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March 5, 2020

How To Use CBD To Avoid People In Public



How To Use CBD To Avoid People In Public

Ever find yourself desperately trying to avoid someone in public? Here are a few unique ways in which CBD can save the day!

By: Jacob La Cava

Ever found yourself out in public but lacking all interest in human interaction? Even the natural socialites of the world have their off days. Maybe you’re just tired and know you won’t be able to match someone else’s energy in a conversation, or maybe you see someone that you secretly hate and you know that no matter how hard you try to wiggle your way out of a lengthy convo, they’ll keep you tangled in their web of gossip for as long as possible. We all have those people in our lives, whether you’re willing to admit it or not. 

Social interaction is taxing, and sometimes it can feel like literally any other activity would be preferable to having a conversation with the old Italian man that always stops you at the deli and asks you if you’ve tried their capicola yet – the best he’s ever had, he claims. With a little bit of clever thinking, you could avoid many of the awkward situations that arise from social interaction altogether, preventing you from engaging in unnecessary conversations about a neighbor’s dog or an old friend’s pyramid scheme.

Here are some ways in which you can use CBD products to avoid people in public:

1. Distract Yourself With CBD Tincture

This method is going to require a bit of mental fortitude along with some cunning. While out and about, there’s a chance that you’ll run into someone you know. Whether this person is a close friend or an old neighbor, there’s a good chance that they’ll want to talk to you. There are very few ways to avoid these instances without looking rude, so you’ll need to put your acting skills to the test here. Act like you’ve been suddenly distracted by whatever happens to be near you; if you’re at the market, become fixated on the bread options, or if you’re in a parking lot, look as if you’re intensely searching for your car.

CBD products can make this process a bit easier by giving you a go-to product to use as a “distraction.” Bring a CBDfx tincture with you wherever you go – the bottles are the perfect size to carry around in a bag, purse or even your pocket. When you see someone that you want to avoid, take the tincture out and drip a serving under your tongue. Act as if the liquid has taken over your body, and you’re too distracted by the delicious flavors to realize that you just walked right by the person trying to get your attention. As an added bonus, if you purchase one of our flavored tinctures, you won’t even have to pretend that there’s a delicious taste; it’s already packed into each bottle!

2. CBD Face Mask Alter Ego

What if you aren’t able to simply walk away from the person that you’re trying to avoid? There are situations where moving around simply isn’t possible, such as when you’re waiting in line at an amusement park or restaurant. Unless you have an invisibility cloak that can eliminate your presence in its entirety, you’ll be stuck in plain sight, primed from an awkward encounter. At this point, it’s best to simply try to hide your face as much as possible. If you have a hoodie, flip that hoodie up and turn your face away from the other person as much as you possibly can. Hats can work in a similar fashion, hiding a portion of your face.

To up your identity-hiding efforts, bring a face mask with you when you go out and use it to cover your face when you see someone who you’d rather not talk to. CBDfx face masks will cover the entirety of your face with a white mask that can hide many of the features that would otherwise allow for you to be spotted. Sure, it’ll probably attract their attention – as well as that of everyone else around you – but they won’t actually be able to tell that it’s you behind the mask. A black hoodie would make this disguise even better, as you could pretend to be a member of the “Jabbawockeez” dance group and further hide your identity. Be warned: you will have to bust out a few moves if you choose to take this path.

3. Run. Just Run.

Some methods are simpler than others; not everything has to consist of multiple convoluted steps that are heavily reliant on each other’s success! Sometimes, the simpler the plan the better, which could be the case for you. If you can afford to leave your current location at a moment’s notice, and feel like you’re physically up to the challenge, you can simply run away. Yes, this will literally always look awkward and will attract attention, but so long as you’re fast, it’s a method that’ll likely never fail. Additionally, if the person you’re avoiding locks eyes with you before you sprint away, they’ll probably understand that it was them that caused you to flee, influencing them to steer clear of you the next time you encounter them.

If this method suits your fancy, you’ll want to carry some CBDfx topicals with you. CBD balms are perfect for pre- and post-gym workouts, which also make them ideal for any situation where you’ll suddenly need to turn on the jets and run away from someone. They’re the perfect size for traveling with you, and their smooth textures and pleasant aromas are sure to satisfy you. Also, if for some reason the person you’re trying to avoid decides to run after you, you can use the balm’s tin as a roadblock, chucking it under their feet and potentially tripping them up.

CBD for running

4. CBD Vape Disappearing Act

This method is primarily for those who possess two major interests: magic performances and CBD vaping products. Oftentimes, you’ll want to find a simple, subtle way to escape, but what if you’re tired of that? Sure, doing anything more than the bare minimum will mean that you’re putting in more effort than is necessary, but hey, it could be kind of fun. You’ll want to research some sleight of hand magic tricks, as well as some large-scale tricks that would allow you to slip away from a crowd. Perform minor tricks to gain an audience, creating a barrier between you and the person you’re avoiding. Then, at the last minute, perform the disappearing act and slip away in all the confusion.

Odds are, you don’t have the prior magic knowledge or free time to pull off something of this magnitude. If this is the case for you, you should go with something simpler: a little bit of smoke and mirrors – but mainly just smoke. Perform the lower level tricks and try to get the crowd to gather. Then, pull out a CBDfx vape pen and inhale for as long as you possibly can. Your lung capacity is crucial here, as you want to produce a sea of vapor. Release the vapor into the crowd, and while the haze is still dissipating, make a run for it. Before you know it, you’ll be home free!

Try out one, or even several, of these methods the next time that you feel like avoiding a less than pleasant interaction. CBD products are going to be essential for success here, and their pleasant flavor profiles and fragrances are certain to make a real improvement on your day!

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