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December 8, 2020

How Much Is CBD Oil That Actually Works?


Dallin Nelson

A woman taking CBD oil

With the million or so brands of CBD out there—each one claiming that theirs works better than the rest—it’s worth asking how much you should pay for CBD oil that actually works. Worried that you’ll have to break the bank to afford a high-quality supplement? Put your fears to rest. Good wellness products don’t have to be expensive.

In this blog, we’ll talk about what makes good supplements and how you can take advantage of the power of CBD oil.

High Cost to Low Cost

cbdfx commited qualityWhy not start with the most expensive product? In 2018, the first cannabis therapy treatment gained FDA approval when a drug called Epidiolex was recommended for people with severe forms of epilepsy. Epidiolex is cannabidiol (aka CBD), but the price tag for this drug is sky-high.

A 100mL bottle of this drug costs around $1,377—about $14 per 1mL dose. Yikes! If you’re waiting to see a generic for this drug, don’t hold your breath. GW Pharma Limited’s patent on medicinal CBD doesn’t expire until 2035.

Because Epidiolex is a privately manufactured drug, people have to pay top dollar for it, and only after getting a prescription from their doctor. The good news? Epidiolex is just CBD—it’s possible to find other sources of comparable quality supplements that won’t cost half your month’s salary.

Needlessly Expensive Variants

Once you’re out of the pharmaceutical weeds of CBD, the price drops dramatically. No matter how expensive other CBD products may be, they’ll never come close to what pharmaceuticals charge. If you’re looking for expensive, though, it’s easy enough to find (we found one CBD isolate that cost over $400).

As the use of CBD becomes more and more widespread, its place in pop culture finds security through celebrity endorsements. Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame announced plans to launch a line of CBD skincare products with a boutique CBD vendor.

I wonder if she knows that this 4.8 star-rated facial serum already exists…

So, Isn’t It All the Same?

A woman lying in a bathWhen you hear how CBD prices are arbitrary, it’s easy to assume all products are more or less the same. After all, they all contain CBD. What else matters?

Well, a lot.

If you search for the cheapest CBD oil you can find online, you’ll find supplements that are produced for as little money as possible. Some of these products contain little else beyond CBD, and some don’t even do that much!

One company in Utah swapped out real CBD for a synthetic, leading to nausea and seizures in the people affected. Even if saving money is a priority for you, risking your health doesn’t have to be part of the deal. If you want to read more, here’s a list of companies that have been warned by the FDA for their bad practices.

Does Quality CBD Oil Cost More?

Price can be deceiving when it comes to CBD oil. Most bottles sold are 30 mL in volume, meaning that the most obvious distinguishing factor is the concentration of CBD inside. But the differences don’t end there.

Did you know you can buy CBD isolate powder in bulk, mix it with vegetable oil, and sell it as CBD oil? Because there is little regulation on wellness supplements, there’s nothing to stop people from making CBD-like products and selling them however they want to.

CBD isolate means that one compound from the cannabis plant is separated from the rest of what grew with it, taking away other by-products such as CBG and terpenes. No, these compounds don’t do the same thing as CBD, but they are still valuable. In fact, many supplements like hemp oil are marketed as “full spectrum” because of the other compounds they contain.

A good CBD oil will have more than just CBD in it—you’ll also get the benefit of terpenes and other wellness compounds.

Do they cost more? Probably a little, but not so much that it isn’t worth it. A broad spectrum CBD oil with all its extra goodies will still cost less than $100 a month if you’re taking one dropper full each day.

Steering Clear of Low-Quality Products

cbdfx collection capsulesSo now that we’ve established all the comparable products to Epidiolex, the next thing to do is figure out which ones to avoid.

First off, only buy organic. If you see a label that says “natural ingredients” but never mentions organic, run. CBD grown with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers may grow faster and larger, but these chemicals have been linked to brain damage. Keep your distance from any product that doesn’t proudly advertise that it is grown organically.

Cannabis plants respond to attention and care the way all other plants do. When a grower treats their crop with good intentions, the resulting products seem to just turn out better. There’s no proof for this, but regular users can attest to the differences in product quality between brands.

The best possible outcome is for you to find a vendor with highly-rated products and satisfied customers. Good ratings don’t just mean the products are good, but also that the vendor stands behind them if there’s ever a problem.

Satisfactory customer service is not something you get when you buy the cheapest option available.

How Much Should You Pay for Quality CBD Oil?

Now that we’ve established that paying $1,000 a month is extremely expensive, you probably want to know how much to spend on a good product. Most people start out using around 10-20mg a day, which would mean one daily dropper full of a tincture like this.

If this is your plan, expect to spend between $40-60 a month on CBD oil. You shouldn’t need much more than that, but if your needs change over time, the cost should remain in the same ballpark.

Where Should You Buy Good CBD Oil?

cbdfx collection gummiesThe right CBD oil vendor should be able to provide you with a quality product, attentive customer service, and do it all at a reasonable price. But there’s more.

Your vendor should also be able to show that their products don’t contain any harmful pesticides or heavy metals, as these can have negative consequences for users. This information can be found in a comprehensive lab report.

Not only do lab reports prove that your supplements are safe to use, but they also demonstrate how far your vendor is willing to go to earn your trust and provide a good product. There’s no reason to take their word for it—just look at the documentation for yourself.

Good vendors offer different kinds of CBD oils that suit individual needs, whether they be to calm yourself down or simply supplement your daily wellness routine.

Finally, read the reviews. Past customers can provide insight into what to expect when dealing with your vendor.

CBD oil is an exciting product for people to try. Best of luck finding the right one for you!

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