Today, countless people across the world are taking CBD in order to experience relief from pain.  This gentle, plant-based compound has a profound effect on inflammation throughout the body.  Therefore, it can help with everything from arthritis pain to localized pain caused by a recent injury.

Now, in order to grasp how CBD is so effective when it comes to reducing pain, it’s important to take a look into the incredible way in which this compound affects the human body.  By grasping what makes CBD a powerful anti-inflammatory, you’ll have a better idea of how to treat your unique inflammatory condition with this amazing product.

What is Inflammation What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the way in which the body responds to what it perceives to be an injury.  When the body believes that it has been injured, the immune system rushes to repair damaged tissue, sending white blood cells to the affected area.  These white blood cells release chemicals into the bloodstream that cause swelling, tenderness and redness.

While inflammation is, generally speaking, a healthy bodily response to an injury, it’s not always best for the body.  For example, seasonal allergy symptoms are the result of the immune system erroneously believing that environmental compounds are injuring the body.  As a result, the airways become red and swollen, resulting in symptoms such as congestion, a sore throat and difficulty breathing.

Once the body has healed, inflammation is supposed to disappear.  After a certain period of time, swelling and pain are supposed to go away on their own.  Unfortunately, there are many instances in which inflammation remains high long after the injury has occurred.  When this happens, a person needs to receive medical treatment.

There are also several conditions that cause the body to become chronically inflamed.  These conditions include arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  When these conditions are present, the body maintains a consistently high level of inflammation that is very taxing on a person’s health.  As a result, they become more likely to experience serious conditions such as heart disease and lupus.

In order to treat inflammation, we need to take an anti-inflammatory.  An anti-inflammatory lowers inflammation levels by calming the immune system’s response to inflammation.  It temporarily reduces the number of white blood cells in the bloodstream, allowing the affected area to reduce in swelling while allowing pain levels to decrease dramatically.


Is CBD Good for Inflammation Is CBD Good for Inflammation?

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties come from the unique chemical composition of hemp.  As the leading compound in the hemp plant, CBD is extremely high in anti-inflammatory activity.  This means that consuming CBD can lower the level of white blood cells in the bloodstream, allowing pain to slowly dissipate.

CBD is especially helpful when it comes to treating inflammation because of the fact that our bodies have an endocannabinoid system.  This system is responsible for regulating various processes that control our health and the way that we feel on a daily basis.  Among these processes is the function of the immune system, including inflammation levels throughout the body.

Our body is supposed to naturally produce cannabinoids on its own.  The endocannabinoid system uses these cannabinoids to bond with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.  Once the cannabinoids have bonded with these receptors, the body can reach a state of homeostasis.

The issue is that many of us are naturally deficient in cannabinoids due to a variety of factors.  That’s why we need to get our cannabinoids from a natural source like hemp.  The CBD that’s in hemp naturally provides us with the cannabinoids that our bodies need in order to regulate the way in which the immune system responds when it believes that it has been injured.

Additionally, there are many compounds in the hemp plant that have unique anti-inflammatory properties.  The hemp plant is rich in terpenes, a family of compounds that are found in the essential oils of plants.  Terpenes are known to reduce pain because of how amazingly powerful they are when it comes to lowering inflammation.


CBD Anti-Inflammatory Studies CBD Anti-Inflammatory Studies

Because of recent changes in laws regarding hemp, medical researchers have finally been able to acquire this plant in order to study its unique benefits.  As a result, we have access to a good number of studies that confirm CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties for the first time in history.  This has allowed medical specialists to feel comfortable suggesting CBD to patients who struggle with various pain conditions.


Arthritis Arthritis

A recent article listed a variety of studies that each demonstrate the ways in which CBD helps with arthritis.  Because arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition, CBD can help tremendously by lowering inflammation levels throughout the body while helping the immune system respond more efficiently to injury.

The studies listed demonstrate that CBD can relieve pain whether taken internally or applied topically to the skin.  These studies suggest that CBD can help with both mild pain and pain that’s very severe.  Specifically, it can ease joint pain on a profound level.


Headaches Headaches

Headaches, as we know, have many causes.  However, headaches caused by inflammation are very common.  Typically, an inflammation headache is caused by inflamed sinuses or inflammation of the interior of the ear.  Sometimes, the thin layer of muscle surrounding the skull can become inflamed, resulting in a headache that’s particularly severe.

Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it can help treat headaches that are caused by inflammation.  Even if your headache isn’t caused by inflammation, CBD can help with the pain because it possesses analgesic properties in addition to anti-inflammatory properties.  While anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation, analgesic properties numb pain by interrupting the pain signals that are sent to the brain from the nervous system.


Digestive Issues Digestive Issues

Because of CBD’s unique high level of anti-inflammatory activity, it can help with inflammatory conditions of the digestive system when taken orally.  Chronic conditions such as arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are the result of inflammation of the intestines, resulting in a variety of painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

CBD has the ability to soothe the digestive tract, reducing symptoms of inflammatory conditions of the digestive system.  It can also boost a person’s appetite, making it excellent for anyone who struggles to eat because of their inflammatory condition.


Inflammatory Skin Conditions

There are many different inflammatory conditions that affect the skin.  Eczema, psoriasis and even acne can be caused by inflammation.  In some cases, the inflammation is internal, eventually making its way to the skin.  In other cases, the condition is caused by exposure to something external that causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed.

Regardless of what’s causing your inflammatory skin condition, CBD can help.  By simply applying CBD to your skin, you can dramatically reduce the redness, swelling and irritation associated with inflammation.  Additionally, because of CBD’s antioxidant properties, this compound can undo the effects of cell damage caused by severe inflammation of the skin.


Inflammation Caused by Injury Inflammation Caused by Injury

If you’ve recently injured yourself, CBD can help you heal more quickly by regulating the way in which the immune system responds to the injury.  CBD is often applied topically to the affected area, allowing it to provide fast relief to pain and swelling.


CBD vs. Ibuprofen for Inflammation

CBD vs. Ibuprofen for Inflammation

Many people take Ibuprofen in order to deal with inflammation.  As a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Ibuprofen can help tremendously with the pain and swelling that results from inflammation.

The problem with Ibuprofen is that it’s dangerous to take regularly or in high doses.  Even though Ibuprofen is an over-the-counter medication, it’s far from harmless.  High doses or chronic usage of Ibuprofen can result in damage to the stomach lining, kidneys and liver.  In fact, a person can die from taking too much Ibuprofen as the liver or kidneys can fail.

CBD, unlike Ibuprofen, can be taken daily and in high doses without risk of toxicity or overdose.  CBD will not cause kidney or liver damage, nor will it damage the stomach lining when ingested on a regular basis.  For this reason, many people prefer taking CBD over Ibuprofen.  Besides, CBD is widely believed to be just as effective as Ibuprofen when it comes to treating inflammation.


How Do I Find the Most Effective CBD How Do I Find the Most Effective CBD?

In order to treat inflammation with CBD, it’s crucial that you choose a high-quality, potent product.  In order to really experience the many benefits of CBD, you’re going to have to spend a little bit of money.  CBD that’s extremely potent is going to be more expensive than the types of CBD products that you can find at the local gas station.


What Type of CBD Product Should I Use What Type of CBD Product Should I Use?

As you may already know, there are lots of different CBD products on the market today.  One of the most popular products for chronic, widespread inflammation is an oral tincture made with CBD oil.  It’s widely believed that CBD tinctures provide long-lasting, widespread relief. One of our customers wrote: “I finally found a quality product that alleviates my back pain within minutes. I am an eighty-nine year old with MDS. Thank you,​ CBD-FX.” – Robert O

To treat inflammation of the skin or localized pain, a CBD anti-inflammatory cream is probably the way to go.  This type of product can be applied topically, and it reaches the affected area very quickly. One of our customers wrote: “This lotion works great on all of my aches, joints or muscles. A much more soothing and lasting product than icy hot. So much gratitude to yall for creating it.” – Jonathan G


How Much Should I Take

How Much Should I Take?

If you wish to take CBD oil for inflammation, your dosage level depends on a few different factors.  We recommend that you check out our article on choosing the right CBD dosage in order to get a better idea of how much you should take in order to experience relief.

Experience Profound Relief from Inflammation with CBD

If you’re dealing with inflammation, we strongly suggest that you give CBD a try.  This natural plant compound just may help you experience amazing relief at last.