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December 14, 2019

How CBD Bath Salts Will Change The Way You Bathe Forever



How Cbd Bath Salts Will Change The Way You Bathe Forever

Ever wonder it would be like to combine the soothing scents of a bath salt with high-quality CBD? Introducing the new line of CBDfx bath salts!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Oftentimes, the most mundane part of the day is spent in the bathroom. How can you give your morning or nightly routine a kick and get you excited? Glad you asked! We’ve come up with a splendid way to help you perk up when it comes to bath or shower time! If you haven’t heard, our latest product launch is here… CBD Bath Salts! But first — let us explain what they are and how to use them. Our bath salts come in a bag, meaning you have a few options for how to use them. As you open the bag and gaze down to see the loose salts, you may not know what your next move is.

If a lovely bath is your speed, begin by drawing a hot bath and throwing a handful or two of the salts into the swirling water. Once the tub is filled to where you’d like, get in and enjoy that bath as normal — but this won’t be just any old bath. You’ll know the difference we’re talking about as soon as you feel it for yourself. 

If you enjoy showering more, bring the bag in with you. When it comes time to wash your body, take a small handful of the salts and squirt some of your favorite body wash and lather your palms together until an exfoliating scrub begins to form. Now you can clean your body with the power of CBD! The soap cleanses, as the salts wipe away the dead skin cells. 

These exceptional hemp bath salts will totally change how you think of your bathroom. Once, you saw it simply as a space to bathe and brush your teeth — now, it’s an oasis that whisks you away from tension. Wonderful botanical extracts, mineral-rich Celtic sea salt and 100mg of organic CBD mix together in each bag for an exceptional blend that will be unlike any bath salt experience you’ve had in the past. We have made sure every ingredient is 100% natural and doesn’t have the potential to harm you or your skin. To go above and beyond, we have made sure these bath salts are equipped to exceed any and all expectations. As a result, the bath salts double as a bath scrub! Mix them with your favorite soap or use them on their own as a heavy-duty exfoliant. Either way — you can’t go wrong!

Take Your Pick!

There are two bath salt options to match the different moods you may be experiencing. The Detox CBD Bath Salt will enliven your spirit as you dip into a peppermint-filled bath infused with Celtic sea salt for added nutrients. In each bag there is 100mg of all-natural CBD. This scent is for the times when you’d like to stir your spirit, and are deeply interested in inhaling the exhilarating scent of peppermint with supporting essential oils of lemongrass and bergamot. It’s a scent that’s sure to bring every one of your senses to full attention! Your luxurious detox bath experience will be a memory you won’t be able to stop replaying in your mind as you are sitting at your desk at work the next day, wanting to transport back in time to that moment. 

The second option from CBDfx is the Tranquil Soak CBD Bath Salt, offering a calming, lavender scent with the same Celtic sea salt nutrients. This is the perfect CBD topical for relaxing after an especially long day. Lavender is an essential scent for many topical products, both with and without CBD, as its floral notes are all but synonymous with aromatherapeutic practices. This fragrance, along with lighter scents from bergamot and jasmine essential oils in the bath salt, is going to dramatically calm your senses. As is the case with all the bath salts, every bag contains 100mg of organically harvested CBD. 

CBD bath salts

While cleansing, consider placing a CBDfx face mask on and lay back as you breathe in the lovely essential oils emanating from the bath. Luckily for you, we have multiple face masks to choose from: Aloe Vera, Lavender, Charcoal, Cucumber and Rose. Whatever mask you choose, it will fit in perfectly with the bath salt you desire. Tilt your head back with your eyes closed, and feel the weight of the day melt off your shoulders. For an extra special trick, place a few drops of the CBDfx body oil into the bath to let it begin moisturizing your skin. The oil will soak into the bath with the other ingredients and give your skin what it needs and deserves. 

Regardless if you choose bath or shower, soak or scrub, feel free to saturate yourself in CBDfx body oil afterward to give your skin an extra boost. Once the body oil has absorbed into the skin a bit, pat dry with a freshly clean towel. Complete your cleansing routine by lathering on a helping of premium CBD lotion from CBDfx. With the dead skin cells removed from the Celtic sea salts, this lotion will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin and cause it to appear much more supple and youthful. 

Now, when you’re passing your bathroom and you peer in, you won’t be able to stop smiling and looking forward to the next time you get to bathe. Once a chore, now it can be an event you look forward to — all because of CBDfx bath salts! Want an extra tip from us that will take your bath time over the edge and to the brink of heaven? Light a candle and put on your favorite playlist. The combination of sights, smells and music is guaranteed to encapsulate each and every one of your senses, providing you access to a CBD-rich full-body experience that you’d be hard-pressed to experience through any other products!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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