CBD. You’ll be blown away by the refreshing lemonade flavor while you provide your body with all the nutrients that it craves.


We Got Your CBD Edible Needs Covered!

With CBDfx, you’ll find an enormous array of high-quality edible CBD products. All these products contain pure, organically grown, full- and broad-spectrum CBD and are made with the best ingredients available.