Does CBD help you sleep? Can this cannabinoid also help you get motivated and focus? Learn it all in this comprehensive CBDfx guide.

CBD for Sleep and Focus: The Most Important Questions You Should Ask

During the process of learning more about CBD, you’ve found that people add this non-intoxicating cannabinoid into their lifestyle for a wide variety of reasons. Google searches abound for phrases like ‘CBD for insomnia’, or ‘CBD oil for focus and motivation’. But are these legitimate uses for this popular cannabinoid, or is the jury still out on its biological abilities? We’ve compiled this intensive guide to make it as easy as possible for you to learn everything you need to know about these fascinating trends surrounding CBD for sleep and focus that are shaping the face of the industry.

Can You Use CBD For Insomnia? Familiarize Yourself With The Facts

While people have been intrigued about using CBD for sleep since cannabidiol’s introduction to the consumer market, this particular CBD trend has ramped up considerably in recent years. But does the science support the anecdotal reviews and reports? Let’s learn more about the details surrounding the currently non-FDA approved use of CBD for insomnia, and separate fact from fiction.

1. Does CBD Help with Insomnia?

Does CBD help you sleep? In short, it depends on who you ask. Thousands of people have tried CBD oil for insomnia, and they have provided detailed information on their experiences in the form of reviews, and testimonials, and case studies. The FDA, however, has not yet ruled on the regulatory status of CBD, which means we can’t tell you how much CBD oil to take for sleep or whether this cannabinoid is effective for insomnia. Yes, to be clear: the FDA has not yet approved CBD for insomnia relief; CBDfx respects that current stance and does not make any claims surrounding CBD’s ability to treat any sleep-related disorder or symptom.

We can, however, point out that there is a substantial amount of ongoing research surrounding CBD oil for sleep. In fact, a variety of studies have been conducted to determine how this non-intoxicating cannabinoid might potentially impact your sleep patterns, and scientists continue to learn more about the properties of CBD in general and how they affect the mind and body.

The FDA recently indicated that it’s speeding up the process of regulating the CBD industry, so it’s safe to predict that research into this cannabinoid will continue to pick up momentum in the coming years. As this regulatory agency moves towards taking some definitive stances on CBD, it may eventually be possible to recommend specific, scientifically-tested amounts of cannabidiol that you should take if you want to sleep better. For now, though, that’s simply not the case – and waiting for the FDA to make an informed, science-backed determination is absolutely a good thing.

2. Can CBD Oil Cause Insomnia?

While a lot of research has been done into the potential benefits of CBD for sleep, the one thing we know for certain is that we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to understanding how CBD works in the body. Everyone experiences the effects of CBD differently, which is part of the reason that the FDA insists that CBD producers hold off on making definitive statements on how CBD works for the time being.

Before you try CBD for insomnia, do plenty of research into the potential effects on this non-intoxicating cannabinoid. As we’ve mentioned, there’s a wealth of scientific research on CBD out there even though the arena of CBD science is still in its infancy. Also, millions of people around the world have tried CBD at this point, which makes it easier to find reliable end-user information on what this cannabinoid does or doesn’t do in a general sense (keeping in mind that everyone will react to it differently).

As you comb through customer reviews to find out if CBD causes insomnia, remember that cannabidiol doesn’t appear to affect any two people in exactly the same way. What one reviewer says about CBD might not apply in your instance, but when dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of CBD users report the same results, it’s more likely that you might experience a similar effect. Keep in mind that many clinical studies are based on data similar to that which is found in customer reviews, which just goes to show how important it is to get your information straight from the horse’s mouth.

3. Will CBD Make You Tired?

Mild tiredness is one of the most commonly reported side effects of using cannabidiol. According to scientific research, cannabidiol appears to have a remarkably mild side effect profile, and other minor potential side effects include dry mouth or nausea.

If you’re using CBD specifically to make you tired, this potential side effect might actually be desirable. However, it’s probably a good idea to take special care when using CBD before getting behind the wheel or if you have any sleep disorders like narcolepsy. And again, CBDfx does not make any claim regarding CBD’s ability to induce any specific biological effect.

CBD for Sleep and Focus: The Most Important Questions You Should Ask

What’s the Best CBD Oil for Insomnia?

