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November 5, 2019

How CBD Face Masks Are Changing the Cannabidiol Landscape



How Cbd Face Masks Are Changing The Cannabidiol Landscape

What happens when the ultimate 5-minute skincare tool teams up with high-quality cannabidiol? Check out this article to find out!

By Jacob La Cava 
In the world of cannabidiol (CBD), innovation is the name of the game. Any company can offer you the bare minimum of a few tincture oils, a vape juice and some gummy packs. It’s the companies that push the envelope and experiment with new types of products that see the most success and present the most value to their customers. Flexibility is crucial when you talk about CBD products, and every day new concepts are materializing and being workshopped in the hopes that they’ll eventually make their real-life debut.

CBD topicals are a budding category of products that is poised to take over a large portion of CBD sales in the coming years. Topical products, such as shampoos and facial cleansers, offer a glimpse into the world of CBD without forcing you to make any real adjustments to your daily schedules. If you’re already someone who takes skincare seriously and dedicates a bit of time each day to keep your skin in pristine condition, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to get into these products. Containing all the same ingredients as the popular topicals that you’re currently using, they offer an additional serving of high-quality CBD with each use. With a transition that simply entails moving from one product to another, there’s no reason not to upgrade your skincare regimen with these products. 

One CBD topical product that is especially exciting and will see massive growth in popularity in the near future is the CBD face mask. A popular item for quick facial care, the face mask boasts a versatility that not many other products can. Their success over other topical products can be attributed to multiple important factors.

Can be used anytime/anywhere

Imagine that you’re on a business trip, thousands of miles from home. You wake up after a night out on the town, head throbbing, and realize that you’ve slept right through multiple alarms. There’s supposed to be an important meeting today at 2, and you, the head of the meeting, have just woken up at one. You rush to get up and get dressed, but even at the pace you’re moving, there won’t be nearly enough time for you to perform any of your morning skincare rituals. Going to this meeting without your skin looking good is a big deal, especially since you need to make an incredible impression.
In this instance, a face mask would be your best friend. These masks can be used at any time of day and in any location. All you need to do is place it on your face for approximately ten minutes… and voila, your skin will look and feel exponentially better! In the situation mentioned above, if the meeting is taking place near you, you could get dressed, chow down on a light snack and apply the face mask while you go over the crucial points of your presentation. You could even put the face mask on as you leave your hotel room and walk to the elevator. If the meeting is far from your hotel and you’re feeling the pressure of time weighing heavy on your shoulders, you could apply a face mask while you drive. If you’re feeling REALLY confident in your ability to lead this meeting, you could even wear one during your big presentation. We don’t recommend this, but we’d have major respect for you if you pulled it off.

The fact that it can be used at any time of day makes it even more versatile. Many topical products, CBD-infused or otherwise, have fairly established times of day in which you should use them. Some are geared toward morning rejuvenation, while others are designated for cleansing once you come home at night. Using certain products in the middle of the day doesn’t feel right, and sometimes you simply don’t have time that you can devote to them outside of when you would usually use them. Face masks don’t follow this oppressive skincare structure, and although there are certainly times that would be more optimal for the application of a face mask, you really can use them at any time for expedient care. 

From a CBD standpoint, this is also a very easy way to get a serving of CBD anywhere and at any time of day. Similar to regular topicals, CBD facial cleansers and serums are a bit more restricted in their use, while these face masks can be used at your discretion. Even non-topical CBD products can have specific times associated with their use, slightly reducing their overall availability. Face masks are not only becoming more accessible than other topical products; they are establishing themselves as a leader in accessibility throughout the CBD industry.

Hands-free is good for me

Time is always of the essence. Throughout your life, you’ll be faced with tough decisions about how you’ll fill out the hours of your day. Work and meetings will always consume a chunk of time, and the amount of sleep you want to get will play a big factor as well. Activities such as attending sporting events and going out for dinner or drinks with friends will usually vie for the remainder of your time. In the confusion of it all, skincare is often pushed to the side and ignored in favor of other activities. This isn’t to say that you can’t have a good reason to skip your morning facial cleanser; topical products can take time, and they usually require some previous steps before they can be applied. They can appear to be too time-consuming, and as a result they’re passed over in favor of another 15 minutes of sleep or extra time to sneak in a meal.

CBD products can run into this problem as well. Even if they only require you to give them your attention for a few minutes, it’s a few minutes that could be devoted toward another daily goal. From topicals and edibles to tincture and vape oils, there will always be situations where taking even the most negligible amount of time for application could be too much.

