CBD is still a new phenomenon, and there’s a lack of understanding about what it does. Here are 5 myths about CBD that we’re here to clear up.

Debunking 5 CBD Myths

Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, Area 51; certain things will never be free of the myths that we’ve surrounded them with. While some invite these myths by being outwardly mysterious and not explaining themselves well–if at all–others are subjected to the myth treatment because many people do not have extensive knowledge of them. The mystery remains, but a lack of research is often more to blame than a lack of available information.

When talking about CBD with a friend or family, you are likely to encounter many misconceptions. Some of these more common myths are brought on by a lack of understanding of CBD itself and what separates it from other compounds, such as THC. Here are five myths about CBD that we at CBDfx would like to clear up.

Myth #1 – CBD Can Get You High

Does CBD get you high? Is CBD the same as marijuana? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, you’re not alone. This is one of the less surprising myths about the effects of CBD on your body and mind. CBD and THC are often grouped together as having the same properties and, therefore, are assumed to both get you high in the same way. Of course, this is not the case, or else there would be no need to put this in an article about CBD myths. CBD and THC are close relatives, having nearly identical molecular structures and being extracted from the same cannabis plants. The main difference between CBD and THC is that CBD is a compound with no intoxicating attributes. THC is a psychoactive compound, and its ability to bond strongly with the cannabinoid 1 receptors of the brain causes the sensation that we would consider “getting high.” CBD is unable to bind with these receptors in the same way, finding other places to bind such as certain pain receptors.

CBD and THC are only two of many compounds that can be extracted from cannabis plants and used in beneficial ways. Many of our products contain other compounds that, when combined, work together to strengthen the effect of the CBD extract as a whole. The THC content in these products is wholly negligible. As stated on our page for CBD gummies, there is less than 0.3% THC in each gummy. Not enough to appear on a drug test, and certainly not enough to get you high. If a high is what you’re looking for, CBD is not the move. That being said, we can assure you that once you try our top of the line products, a lack of high won’t matter to you one bit.

Myth #2 – CBD Vaping is the Same As All e-Vaping

Many people don’t realize that there is a major difference between vaping CBD and vaping a regular e-juice. Many regular e-juices are coming under fire for their nicotine content, which is well-known as an addictive chemical that’s particularly bad for minors to use. While it is possible for nicotine and other compounds to be combined with CBD in a vape juice, normal CBD vape juices like the ones sold at CBDfx do not possess any nicotine. Many CBD vape juices take advantage of broad spectrum hemp extracts, which possess a group of natural compounds that do not pose the same threats as a regular e-juice. Some juices, such as our Blueberry Raspberry CBD Vape Juice, contain pure CBD isolate and are combined with different enticing flavors to make for a fun and safe experience.

A common question that arises in tandem with this myth: is vaping CBD safe? Not only is vaping a reputable CBD product safe, many users actually claim that it is the ideal way to consume CBD. Our site’s page for CBD vape juice details the benefits of vaping the compound as opposed to consuming it as a tincture or concentrate. As a vapor, CBD is more effectively absorbed by our bodies, meaning that the effects of CBD can be experienced much faster. This is one of the many benefits of vaping your CBD. There are often less ingredients in a CBD vape juice, focusing mainly on the CBD compound itself and the flavors that give the juices their unique properties. Less ingredients are needed in a CBD vape juice because the CBD itself provides the juice’s most desirable effects, not the added bits and pieces. Of course, flavor is going to matter; if you’re expecting a blueberry freeze mixed with strawberry and get nothing but the taste of cannabis, you’d be rightfully upset. We pride ourselves on providing you with products that will both satisfy your tastebuds and deliver beneficial CBD effects to your body. You have no need to worry about our products including ingredients like nicotine.

Debunking 5 CBD Myths

Myth #3 – You Can Overdose On CBD

Similarly, many people are wondering: does vaping CBD cause illness? This myth is connected to the idea that CBD is comparable to drugs that pose a threat to you if abused. While further research is needed on CBD’s effects to say with certainty whether or not CBD in large helpings has consistent side effects on the human body, all available evidence shows CBD to be safe to use and well-tolerated in people and animals… even in fairly high servings. As stated earlier, there are no intoxicating attributes in CBD, so the cannabinoid receptors of the brain are not interfered with as they would be through the consumption of THC and other compounds that are psychoactive. As of now, the biggest threat that you face from taking too much CBD is the increased desire to sleep, which, if we’re being honest, is something that many people are hoping for while consuming it. There is no official agreement or consensus on the effects of CBD, but many health organizations are in agreement that CBD is safe to use and does not pose a serious threat to your body.

