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January 11, 2020

CBDfx Guide To Sneaking CBD Into A Movie Theater



Cbdfx Guide To Sneaking Cbd Into A Movie Theater

Nothing sounds better than enjoying a nice CBD gummy or tincture while at the theater. Here are some tips on sneaking in your favorite products!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Going to the movies is a major American pastime – one in which the young and old alike come together and share in an escape from their daily lives through captivating storylines and $17 popcorn. It seems like every year, movie theater prices go up at least one dollar, so the increasingly popular tradition of sneaking food into theaters has us at CBDfx thinking: what about sneaking CBD products into the theater? We decided putting this short list together for you will be helpful, because why should you have to keep your two favorite activities separated?

Using Your Air Pods To Their Greatest Potential

You may or may not know this, but you can make CBDfx soft gel capsules fit in any air pod case. Storing a couple of capsules in your case is one of the easiest and quickest means of getting CBDfx into the theater with you. Before leaving your home and heading to the movies, slide a serving of gel capsules into your case, then slip it into your pocket. The theater’s employees will never suspect a thing. When you get into the theater, snap open the case and enjoy your capsules!

If you are part of the “uncool” party and, in fact, do not own air pods, we’re here to offer you a second option. Simply place your CBDfx Gel Capsules in a baggy and keep them under your baseball hat. That way, when you walk in, there will be no way for an employee to guess that you have a stash of CBD gold tucked away under that sporty hat of yours. Regardless of the method you end up choosing, once you get to your seat inside the theater, you will be able to relax and take your capsules out of their hiding place. This product is very easy to consume, which is why they would be perfect for a theater! It is much easier to consume with some sort of liquid, so be sure to bring some water with you! 

You Might Not Be Pregnant – But They Don’t Have To Know!

Wrapping your CBD up inside a swaddling blanket and rocking your collection back and forth like a sleeping baby could be a very effective means of sneaking your CBD into the theater. Grab all the tinctures and gummies that you think you’ll want for the trip, and wrap them up in a cloth or blanket! That’s it – it’s not like the employee will make sure to check your child. They shouldn’t get very close anyway because it’s sleeping…Shhh! 

Taking another route along these lines would work as well. Wrap your CBD products in a blanket and stuff it all under your shirt to create the appearance of a pregnant belly. You can go the extra mile and act pregnant as well once you get to the theater. Put your hands on your hips the way pregnant women do: with your thumbs and fingers pointing down at the ground, signaling lower back pain from all the extra weight. You could also place your hands on your fake belly and look at it lovingly. Tell them you are craving something or rush the employee by saying you have to pee. This method could potentially allow you to get a large stash in!

CBDfx Guide To Sneaking CBD Into A Movie Theater

Baggy Clothing Will Be Your Friend

Hidden pockets and baggy clothing are perfect for storing virtually anything. Pockets will be the best protection from movie theater employee eyes – especially if they are hidden pockets within your jacket or pants. The less form-fitting the article of clothing, the more difficult it will be to spot the CBD products you’re stowing away. Plus, if your clothing has multiple pockets, they’re much less likely to check them all! 

Cargo pants or a utility jacket is the best way to go, but if you don’t have either of them on hand, try wearing your dad’s cycling vest. You know, the one that illuminates when car lights hit it and is the brightest orange that you’ve ever seen? Yeah, that’s a great one for pockets. Plus, your confidence will throw off the theater employees, potentially keeping them from looking too closely at your pockets! The one underlying piece of advice in all this is that if you walk with purpose, everything will work. Our compact tincture bottles would be the perfect product to fit in these kinds of pockets! Open your mouth and dispense a serving under your tongue when the film begins – CBDfx Tincture will be your best movie partner yet!

Creating A Top-Secret Plan

Sure, pockets are nice, but there is no guarantee that the plan will work as desired. If you don’t trust baggy clothing or carrying a fake baby, you can go for a more “Oceans”-esque approach. By following these few simple steps, there’s virtually no way you’ll have to watch your next movie CBD-less. Buy tickets for the movie you and your friends want to go to weeks in advance. Next, buy walkie-talkies so your line of communication will never be broken. In fact, it’d be ideal to create your own language altogether, so that there’s no threat of the theater employees overhearing your integral conversations. Once you’ve secured walkies, you have to obtain a blueprint of the theater’s floor and vent layout, which you can get from the public records of your local government building. With these blueprints, you can better map out your grand caper. Create a pulley system that travels through the air ducts of the building and accesses the theater where your movie is being shown. Rig it so that the system will drop your CBD products through a specific vent and fall right into your lap. If anyone asks, you don’t know what happened or whose CBD that is – although it’s yours, now. 

If all else fails, creating a diversion is a successful way to allow a pathway for you and your CBD to get through the theater doors. Walk into the theater with your friend, and make sure that your friend gets their ticket checked before you do. While the attendant is looking down at your ticket, give your products a Drew Brees heave to your friend who’s already across enemy lines. When they look up and ask to check you, they won’t find anything there. Just make sure to throw the product as fast as possible so other employees walking around don’t notice as well. Once in, pour a CBDfx chill shot into your ICEE or down it during the movie; whichever feels better. 

Ask Nicely

Most movie attendants and ushers don’t care that you’re bringing out-of-theater products in as long as it’s within reason. Just walking in with a smile and a warm, “Hello!” and asking politely if you can bring in a small CBD product is good enough! Employees are people too, so nicely inquiring about bringing something in can go a long way. The truth is, employees often know things are getting brought in, but they don’t mind. As you enter the movie theater, content with having avoided sneaking anything in altogether, get comfortable and relax in your seat – maybe even put a CBDfx face mask on, which is easy to apply no matter where you are! Many of life’s greatest difficulties are man made, and we can often avoid them entirely with a little creativity – and that is the moral of this blog post. You’re welcome for this life lesson from CBDfx. 


Lucky for you, CBDfx products possess only light aromas that won’t alert others in the theater that a CBD product has been brought in. Additionally, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll make any sort of a mess with these products. CBDfx is your supplier for everything CBD, including little bits of knowledge such as the ones in this blog. So go to that movie and enjoy yourself; nothing can stop you now!

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