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February 4, 2020

How To Live A Hemp-Centric Lifestyle



national hemp day

It’s National Hemp Day, and we’re highlighting just how easy (and environmentally friendly) it is to spend your whole day using hemp products!

By: Jacob La Cava and Chloe Persichetti

February 4th is National Hemp Day, and you already know that as one of the top sources of hemp-based CBD products, we have to write something in celebration of the plant that has given life to one of the fastest growing industries in the world. If you’re an avid fan of these blog posts and are all caught up on our Education Week pieces, you’re aware that humans have a long, storied, and intimate relationship with hemp. We’ve used it for centuries, in everything from clothing and baskets to rope aboard warships.

Once CBD was discovered, and certain methods of extraction were perfected, we were able to begin enjoying the splendors of hemp in the form of CBD products. Given the plant’s multitude of functionalities, you could live an entire hemp-based lifestyle if you wanted — and many people do! 

Here are some of the ways in which you can implement hemp into your daily life, through both products and certain types of activities or choices.

Introducing Hemp To Your Morning Routine

You likely follow a relatively uniform routine each morning, one that you aren’t especially interested in making major adjustments to. Lucky for you, hemp can be introduced into virtually any routine without forcing you to make any serious changes to the way that you do things. Let’s start with your clothing options. Most people are divided on the topic of outfit scheduling; some plan out their outfits the night before, while others wait until that morning to put together something that they feel is adequate. 

Either way, putting together an outfit is an important part of every morning routine, and if you feel like being more earth-friendly and use all-natural materials for your outfits, you can pick up some hemp-derived clothing. Hemp fibers are strong, meaning that they can be used as a main component of your clothing without the fear that they’ll give out and cause tearing. Throughout history, you can find different civilizations using hemp in their clothing, recognizing the strength of its fibers and, if we’re being honest, coming up with some majorly saucy fits. If it weren’t for hemp, the Pharaoh would have NO drip, whatsoever.

Breakfast can see a boost as well with the inclusion of hemp. Hemp seeds are densely packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Their creamy texture and nutty flavor profile make them an easy addition to an array of different meals, especially those that you’re likely to have in the morning. If you’re a big cereal person, you can pour a serving of hemp seeds into your bowl and enjoy them with the rest of your food. The seeds can also accompany breakfast bars, and if you have a favorite fruit smoothie that you enjoy each morning, you can throw some of these seeds in to give the smoothie and nutty, nutrient-rich twist.

Using Hemp Throughout The Day

Everyone’s day differs to some extent, so there’s no single way to introduce hemp to midday plans. Some people spend the majority of their day in classes, while others spend it working in an office or running errands. Others work from home, avoiding the hassle of leaving their homes entirely, barring the occasional trip to the gym or market. Even though we don’t all go through the same routine, some hemp products convey a flexibility that makes them useful for everyone. 

Hemp-derived CBD vape pens, for example, can be taken with you and enjoyed wherever you go, fitting in your pocket for easy access. Everyone can enjoy these, from the business office worker to the stay-at-home mom who’s frantically trying to get her kids to soccer practice on time. Anytime you need a minor break from your day, take a long pull from a CBD vape pen and focus on the flavors that it presents to you, removing yourself from the hectic events of the day momentarily.

Similarly, hemp-derived CBD facemasks are a great temporary escape from reality and a way to treat yourself to a little mid-day refresher. Feeling a little tired, bleary, and… well, dry? Moisturize that lovely face of yours with a soothing hemp oil facemask like this one featuring cucumber, and watch your whole day turn around!

Adding Hemp To Your Nighttime Routine

As the day comes to a close, relax and take a hot bath — this time with a twist. As you lean back into your tub, pour in hemp-derived bath salts and breathe in the aroma that begins to float above the water, encompassing your body underneath. We recommend our bath salts infused with Celtic sea salt and supporting organic essential oils that truly bring out your skin’s natural, healthy glow. As you towel off, slip into a robe made with 100% hemp! The fibers of hemp are extremely durable as well, so this robe will last as long as you want it to! Did you know that hemp is one of the best natural fibers for holding shape and not stretching? That makes hemp the perfect material for your favorite night time robe! 

As you make your way into your bedroom, ambiance is key. Dim the overhead lights and spark your favorite candles. Plenty of candles are made from hemp, making it easy to stick to your hemp-centric day. Create a space where you can release your mind and write. Whether it’s your goals, what you are feeling or how your day went — whatever your topic may be, journaling is a powerful tool that helps wind down the chaotic mind. As you release your mind, make sure to do so on paper made from hemp. This is a natural way to make paper and a great help to the environment. When you buy hemp paper, our precious trees can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Lather your skin in lotion created from hemp to expose a radiance that is anything but dull. Next, give your lips a treat with lip balm created from the hemp plant. The fatty nutrients found in hemp are perfect for repelling the look of dry, chapped lips, so when you wake up in the morning, your lips can be as soft as a baby’s. The time has come to slip into your warm, comfy bed. The fibers from hemp have been used for bed sheets, blankets and comforters for centuries — so it’s only right on this day that you slip into the same tried-and-true bedding that’s stood the test of time. 

As you see, sticking to a hemp-centric day is easy and uncomplicated because it is such a versatile plant. Fibers can be woven, seeds can be eaten and the plant can be ground to create an abundance of products — even plastics can be made with hemp! This carbon footprint friendly plant is what many past civilizations leaned on, and it makes sense why. With everything happening with climate change, will hemp-based products make a huge comeback to the way it was before the Industrial Revolution? Let’s hope so!

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