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June 26, 2020

How CBD Can Help You Avoid Toxic People


Jacob La Cava

How CBD Can Help You Avoid Toxic People

In life, you’re going to run into people who just rub you the wrong way. 

While these incidents are largely inevitable, there are a few preventative steps you can take to ensure interactions like these are avoided in the future. Go ahead and chop up the run-in with the cat lady up the street as a loss, but this next time, you’ll be dodging bad conversations better than Neo dodging bullets.

In fact, there are a ton of ways you can avoid these unnecessary interactions with the help CBD! Here are a few “characters” to avoid…

1. The Market Blabber

We’re all familiar with grocery stores. 

The long, narrow paths that can hardly handle two carts passing through at once. The lengthy ventures from one end of the aisle to the other. While it may not strike you as a harrowing experience—especially when compared to other situations—it can take its toll when you know these places are also home to certain loud-mouthed friends.

You may or may not actually like them, but they definitely like you. 

In fact, they like you so much that they’re willing to talk your ear off and question every single item in your cart for the duration of your trip.

There are a few ways in which you can avoid these types of people, but the most entertaining among them is with our CBD soft gel capsules. Not only do these capsules supply you with a 25mg serving of powerful CBD hemp extract, but they also offer the perfect escape plan.

Once your “friend” sees you near the other end of the aisle, grab your trusty bottle of capsules. Before they can even get a word out, hand them a capsule, and have them try it out. They’ll be so intrigued by it that all of their questions will be focused around the capsules and where you got them.

2. The Workplace Gossiper

A group of women talking

Every workplace has one individual who can’t seem to ever keep their mouth shut. Whether you want to hear it or not, they’re going to clue you in on all the drama happening around the office. This might be a nice perk at times when you’re actually interested in discovering secrets about your coworkers, but it all but guarantees that your own set of secrets is being offered around the office for everyone to hear. Workplace gossipers are almost always the loudest people in the office, so it’s not difficult to recognize when they’re making their approach.

While there’s no real way to stop them from talking to other people about who’s dating who and who’s about to get fired, you can take measures to avoid having to hear them yourself. 

For this, you’ll want a bottle of our CBD gummies, which come in 7 unique variations and contains an assortment of exciting ingredients. When the gossiper approaches you, take out your gummies, eat one, and offer one to share. The gossiper will speak kindly of you from here on out.

3. The Great Vape Escape

We all have those neighbors who we just can’t stand. You know the ones: always in your business, constantly looking for ways to come up to you and start menial conversations about the way their lawns look and the tools they used to get them looking that way. 

While it can sometimes be a good way to burn through hours on especially slow days, it can be an otherwise harrowing experience, and if you attempt to rebuke the conversation, they might just switch gears and jump into a new, equally boring conversation.

In the past, there were very few options when it came to dealing with people like this, and if you wanted to avoid looking rude, you would just have to suck it up and talk to them for however long they desired. However, with our line of CBD vape pens, you can use sleight of hand to get yourself out of these situations. 

We recommend our terpene-flavored pens, as these will also offer you a terrific flavor profile to enjoy. First, you need to make sure that your conversation is taking place next to a parked car or wall, as these are going to be integral to your plan. Offer to show your annoying neighbor a magic trick—an offer that they’re highly likely to accept. 

Then, begin speaking in a fake magician’s language, pull out your vape pen, take a long pull, and blow the vapor cloud straight into their faces. With their vision impaired, you can escape with ease, and they’ll be left awe-struck at how you were able to make your entire body disappear!

4. The Gym Rat

Have you ever been to the gym and seen someone who’s trying to correct everyone else’s form and weight choice? You know the type: muscular to the point where it looks painful, screaming after every rep regardless of weight, and pounding bottle after bottle of whey protein? 

When left to their own devices, they’re only a minor annoyance, but when they inevitably come up to you and ask you when you’re going to be done with that bench, that’s when you’ll need to intervene. 

Of course, direct confrontation isn’t the way to go; one wrong word and the meatheads will have you twisted into the shape of a pretzel. You need to be tactful, which is why we recommend a swift strike to the groin before running for your life, canceling your gym membership, finding a new gym, and changing your name. 

To ensure that you’re able to pull off the initial escape, bring our Muscle & Joint Hemp Cream with you to the gym. It’s the perfect addition to any pre and post-workout routine, and it’s menthol and white willow bark contents will keep your body feeling a-okay!

These are just a few of the ways in which you can use CBD to escape interactions with people who would otherwise be impossible to avoid.

Grab a few of our industry-leading products and try them out for yourself today!

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