As is true for most anything, pacing yourself when using CBD products is important. Using too much in a short period of time could upset your body, but not in a way that could prove harmful. This is the rule for many things as well, such as eating, drinking and exercising. Trying to do too much can cause your body to take on more pressure than it can handle, leading to injuries. Make sure to use your CBD products in moderation, and always take into account the recommended serving sizes and operational instructions that are provided by the products. 

Another general rule to follow is to make sure that CBD does not interact with any medications that you may be on. Visit your doctor to find out if this may be the case, though in most situations there appears to be no serious danger.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye on who you get your products from. Some CBD vape juices and CBD tinctures are made by low quality companies who do not care about the sanctity of what you put in your body. Synthetic cannabinoids can be used in place of the real compound, and while you may not notice the difference when using it, there can be adverse effects on your body following its consumption. Always make sure that the CBD you get is from a company like us, who constantly vets their products in order to supply you with the highest quality product possible. Take our CBD Tincture page, for example, where we guarantee that our products are free of harmful chemicals and random ingredients. We strive to provide you with pure CBD and 100% vegan ingredients that offer an experience you won’t forget.

Myth #4 – CBD is Dangerous For Pets to Consume

This myth is more understandable than others on the list. Many people don’t think about CBD as something that could transcend the species line and have positive lifestyle benefits for animals. After all, countless other foods and compounds have been found to have negative effects on animals when ingested. Good news: CBD is actually one of the compounds that does not harm your pet when ingested. As explained on our CBD for Pets page, every single mammal possesses an endocannabinoid system, which is the system most stimulated by CBD when it is absorbed into your body. So long as your pet is a mammal–sorry, reptile owners, this one doesn’t apply to you–it is able to experience the compound in the same way that you are. With this fun fact in mind, it is possible that CBD may help reduce the physical and emotional strains that your pet feels. 

There are various options for pet CBD products that you may choose from, ranging from CBD pet treats to tinctures to sprays for dry areas of their bodies. Our pet oils use all natural ingredients that have been shown to be completely safe for consumption by animals. Pure CBD is used, meaning that your pet will not be ingesting any THC that could potentially produce a psychoactive response and hurt them.

It is quite easy to apply the CBD oil to your dog or cat. Much like the way that we use tinctures and oils, you can apply the oil directly through the dropper that comes with your bottle. Since there are no harmful chemicals, nothing dangerous will be entering your pet through the dropper. If you have a stubborn pet that refuses to sit still for a session with the dropper, you can always apply the oil to its food when its next meal comes around. Our oils offer little to no odor or taste, so it is very unlikely that your pet notices or even cares about what you’ve added to their food. As is also true with humans, the necessary amount of CBD for your pet is dependent on its size. A larger animal will require more of the oil in order to feel the effects of the CBD, while a smaller animal will require very little. For tips on determining the correct sample size for your pet, check out the CBD for Pets section of our site.

Debunking 5 CBD Myths

Myth #5 – CBD is Poorly Regulated Because it is Not FDA Approved

It is true that CBD is not an approved form of medication by the FDA. In order to be approved by the FDA, intense testing and research must be done that could take years to complete. CBD is undergoing this testing and has been for a while, but understandably it is necessary for the FDA to take their time. CBD is a massive market that, if approved for medicinal purposes by the FDA, would likely grow to a size that few would have been able to predict. 

It is important to note that being in pursuit of such an approval does not imply a lack of regulation. CBDfx and other companies like us are tasked with performing under intense scrutiny, leaving very little room for mistakes. The CBD industry follows strict regulations that ensure the quality and safety of our products. You may be wondering, “Are CBDfx products safe?” We do everything in our power to guarantee that our products and CBD extraction procedures are of top-notch quality. Our website provides information on where the CBD extracts were cultivated and what extra ingredients, if any, are combined with them. The CBD capsules section of our site offers a specific state of origin and ensures you that the plants were grown organically and do not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients. Lab reports are available on the site for each of our products, offering a scientific breakdown of the compounds found in each of them.

Debunking 5 CBD Myths: The Bottom Line

These are five common myths that you may have heard in conversations or even considered yourself. While many more exist, these cover some broad topics and generally capture the spirits of other myths. We hope to eliminate any and all doubts related to CBD and its safety. We believe in our product and everything that goes into it, and we believe that our fellow CBD companies share this feeling. With these myths dispelled, CBD will hopefully be better understood.