As a premier California CBD supplier, we’ve been watching the news carefully over the last year as stories about CBD continue to make their way to headlines in national and local news. Now, in a stunning reversal, the world spotlight is on cannabidiol as WADA removes its ban on CBD for Olympic athletes.

The World’s Elite Athletes Will No Longer Be Banned From Using CBD

Martial arts masters. Weightlifters. Skiiers, wrestlers, and rugby players. Athletes from all walks of life and many different disciplines of sport have one thing in common: their muscles and joints ache after a long day of training and competing, and their bodies demand relief. So, what are the options for a world-class athlete who’s in pain? They can take over-the-counter medicines like naproxen or ibuprofen, but these compounds take a toll on the body’s liver and/or kidneys, and can damage stomach lining when taken regularly. In cases of chronic or extreme pain, they can take opioid painkillers; but these, too, have a host of problems (not the least of which being major dependency concerns).

Recently, more and more athletes have been turned on to the possibility of using CBD for pain relief, as anecdotal evidence from all corners of the sports world have begun trickling in while researchers rush to get more hard data on its effects. There’s just one problem: for the most elite athletes of the world, there’s another consideration in the form of the World Anti-Doping Agency. It’s the body that determines what substances athletes can and cannot take to compete on a level playing field in major tournaments such as the Olympics. Take a banned substance, and you can find yourself with major loss of privileges, suspensions, and even expulsion from your national team.

Thankfully, the World Anti-Doping Agency announced this month that beginning in January 2018, CBD will no longer be a banned substance. The only reason CBD was likely banned in the first place is the unfair association cannabidiol has with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that makes users feel “high.” CBD has none of the effects commonly associated with marijuana usage, and simply shares its plant of origin with THC. To the relief of top-tier athletes across the world, WADA has recognized this and will begin allowing its athletes to use as much CBD as they need.


Is CBD Legal? Nuances Of CBD and THC Matter To WADA

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s press release regarding its new stance on cannabidiol came with a prudent warning. They noted that, as CBD is still fairly new in terms of its popularity, that the quality and chemical content of CBD supplements can vary widely from one supplier to another. They warned that batches of CBD from non-reputable suppliers may come tainted with amounts of THC that could show up on a test and result in punitive consequences.

That’s a primary reason why CBDfx is so meticulous when it comes to sourcing and batch purity. CBDfx provides laboratory batch reports showing the exact chemical breakdown of each product, ensuring that elite athletes and other individuals who want to make sure they avoid THC can rest easy ordering cannabidiol online.

CBD is legal to purchase and use, but there are still many places in the United States and across the world where THC is not. Thus, WADA prudently reminds its athletes to be extra careful about where they order their CBD from. In the meantime, this new policy will ensure that athletes have access to a natural, alternative option for pain relief if they opt to use it.