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August 8, 2020

Finding it Hard to Meditate? Try This.



Finding It Hard To Meditate_ Try This_

Many people attribute their personal success to meditation. 

It’s hard for some people to believe because they’ve tried to meditate and don’t feel calmer or less stressed.

What are these individuals doing differently to have such a drastic difference in outcomes? 

That’s the BIG question that we’re going to tackle today. Let’s start with some necessary information and work our way into the subject. 

What Can Meditation Bring To Your Life?

There are dozens of benefits that come from meditation. Most of them don’t really grasp until we’re knee-deep in the art of meditation. 

Here are some of the main benefits that you’ll see after consistent meditation practice: 

  • Decrease anxiety 
  • Enhances patience levels
  • Reduces tension in the body
  • Handle stressful situations with ease
  • Reduces negative thoughts and emotions
  • Teaches us to focus and live in the present
  • Increases self-awareness and accountability
  • Allows us to reach higher levels of productivity 

These are a few of the benefits that meditation can bring into your life. For example, did you know that mediation increases the grey matter in the brain? This grey matter influences memory, vision, hearing, emotions, speech, and muscle control. 

However, seeing how we’re all incredibly unique, we all may get something unique from our meditation practice specific to our situation. 

Why Is Meditation Harder For Some People? 

Allow us to start by saying this—there is no right or wrong way to meditate. 

Sure, there are tons of different mediation styles. Still, you can make the process all your own as long as you’re implementing those core principles of meditation. 

What are the core principles? 

Here are the three most important aspects of meditation you should be concerned with. 

  • Focused breathing
  • Relax the mind and body 
  • Be mindful of your body and how you feel 

However, people encounter other issues that can stem from some of the common mistakes we make when starting our meditation journey. 

The first mistake that we make is that some of us don’t even give meditation a chance because we think we’re too busy. 

That’s not the case 98% of the time because if you think about it, we waste plenty of time doing other non-productive things such as streaming shows, scrolling through our social feeds, or even aimlessly surfing the web to purchase some more stuff we don’t need. 

You don’t have to set aside a massive chunk of time for meditation, which brings us to our next point of how long you choose to meditate. If you’re just beginning with mediation, it’s best to start with shorter amounts of time, around five to ten minutes. 

Another thing (one of the main reasons) which leads some of us to believe that we “can’t do it right,” is that we’re unable to quiet the mind. This is a huge misconception because the mind will always keep running. 

Your goal during meditation is to surpass the noise and basically train your mind to rise above the never-ending chatter in your mind. When you start to make progress, you’ll see your brain activity start to calm down. 

Some Tips To Make the Process Easier

Since meditation is a process that aims to “train” the mind, it’s helpful to look into different types of meditation to see which one resonates with you. Of course, there are numerous ways to meditate, but some are most beneficial for beginners. 

The meditation techniques that are best for beginners are guided meditation, mindful meditation, and mantra meditation. These are mere suggestions that we think might make it easier to get accustomed to meditation. 

Guided meditation is when someone leads you through the process and gives instructions and tips while meditating. This helps some people create a foundation of experience. If this type of meditation interests you, you can look them up in your local area. 

You can also try mindful meditation. This type of meditation focuses on being present during the process. You should be fully aware of your body during meditation—breathing, how your body feels, etc. 

Lastly, mantra meditation is great for those who become too fixated on the brain chatter. When you practice mantra meditation, you’ll have a word or a phrase that you repeat in your head repeatedly. This “mantra” allows you to focus on the word or phrase you choose, instead of all those thoughts running through your head. 

How CBD Enhances the Meditation Process 

By now, you’ve gathered that a particular state of mind is most necessary when diving into meditation. But most of us are engaging in meditation because we’re stressed or anxious, so how can we arrive at the state of mind that’s needed? 

CBD, that’s how. 

CBD increases the amount of serotonin that flows freely within the brain. In turn, this produces a state of comfort and ease that the body needs to enter meditation in the right state of mind. Pairing CBD with meditation will shine a whole new light on the process and change your overall perception of it. 

You can start meditation with a few pulls from a CBD vape pen because they have the highest bioavailability levels. This means that it takes effect quickly in the body—typically within a few minutes. 

Another option that people love is the wellness tinctures. These tinctures produce the mind and body effects needed for productive meditation. 

Also, depending on the added ingredients, they can produce other benefits like immunity boosts, reduced inflammation, and much more. Some of the ingredients you can find in popular wellness tinctures are curcumin, echinacea, coenzyme Q10, and turmeric. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Meditation isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. 

As we all know, you have to train for any marathon to be successful. 

Don’t get caught up in the idea of “doing it right” in the beginning phases. Your primary focus should be on those core principles.

Once you get more familiar with the process, you’ll find yourself meditating with ease in no time. 

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