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May 6, 2020

CBDfx Guide To Grocery Shopping Safely



Cbdfx Guide To Creating Effective Ways To Grocery Shop Safely Large

Grocery shopping has changed a bit in the last couple of months. Here are some tips on how you can keep yourself safe while getting your groceries!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Something as simple as making a trip to the store can seem like a tremendous task during these uncertain times. To help put you at ease, CBDfx has come up with a list of ways to tackle the chore while keeping yourself germ-free and safe. As we delve into the various ways in which you can keep your health a high priority, please remember that going out will always put you at some level of risk. How you choose to engage in the trip makes all the difference as you continue your weekly grocery shopping. 

Pre-shopping Preparations

Always keep sanitizing wipes in your car so you can be ready once your trip is over and you’ve got your groceries. Immediately wipe off debit/credit cards, your wallet, purse straps – anything you were touching while at the store. Wiping them off immediately allows you to eliminate the threat of bacteria being carried from the store to your home. Instead of wipes, you can also use a bottle of hand sanitizer such as ours, which is designed to kill the overwhelming majority of germs that you pick up while you’re out.

Another great way to plan ahead is to make your trip at times when you know the store won’t be busy. If you have the option, try grocery shopping at a time when most others won’t be out and about. Google has a feature to track how many people are currently at the grocery store, as well as what the peak times for shopping are. As a reminder, store hours have shifted during this time. Additionally, there may also be certain hours designated for senior citizens to shop. Calling your local store to get more information on their specific times is a great way to go about getting your questions answered.

There are countless benefits to this strategy of going at non-busy times, such as a lower chance of contamination from others, a quicker trip and some peace of mind while being there!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin

As You’re In The Thick Of It

Once you’ve pulled up to the store, remember to put your mask on. Some establishments may not require a mask, but it is smart to wear one just in case. Homemade masks crafted out of other materials such as bandanas work as well, just as long as something is covering your mouth and nose. It’s crucial to ensure that your nose and mouth are safe from harmful bacteria while you’re out in public!

As you stop in, make sure to grab at least one wipe in the front of the store and properly wipe down your cart or hand basket. Use a little hand sanitizer while you’re at it! As you move around the store, try to abide by the “6-foot rule” as much as you can. Saying “excuse me” or “on your left” is a great way to let others know that you’re coming so they can also move a bit and keep themselves safe.

Creating a list is important because it keeps you from lingering at the store longer than necessary. If you feel like you’ve mastered that step, let’s talk about a way in which you can take things even further. If you’ve been to your grocery store enough times, you know where everything is generally laid out – the trick is to list what you need in order of the path through the aisles you’ll take. This allows you to shed a good amount of time so you can quickly be back in your car and on your way home. It may also be important to keep other purchasing options in mind, just in case you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. However, the FDA wants to remind shoppers, “Although your grocery store may be temporarily out of certain products, there are no nationwide shortages of food.”

Checkout can be an interesting dilemma. If the store you shop at offers self-checkout and cashier lane, both are okay options. There are pros and cons to both, so choose what you feel most comfortable with – or whichever line is shorter.

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Finally – You Made It Back!

You’re back safe and sound! It’s now time for the post-shopping regimen –  you can never be too careful about staying healthy. The first order of business is washing your hands. Before putting any groceries away or doing anything else in your home, it’s always best to immediately wash hands in warm water for about 20 seconds before continuing about your day. It may not hurt to take your shoes off at the door to avoid unwanted bacteria being tracked throughout your home as well. 

Consider cleaning your sink and soaking your vegetables. There are many DIY ways to clean fruits and vegetables; with a little vinegar or lemon, your produce could be sparkling and free from any bacteria. Plus, they help get rid of the pesticide residue that remains from when they were grown. 

Fun fact: reusable grocery bags can easily be washed in your normal washing machine! During these times, reusable bags may not be allowed everywhere, but if you still choose to bring one, washing them in the laundry is recommended!

Once you’re done putting groceries away, wash your hands again. Refrain from touching your face, mouth or ears for as long as you can. Although we try to scrub our hands to the best of our abilities, there is still room for some germs to be left behind. Ensuring further safety by being attentive to where your hands go will be something to keep in mind. 

Overall, the safest option might be to use a delivery service. Though the groceries may still need a quick wipe down, a hands-off, no contact pick up will be the best way to go about it. If you do choose this method, remember to order anywhere from a few days to a week before you need the groceries, as many establishments are very busy at the moment. 

As always, CBDfx sees your health as our priority. We’re wishing you a safe quarantine, and we’ll be here to help out wherever we can along the way. 

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Mahatma Gandhi

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