As we’ve already established, the FDA hasn’t approved CBD for sleep disorders yet, and so we cannot make any direct claims suggesting the best CBD oil for insomnia. But as CBD has become more popular, tons of different types of cannabidiol-infused products have appeared on the market, and it’s understandable if you’re interested in learning how to tell which products are worth buying. While product diversity is always beneficial to consumers, sorting through all the pros and cons (and varying quality) of the different CBD product types that are out there can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve simplified things by providing the following dossier on the top four CBD product types:

CBD Vape for Sleep


While vape pens, mods, and pods were practically unheard of a decade ago, these vapor-producing devices continue to become more popular and technologically advanced every year. At some point, a pioneering entrepreneur decided to put CBD in vape juice, and this idea has since caught on like wildfire. “CBD vape sleep” is one of the most commonly searched CBD-related terms on Google, and if you decide to try vaping CBD for sleep, rest assured that thousands (if not millions) of other CBD users have gone down this path before you.

Vaping takes advantage of a mechanism called pulmonary administration, which is when your lungs absorb a substance and transport it into your bloodstream. The inner lining of your lungs is covered with tiny cells called alveoli, and the primary purpose of these pulmonary cells is to absorb oxygen. Under the right circumstances, however, the alveoli in your lungs can absorb other substances as well.

The main benefits of pulmonary administration are its potency and the rapidity of its effects. When you fill your lungs with a cloud of vapor, this administration method floods your system with the active ingredients in your vape juice, and these effects kick in almost instantly.

However, the effects of pulmonary administration are thought to be briefer than those offered by practically any other administration method. Therefore, perhaps vaping a sleep-inducing substance isn’t the biologically ideal choice if you want to experience long-term effects. If you simply need to take the edge off long enough to fall asleep, however, vaping a substance that helps with sleep might theoretically be the perfect option to add to your toolkit.

CBD Edibles for Sleep


Can CBD help you sleep? Many people have tried taking CBD edibles to get to the bottom of this question. CBD-rich hemp oil or CBD isolate can be added to practically any type of food, and common examples of CBD edible options include CBD gummy bears, CBD sublingual strips, and CBD cookies.

Remember that CBD edibles are only as good as the quality of the ingredients that go into them. Edible products with CBD are the same as any other type of food on the market; you should always keep an eye out for all-natural, organic options that won’t fill your body with toxins and GMOs.

Here at CBDfx, we take your nutritional safety very seriously, to say the least. Our CBD Gummy Bears 300mg, for instance, only contain organic cane sugar and organic tapioca syrup for sweetening, and these gummies feature natural flavors and fruit and vegetable juice for coloring. There’s no reason to ingest ingredients you’d normally avoid just to try CBD for yourself, and when you choose CBDfx as your source of CBD edibles, you won’t have to. Even our CBD oil itself is clean CO2 extracted from organically grown hemp plants in the USA.

Oral administration is one of the most tried-and-true methods for delivering compounds into your system. Whether it’s capsules, drinks, or tinctures, ingesting substances via the oral route provides powerful bioavailability that can be repeated over and over again.

The main advantage of oral administration is the extended duration of effect that this ingestion method offers. Substances that you ingest orally will continue to release into your bloodstream for the entire time that they pass through your digestive tract, which usually takes at least six hours. Therefore, administering an active ingredient orally provides one of the longest effect durations of any method of administration.

Ingesting substances orally has its downsides, however. Your liver protects you from toxins, but it also tries to protect you from some substances that would do you good. This organ filters out a significant portion of the active ingredients you consume, which in some ways decreases bioavailability and results in less effectiveness for some particular users. Again, talking about biological response to any compound is a tricky thing, because no two people will necessarily process the same substance in the same way, with the same effects.

Many CBD users choose to complement oral CBD products with products that have different routes of administration. Frequently, customers tell us that they enjoy starting off with a potent edible CBD dose, followed by consistent “microdoses” from a vape pen throughout the day. This seems to be one of the most popular options thanks to the control it gives the user over the accumulated effect. No matter which way you decide to try CBD, hands-on experience is the best tool for finding the cannabidiol regimen that works best for you.

CBD Tincture for Sleep


Here at CBDfx, our sublingual tinctures are some of our most popular products. With multiple concentration strength options to choose from and a whole host of flavors at your disposal, we have a CBD tincture for everyone. Do CBD tinctures really help you sleep, however, and what special advantages might these cannabidiol-infused products offer?

Generally speaking, tincture products take advantage of a mechanism called sublingual administration. The area under your tongue is covered by a highly permeable mucous membrane, which means that when you hold substances under your tongue, they uptake into your bloodstream almost immediately. A large blood vessel pumps under your tongue and goes directly to your brain, which means that sublingual administration offers all the benefits of vaping while providing its own special advantages.

