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August 30, 2020

It's CBD Story Time: "So, You're on a Desert Island…"



It's Story Time_ So_ you're on a Desert Island_

Okay. Here’s the truth…we had a little extra time on our hands this week, and like always, we started to daydream about a CBD story.

And that got us thinking…

About deserted islands (don’t ask us why).

Which got us thinking about what’d we do if we were trapped on one a la Castaway…

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a story…

The Situation You’re Faced With

You’re a mild-mannered shipping manager in the process of delivering a bulk of packages to an exotic country. You’re on your last delivery as you pass over a region you’ve never seen on the map. The gauges in the plane start to jump, the plane makes hazardous sounds, and the air gets thick and dark before it in one brief second—THE PLANE’S HULL IS PIERCED!

The plane jerks in different directions, and you brace yourself the best you can before plunging into the ocean. 

Everything goes dark. You wake up face down with a mouth full of sand. The smell of salt fills your nostrils. You crack your eyes open and try to gather your surroundings. 

You struggle to get up on your feet realizing where you are: an island.

The island is lush, full of palms, trees, and leaves. Beautiful and desolate, this isn’t your typical island—there’s something magical about it. For whatever reason, you don’t feel hunger or thirst. Your sense of taste remains intact but you feel like you could never eat or drink another thing and you’d still be brimming with energy.

A few away from you, you see a large chest, on it, a note reads:

You’ve landed here by chance, but you’ll be okay—food, water, shelter—you’ll have everything you need—but you can only pick one thing to have for the rest of your life on this island. Choose wisely. 

– CBDfx

You open the chest and you gasp at its contents…

The Choices Laid Out for You

You see three products—Melatonin Gummies, CBD + CBG 2:1 Wellness Tinctures, and CBD Soft Gel Capsules

Apparently, this chest produces an infinite supply of CBD products. And from what you’ve been told, you can only choose one.

Knowing you, you’ll choose the Melatonin gummies and try to sleep through this tragic ordeal.

But if you’ve got to be stranded on this beautiful, magical island, alone, why not sleep? The Melatonin gummies also allow you the power to travel through different dimensions when you dream. So you’re stranded, but you’re really not. 

It’s not like you have anyone to talk to. The downside is you also sleep through any chance of being rescued.

Then again, you think about the beauty of the island you’d be missing out on. So you shift your focus towards the CBD Soft Gel Capsules because they’re potent enough to last through long days on an uninhabited island.

Besides, you kind of like the idea of taking one capsule that tends to all your needs.

But what are you going to do with all that potential stranded on an island? Well, you’ll quite possibly rescue yourself and end up a trillionaire with all the newfound intellect you acquire. 

But then your eyes gravitate towards the Wellness tincture because it adds an extra layer of benefits to your unintended stay on the island. 

It’s blended with Curcumin and Coenzyme Q10, which means a lot in our normal everyday life. Still, on a magical island, it can make you so healthy and so full of nutrients that you could literally produce a clone of yourself.

Something to Ponder

This CBD story is a hypothetical situation we leave you to think on.

If you’re stranded on a magical, deserted island, which product are you going with? 

Nonetheless, you don’t have to be stranded on this island to take advantage of our Melatonin Gummies, CBD Soft Gel Capsules, or any other product!  But, sometimes it’s fun to let our imagination run wild. 

We know, it’s hard to let go of the idea of traveling through different dimensions or cloning yourself, but there’s still a great deal we can extract from a good daily CBD serving. 

Ready to create your own CBD story?
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Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.

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