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July 13, 2020

Going Off The Grid With CBD: The Must-Have Products



Going Off The Grid With Cbd The Must Have Products

When you hear the term “going off the grid” scenes from Jason Bourne movies might come to mind. Going off the grid is often thought of as a disappearing act, in which your main goal is to reject modernity and become a being that is wholly unique, and belonging to no society.

In reality, it can refer to something as simple as taking a hiking trip for the weekend—which has very real benefits to your mind, body, and overall health.

You don’t have to be wanted by multiple government agencies to go off the grid; all it takes is a sleeping bag, some camping boots, and a desire to enjoy nature in its purest form.

Best of all, you can experience the full grid-less experience while being accompanied by all of your favorite CBD products!

Here are some of the best products to bring with you off the grid:

Trail Mix Is So 2008

A tent in the desert at night

There are a few types of foods that could be characterized as being “camping food” and one of the most popular of these is trail mix. 

You’ve likely had trail mix in one of its many forms, whether it was at school as a youngster or on some hiking trip with your outdoorsy friends. Whether you’ve tried it with M&Ms or some other sweet addition, the core ingredients are always the same: dried nuts and fruits. 

A true protein behemoth – as long as you eat 10 pounds of it – its lightweight nature and ability to provide just a little bit more flavor than water has led to it being a staple food to bring with you while trekking along a trail.

One of the main issues with trail mix is that it doesn’t offer much in the way of wellness boosts. Sure, it will keep your body moving and your mind intact, but that’s about it. It wasn’t designed with flavor and wellness in mind; originating as a snack for surfers, it has since taken on a much larger role than it was ever supposed to.

For your next trip off the grid, we recommend substituting them for our diverse Turmeric & Spirulina CBD Gummies. Along with offering 10mg of CBD per serving, these gummies contain superfoods that provide their own collections of essential vitamins and nutrients that give you everything you’re looking for.

And since they’re all-natural, you can still pat yourself on the back for living a cleaner lifestyle.

Clearing Mountains With A Single Leap!

Hiking is a major component of spending time off the grid. With very little to actually stimulate yourself, hiking provides an opportunity to explore your surroundings, opening you up to new and interesting experiences. 

While hiking, you’re bound to run into wildlife that you’d never seen, and your body will thank you for getting out and enjoying some cardio in your free time. The fresh air and symphony of chirps and other sounds stand in perfect contrast to the smog-ridden air and busy happenings of the city, so you’re often in for a real escape when you set out on a hike.

Of course, you’re still going to experience much of the wear and tear that comes with exercising. If you’re not used to hiking or have been skipping your cardio sessions lately, you might be in for something of a rude awakening once you hit the trails. 

Our Muscle & Joint Hemp Cream is the perfect addition to all your future hiking ventures, providing you with a source of CBD that’s both potent and convenient. Along with the CBD itself, this cream contains menthol and white willow bark extract, which are essential in preventing you from experiencing aches and pains while hiking.

Perfect Prop For Scary Campfire Stories

Group of friends around a campfire

Going off the grid doesn’t have to be a solo operation; you can bring friends and family along, too! Having people with you while you’re out in the woods can make the entire experience much better, and it allows you to share your moment of peace with others. 

Plus, having a bunch of people camping with you also means that you get to scare them all with your favorite scary campfire stories. Scary stories are especially powerful when you have everyone huddled around a low fire at night. When performed properly, your story could garner shrieks from everyone, leaving you feeling like the accomplished storyteller you are!

With these stories, the ambiance is going to play a major role. You can’t just tell one in the middle of the day, or even when the sun is setting. You need it to be dark; so dark, in fact, that the others around the campfire have nothing to focus on except you. If you want to further enhance the scene for your story, bring one of our disposable terpene pens with you on the trip. 

As you tell your story, take a deep pull from the pen and exhale the cloud out toward everyone. The cloud will provide a fogginess that makes your listeners feel like they’re in the story too, which is going to make their reaction to your jump-scare ending so much better!

Classic R&R With Mother Nature

Going off the grid can be one of the easiest ways to get some much-needed rest and relaxation. Leaving your busy, stressful life behind for a weekend and heading out to be with nature is a virtually foolproof way to feel calmer and centered moving forward.

While off the grid, you can choose to go out and hike and explore wildlife and all that the natural world has to offer. On the other hand, you can also elect to do absolutely nothing, spending your time resting and taking in the beauty of your immediate surroundings. The simple fact that you can do this and not have to worry about anybody or anything for the moment is enough to leave you feeling very relaxed.

There are ways that you can enhance this feeling further while putting in minimal effort. For your next trip off the grid, bring our CBD Face Masks along with you. Our collection of CBD-infused masks are the perfect stress-free way to achieve swift rest and relaxation, and they come packed with both CBD and an array of unique, powerful botanical extracts such as lavender essential oil and aloe vera. 

So, set up your camp, apply a mask, sit back and relax, marveling at the natural beauty of the earth!

There are many more ways in which CBD products can enhance your trip off the grid, but these are some of the best. Bring some of our products with you the next time you feel like escaping from the city, and be amazed by how much they enhance your experience!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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