After you’ve held a tincture under your tongue for at least a minute, you can swallow it to take advantage of all the benefits of oral administration. While some of the active ingredients in your tincture are absorbed during the process of sublingual administration, you’ll still experience nearly the same oral administration benefits with your tincture as you’d enjoy with any other type of orally-ingested substance.

As for whether you can use a CBD tincture for sleep, the FDA’s stance is the same as with other methods of administration: more research must be done before any type of determination can be made as to the efficacy of CBD tinctures for insomnia or sleep-related disorders.

CBD Topicals for Sleep


On first thought, CBD topicals may not seem to be the first CBD products that someone might reach for when they’re trying to improve their sleep. When it comes to using CBD for sleep, however, sometimes it’s not just about the cannabidiol itself. The high-quality CBD topicals offered by CBDfx are loaded with beneficial botanicals and premium skin-soothing ingredients that can offer a relaxing, enjoyable bedtime ritual that can help give you a self-care opportunity and chance to slow down every night.

Substances that are administered topically operate differently depending on their formulations. Oil-based topicals, for instance, generally deliver their benefits on the surface of the skin only, and they don’t absorb deeply into your dermis or enter your bloodstream. Specially formulated water-based topicals, however, penetrate every layer of your skin, and they deliver their active ingredients directly into your bloodstream to offer system-wide effects.

Many people who wouldn’t otherwise have insomnia are kept awake by inflammation that causes pain. Therefore, administering a topical product that treats inflammation might make it easier for these individuals to fall asleep, and rest comfortably all through the night. Water-based topical formulas that contain sleep-promoting ingredients, however, could theoretically treat insomnia right at its source by delivering active ingredients directly into your bloodstream.

Almost every route of administration suffers from a loss of bioavailability at some stage of the process, as well-meaning bodily mechanisms filter out substances that you’re administering for beneficial purposes. Unlike your gut or lungs, however, your skin doesn’t contain any filtration mechanisms beyond those that keep substances from penetrating your dermal layers. Once a substance has made it through your dermis, there’s nothing left to stop it from uptaking into your bloodstream with nearly 100% bioavailability. Isn’t science cool?

5 Unique Ways To Find Out Whether CBD Works For Sleep

Now that you understand a little bit more about the state of modern science surrounding CBD oil for sleep, it’s time to cover some real-world tips and tricks you can try as you discover for yourself whether CBD is effective against your insomnia. Here are our top five creative ways to try CBD for sleep:

1. Try Taking CBD with Another Substance

Whether or not the FDA ultimately rules that CBD is beneficial for sleep, there are plenty of other substances that this regulatory agency has already recognized as being sleep-promoting. Melatonin, for instance, is an over-the-counter supplement that’s commonly used to treat insomnia and other sleep conditions.

Your body produces more melatonin at night than it does during the day, and this substance plays a key role in regulating your circadian rhythm, which is the internal biological process that tells your body when to wake up and when to go to sleep. Specifically, melatonin alters the sleep-wake cycle by increasing your levels of drowsiness and reducing your body temperature.

Melatonin doesn’t appear to have any side effects, and this substance has helped millions of people around the world enjoy better sleep and enjoy improved health and well-being. Recognizing the profound benefits of melatonin, we included this natural substance in our new CBDfx CBD Melatonin Gummies.

2. Take CBD Melatonin Gummies About an Hour Before Bed

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Many people who are new to CBD Melatonin Gummies think that taking this product directly before bed will help them sleep the best. To determine the best way to take melatonin and CBD for sleep, however, it’s important to review our discussion of the effects of various routes of administration.

Substances that you ingest orally must go through initial digestive processes before they are absorbed into your bloodstream. Therefore, any orally ingested product takes between 45 minutes and an hour to take effect. If you’re trying to use a substance for sleep-related purposes, therefore, ingesting it orally immediately before bed probably won’t provide the result you’re looking for.

Other routes of administration, however, such as sublingual administration and pulmonary administration, have almost immediate effects. When you’re using sublingual tinctures or vape products for sleep, it might make sense to administer these substances right before your head hits the pillow. Administering products with faster mechanisms of action, however, will also increase drowsiness if you use them during the hour or so leading up to bedtime.

