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October 27, 2020

How to Find the Best CBD Store


CBDfx Staff

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When you’re looking to source the highest-quality CBD products, how do you find the best CBD store?

Every company loves to tell you how great their CBD product is. You’ve probably seen tons of good-looking ads for various gummies, tinctures, vapes, and oils. On the surface, many of these products and stores will look similar. 

But as they say, “the devil is in the details”. Looking past flashy marketing or cool packaging of CBD products allows you to find out what’s really going on with a company. Want to know how to spot a good CBD store? Let’s dive into the details.

Why Researching Your CBD Matters

A woman looking into the distanceBefore we start, we first need to answer why you need to do your own research anyway. If you’re a savvy shopper, you probably read about most items before you purchase. However, background knowledge is especially important for CBD products in particular.

Because of the technical classification of CBD oil, the FDA doesn’t regulate the dosage, safety, or purity of CBD products. While there are decades of research on cannabis in general, there hasn’t yet been widespread, long-term testing for CBD oil. Most manufacturers follow industry-accepted best practices, but there currently are no federal regulations for testing and labeling.

After the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp production and its derivatives legal, companies rushed to bring products to market. The CBD market started to grow very quickly, and there was a wave of CBD products coming from random companies that had existed for only a few months.

“Underground” CBD manufacturers created issues in the industry. There have been numerous reports of cheap, synthetic CBD, or hemp seed oil being sold as CBD oil. These products are, at best, ineffective. At worst, they are actually dangerous for your health.

The wide range of quality in the CBD industry makes it important to do your own research. Whether you’re buying online or in a retail store, examining the label and researching the company can show you what you need to know to make the best decision.

Next, we’ll explore some of the most important things to look for in your search process.

Attention to Quality

A woman holding a CBDfx tinctureThe best CBD stores pay close attention to the quality of their products from the very beginning. The purity of your CBD product starts long before it’s turned into a gummy, tincture, or topical cream. Quality CBD products start with how, and where, the actual hemp plant is grown. 

A fundamental indicator of a high-quality CBD store is where the company sources its hemp plants. You are looking for two things in particular.

First, is the hemp grown organically? Hemp is known as a bioaccumulator, because the plant readily absorbs whatever is in the soil. If the hemp is grown with chemical inputs or near toxins, it can absorb those contaminants in a process called phytoremediation. Organic farming production helps ensure you aren’t accidentally ingesting pesticides, heavy metals, or toxins from the hemp. 

Second, is the hemp grown in the United States? If a company says the hemp is “grown organically”, you want to be able to believe that claim. Knowing that you can trust certifications and the responsibility of growers is crucial.

The quality of hemp-derived CBD oil will ultimately affect the efficacy of your CBD product. You want your CBD store to care about how they source their hemp just as much as you do.

Variety of Effective Products

A collection of our CBD gummiesIf you are in the search for a new CBD store, finding a company that offers a wide variety of products is a good way to evaluate their quality. You may need to try different products and brands before you find something that works for your goals.

To be honest, many companies do a few products pretty well. They may have specialized in a certain product for a long time, and they’ve gotten down that recipe and ingredient list. But it is more rare that a company can do many different types of products well.

Unfortunately, it’s very common for a company to gain some success with one product, and then feel like they need to offer a full suite of different products. They rush into manufacturing other products without the experience, and they do the minimum to get them into their store. They may hide it behind flashy marketing or good packaging, but the product itself isn’t all that effective for you.

To avoid stores like this, look for established companies that have years of experience with products across the spectrum. These stores should be invested in creating not just a product that looks good, but product lines that actually work for customers.

Natural Ingredients

A hemp fieldMany people are drawn to CBD oil for its all-natural health benefits. So why would anyone want their CBD product to have unnatural sugars, additives, or solvents?

It starts with how the CBD oil is extracted. Some CBD companies will use solvents, like butane, to “wash” the hemp plant matter. The butane hash oil (BHO) method separates the CBD oil from the plant matter, (yes, this is the same butane that you would find in lighters). While the butane is removed from the final oil with a vacuum pump or heat, small traces of the butane can be left in the extract. 

Brands choose this option because it is fast and cheap, but for consumers, there is a health hazard to ingesting CBD extracted with BHO.

The far more natural industry method uses a CO2-extraction process, taking pressurized carbon dioxide to separate oil from the hemp. It costs a bit more in terms of time and equipment, but carbon dioxide extraction results in pure and solvent-free CBD oil. 

Outside of the extraction process, you want to make sure that the final product also doesn’t involve unnecessary additives. When examining labels on products, look for all-organic cannabinoids and terpenes combined with organic, vegan ingredients and natural extracts.

The Importance of Reviews

A woman lying down on a couchAfter considering all of the above factors, the final place to check for information is a store’s product reviews. You are probably looking for CBD products for your health and wellness, just like many other consumers out there. Learning more about their experiences with a certain store can help you make your decision.

Of course, you want to start with the actual scientific review of a product. All reputable brands will provide third-party laboratory analysis of their products on their website. You can use these lab results to verify the contents of the product you’re buying.

After verifying lab results, it’s good to check out what people just like you are saying about a product. It’s here in the reviews that you can find out the truths that no CBD store will ever advertise. 

Are there any dips in quality? How is their customer service? Are there any problems with the efficacy of certain products? You will find intel about any possible issues in the reviews.

As with any product, the more reviews a company has, the more reliable the general rating. Two five-star reviews don’t mean as much anymore. Look for high ratings from hundreds of customers, and you’ll know that you have likely found a great CBD store. 

The Part Where We Brag

Listen, we admit that it’s tough to write about what makes a great CBD store without being a little biased toward CBDfx.

But that’s because CBDfx has been around since 2014, and we’ve spent all of these years working to be a leader in the industry. It is true that we tick all of these boxes, and more.

We know that, especially in this market, trust and transparency between customers and CBD stores are incredibly important. Ultimately, you find the best CBD store by researching and trying different products. Luckily, with CBDfx, the research process is actually pretty enjoyable.

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