CBD face masks are the answer to this problem, offering a simple application that doesn’t demand your complete attention the way that other products do. After physically placing the mask on your face, you don’t need to pay it any mind until you take it off. Just make sure that it doesn’t fall off during its 10-minute moisturizing process and you’re good to go. Your hands and mind are free to perform other tasks while you use these face masks, such as writing emails, making phone calls and doing housework. If you feel like resting a bit longer before actually starting your day, you can apply the face mask you lie down in bed. You could even eat while your facemask is on, though you’d want to be extra careful not to accidentally munch on some cloth along with your sandwich.

Glasses gave us a way to improve our eyesight without having to constantly be holding a monocle or other tool. Video games gave us a way to sharpen our problem-solving skills and reflexes without having to physically move game pieces around a board. CBD face masks are following in the footsteps of some giants with regard to their availability, and so far they’ve lived up to expectations.

How CBD Face Masks Are Changing the Cannabidiol Landscape

Variety of aromas & ingredients

You’ve had a long day; morning traffic − one part fender-bender, three parts rubbernecking − followed by a long day at work where nothing seemed to be going right. You computer froze at the very beginning of the day, and it continued to have issues until you clocked out. You spilled a cup of coffee all over yourself, and while nobody said anything, you know they all saw it happen. Traffic on the way home after work proved to be just as bad, and none of your radio stations were playing anything that you could sing along with to pass the time. By the time you got home, you were too exhausted for most anything. Now, sitting down on your couch watching an old episode of Maury, you realize that you haven’t done anything to wash your skin since getting home. You’d love to do something about this, but a combination of tiredness and stress is keeping your body locked in place. You could probably make it to the bathroom, where your topical products await you, but you don’t have the energy to apply everything. 

Suddenly, you realize that you just recently purchased a product that could actually tend to your skin’s needs and provide you with an aromatherapeutic moment to put your weary mind at ease. You get up, walk to your bathroom and grab a CBDfx facemask from the counter. You return to your spot on the couch, quickly apply the face mask and take a deep breath of the mask’s fresh floral ingredients. A part of you leaves the apartment and is transported to a luscious field of lavender, where you lie down and allow yourself to be swallowed up by its peaceful scents. The other part of you, which remains in the apartment, watches as Maury declares that his guest is not the father. The guest jumps out of his seat, does a flip and immediately follows it up with the splits. Maybe your day isn’t so bad, after all.

CBDfx facemasks come packed with a variety of fragrances that attribute greatly to the overall appeal of the face mask. Face masks offer dual functionality of sorts, in that they supply your face with vital nutrients and water while tending to your other senses through their aromas. Some face masks don’t bother with including a scent for their facemasks, but this is a missed opportunity. Some don’t seem to realize that skincare is just as much an inner struggle as it is an outer one. Quality of life can have an impact on your skin’s health, so settling for just a moisturizer simply won’t cut it. Our facemasks eliminate the impurities embedded in your skin while simultaneously emitting fragrances that can take your mind off of the world at large, giving you a moment of peace. We believe that both functions are equally important, and we guarantee that you’ll feel the same after trying one of these CBD face masks.

Inexpensive option

An issue that you’ve likely run into in the world of topicals is how expensive everything seems to be. In order to amass a strong collection of facial cleansers and lotions, you’ll more than likely have to break the bank a few times. They say that beauty isn’t cheap, and they’re absolutely right when you consider the prices of many high-quality products on the market right now. The amount of people who would love to own certain products and the amount that can actually afford it are drastically different, which we believe is a problem. The same can be said about some CBD products. Depending on the ingredients that go into a given product and the company that is selling it, you’ll encounter situations where you find the perfect product but can’t purchase it because of how expensive it is. The process of making many CBD is rigorous and expensive, which is part of why this problem exists in the first place. 

We at CBDfx understand that you can’t always drop hundreds of dollars on topical or CBD products, and we want to give you some affordable options. Our CBD facemasks are perfect for this, offering a facial refresh at $6.99 a piece. Compared to other CBD and topical products, this pricing is a gift from the Heavens, and you’ll find that no dip in quality accompanies the dip in cost. If you feel that these masks are something that you’ll be using often, you can also purchase a 5-pack of them from our online store for $29.99. Building up a stockpile of CBD face masks is fast and cheap, and each of them is guaranteed to overachieve your expectations.

With these factors in mind, it’s hard to deny that CBD face masks are looking like the future for multiple markets. Check out our selection of masks and see if any of their fragrances and effects interest you. Your pleasure is our goal, so you can be certain that our masks contain only the highest quality CBD and additional ingredients.

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The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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