Whichever route of administration you use to administer your sleep-promoting substance, starting the administration process about an hour before bed will set you up for the best chances of success. Your body starts the process of going to sleep up to an hour before you actually close your eyes, so facilitating the uptake of a sleep-inducing substance into your bloodstream throughout that entire period will give you the ultimate opportunity to enjoy sweet dreams.

3. Use CBD During an Insomnia Attack

Sometimes you don’t know that you won’t be able to sleep, until it’s suddenly 3 AM and anxious thoughts are still racing through your head. If you’re trying to use CBD to help you sleep, this situation marks the perfect opportunity to remember the melatonin CBD product that you stashed next to your pillow in case of emergency.

As we’ve covered already, certain routes of administration deliver active ingredients almost immediately. When you’re in the midst of an anxiety attack, it’s understandable if you don’t want to have to sit and wait for relief, and a sleep-inducing substance that you vaporize or administer under your tongue might be an ideal approach to try when you’re worried you won’t get enough sleep to enjoy your day tomorrow.

When you’re having trouble nodding off, your instinct might be to simply lay there and wait for sleep. In some cases, however, sleep won’t come no matter how long you wait, so it’s important to take the initiative and administer a sleep-inducing substance right away. Taking quick action will help you ensure that you get a good night’s rest and avoid the anxiety-inflicting symptoms of insomnia.

4. Bring Your CBD Along to Your Sleep Study

Depending on your circumstances, your doctor might recommend a sleep study when you’re suffering from insomnia. Sleep studies give doctors and researchers the chances they need to observe you when you’re trying to sleep, which can help them glean insight into what’s keeping you from nodding off and make prescribing specific substances or treatments easier.

If you’ve already been trying CBD to help you sleep, then the facilitators of your sleep study might be interested to see if any changes occur after you ingest your favorite CBD product. Many professionals in the academic and medical community are keenly interested in the effects of CBD despite this cannabinoid’s largely unregulated status, so taking your CBD along to your sleep study might help others by widening our knowledge of CBD and its potential benefits.

5. Administer CBD via Multiple Routes Simultaneously

If you find that administering CBD via a single route isn’t providing you with the results you’re looking for, consider using CBD in multiple ways simultaneously. Remember that different routes of administration provide different effects, and by combining different administration routes at the same time, you might be able to enjoy a synergistic effect that improves the effectiveness of a sleep-inducing substance exponentially.

You may find that combining pulmonary administration and oral ingestion, for instance, provides the perfect balance of instantaneous effects and long-lasting benefits no matter which sleep-inducing substance you use. Feel free to experiment as you find the perfect combination of administration routes for your purposes. Remember, everyone’s response to CBD is different, and CBDfx does not claim to market cannabidiol specifically as a treatment for sleep disorders. Your first call should always be to your doctor if you’re interested in using CBD for sleep.

CBD for Sleep and Focus: The Most Important Questions You Should Ask

CBD for Energy and Focus: What You Should Learn First

Many people are anecdotally trying out CBD as a tool to improve their focus, motivation, and energy. While the FDA hasn’t ruled on cannabidiol’s ability to improve your energy levels, consumers all over the world continue to try this cannabinoid as part of their efforts to study better, gain motivation to succeed, and focus more closely on the task at hand. Here are a few of the most important questions you might want to ask if you are considering trying CBD for motivation, focus, or creativity.

1. Can You Use CBD Oil for Energy and Focus?

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the U.S. Congress has removed CBD from the DEA’s definition of “marijuana.” Therefore, CBD can no longer be construed as an illegal drug at the federal level, and it’s therefore far more legal to use cannabidiol now than it ever has been before.

CBD’s increasing legality has propelled this industry to new heights. The success of the CBD market has led to increased product diversity, and cannabidiol is now widely available at a variety of mainstream retail locations. Still, ordering CBD online is often the easiest way to get your hands on your favorite hemp-based products.

The increasingly mainstream status of CBD has also made this cannabinoid more socially acceptable. While a healthy level of skepticism surrounding any new product is to be expected and embraced, more and more people are recognizing that CBD is here to stay. Therefore, trying CBD for focus or energy is far less likely to ostracize you from your social circle or raise eyebrows than it might have a few years ago.

All these factors appear to be giving you the green light in your desire to try CBD for increased focus, motivation, or creativity. As you select the perfect CBD products for your experiment, however, remember that not all brands are made the same. While there are literally thousands of CBD brands on the market these days, only a few of them are worth your time, and it’s easy to find out which brands you should trust by checking a few simple criteria:

  • Customer Reviews: When you combine the opinions voiced in dozens or hundreds of customer reviews, it’s relatively easy to determine the general value of a CBD product or brand.
  • Lab Testing: Competent, qualified CBD companies always perform comprehensive lab testing on all of their products. Here at CBDfx, we take independent lab testing very seriously, and we’re always happy to share our lab results with our customers.
  • Brand Age: The CBD industry has gone through many trials in the last few years, and those brands that have survived it all have proved their worth many times over. Always trust an established brand over a CBD company that just appeared on the market last week.
  • Brand Reputation: By checking out customer reviews and blog testimonials, it’s relatively easy to learn more about the reputation of any CBD brand you’re considering. Only work with brands you know you can trust.
  • Public Persona: If a CBD brand’s website looks disorganized and unprofessional, other aspects of the brand are also likely to be sub-par. CBD producers who have clean, attractive websites, however, are more likely to have all their ducks in a row.
  • Ingredients: Always check the ingredients before you select a CBD product that you want to order online or purchase in-store. There’s no reason to include nasty, toxic ingredients in CBD products, but some producers do so anyway to cut corners and increase margins. Steer clear of CBD companies that include known toxic ingredients in their products.

2. What’s the Best Type of CBD for Focus and Concentration?

Since the FDA hasn’t yet approved CBD for focus and concentration, we can’t suggest a specific product for this purpose. As you choose what items to buy from CBDfx, consider that different routes of administration have different effects. If you want to experience immediate effects when you try a substance, for instance, you might want to try vaping or sublingual administration. If you want to experience focus-boosting effects throughout the day, however, oral administration and ingestion might be superior.

No matter which route of administration you try, remember to only pick the best CBD products in the industry by looking for these important qualities:

  • Organic, non-GMO CBD: Not all hemp is grown the same, and some CBD extraction methods are better than others. At CBDfx, we only use USA-grown, organic hemp to make our top-selling CBD products.
  • Fair PPMG ratio: PPMG stands for price-per-milligram, which is the cost of each CBD milligram includes in a cannabidiol-infused product. Do some comparing, and select the product that combines the best PPMG with the best ingredients.
  • Excellent product variety: A CBD company that only offers a couple of product types might leave you hanging at the worst possible moment. Here at CBDfx, we offer tons of different product options to fit your diverse tastes.

3 Trending CBD Focus and Motivation Hacks You Can Try

Here are three of the top ways you can experiment to discover whether CBD has focus and motivation benefits for you:

1. Try CBD Before You Study

If you’re having trouble focusing before finals, or you simply have to finish that research paper tonight, you might want to try taking some edible CBD right before you hit the books.

2. Getting Creative? Give CBD a Try

People have used cannabis for thousands of years to get their creative juices going. Unlike THC, CBD isn’t intoxicating, and it doesn’t have any major side effects, so give this cannabinoid a shot the next time you want to jam out with your friends or get started on your next painting.

3. Vape CBD First Thing in the Morning

It’s understandable if you aren’t much of a morning person. If you’re looking for a way to put some pep in your step as you get ready for the day, try vaping your favorite flavor of CBD vape juice right after you get up.

  CBD for Sleep and Focus: The Most Important Questions You Should Ask

CBD for Sleep, Focus, and Motivation: The Bottom Line

The CBD industry is going through an explosive growth period right now. Regulatory agencies are scrambling to address the seemingly unstoppable popularity of CBD products, and it’s anybody’s guess as to exactly what CBD will be approved to treat in the future. For now, it’s important that you remain skeptical of any CBD companies trying to make any definitive claims about what cannabidiol can or cannot do – because the truth is, we’re still learning about CBD. Thankfully, the 2018 Farm Bill has virtually destroyed the barriers to CBD study and use that previously existed, so we should get more clarity soon.

At the same time, if you’re willing to experiment on your own, there’s never been a better time to try CBD for sleep, focus, creativity, motivation, or any other purpose you can think of. This moment in history is truly the golden age of CBD; increased investment in the industry is giving rise to better and better products, and we know much more about CBD than we ever did before.

Here at CBDfx, we’re leading the charge in the collective efforts of CBD advocates around the world to get this non-intoxicating cannabinoid the official recognition it deserves. We’re firmly committed to offering the world’s best CBD products, and we’re standing by to help you start on your journey with CBD. Keep coming back to the CBDfx blog for more useful CBD information, and remember that you can contact us any time if you have any questions.