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May 21, 2020

Must-Have CBD Products For Women



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From face masks and gummies to vape juice and pens, there’s a little something for everyone at CBDfx. Here’s our list of must-have CBD products for women!

By: Paaez Coleman

Let’s be honest: adulting is hard, and sometimes it feels like being a woman makes it even harder. We won’t go into a full rant here; instead, let’s talk about some products that are must-haves for women. We all have little things we do to take care of ourselves, ways that we can “treat” ourselves when we need a little R&R or a personal pick me up. I’m sure ladies can attest to having our favorite indulgent products on hand to bring a little bit of coolness back into our more difficult days. 

Sometimes, we think about certain products we want to try but don’t for a number of reasons, Other times, certain products might not even be on our radar. So, whether you’ve got a whole family to take care of or just yourself, these CBDfx products are just right for you!

1. CBDfx Women’s Multivitamin CBD Gummies

What better way to start your day off on the right track than by whipping up your favorite smoothie and pairing it with our Women’s CBD Multivitamin? The gummies’ treasure trove of vitamins and minerals will provide you with all the nutrients you need to keep you focused, alert and energized throughout the day. It’s never been easier to enjoy a multivitamin, and quite frankly, the old option wasn’t a viable one for all of us. Some of us were able to take those huge vitamins that you could taste throughout the day with no issue at all, but for the rest of us, it wasn’t that easy. You no longer have to deal with those annoying options; you can simply take two of these delicious gummies instead! 

You’d be amazed by how many essential vitamins and minerals are found in our naturally-flavored gummies! First off, each gummy contains a substantial amount of Vitamin C, which plays an important role in both helping your body maintain a healthy immune system and protecting you from certain illnesses. Vitamin C also does wonders for the skin, as it actually works to boost collagen production and leave you looking younger. Firmer skin that’s got a healthy glow – sign us all up, so we can stop buying all those expensive creams! 

Our multivitamin CBD gummies also include Vitamins A and B12. Did you know that our vision tends to weaken as we age? Well, Vitamin A is a great way to maintain your eyesight! It also works to protect you against certain illnesses, support your bones and further strengthen your immune system. Vitamin B12 is another beloved favorite. If you’re not up to date on how amazing Vitamin B12 is, let’s discuss. B12 is the vitamin that’s going to provide a nice little energy boost to keep you going when you need it most. Unfortunately, our bodies can’t produce it naturally, which is why you see B12 included in so many energy products. It has countless positive effects when consumed, all of which are even more enjoyable when combined with the bounty of other vitamins that our gummies offer! 

Last but not least, the inclusion of 10mg of organically sourced CBD per serving makes this multivitamin superior to its competition. Once you see how a CBD multivitamin can improve multiple aspects of your life, there will be no looking back. We know you’re busy trying to be your own version of an amazing superwoman, so we made a CBD Multivitamin that could keep up with you!

#2. CBDfx Face Masks

Most of us have some pretty great memories of sleepovers as kids. You eat junk food, stay up all night talking about boys and watching movies, and maybe even play a little truth or dare. Some of these traditions carry on into womanhood, and that’s probably why we still love a good sleepover or “get-together” with our girls. When you’re younger, you have all the time in the world to play and talk, but as you get older, that time dwindles down and you have to schedule times to catch up with your friends. 

Make the most of this time by picking up our CBDfx Face Mask Bundle for you and all of your friends to enjoy! You can all wear your face masks while you update each other on the latest news in your lives. While you’re all chit-chatting and sipping your favorite cocktails, 50mg of high-quality CBD hemp extract will penetrate your pores, and additional botanical and fruit extracts will work to soften and hydrate your skin. This bundle comes with five CBD face masks: Rose, Lavender, Cucumber, Charcoal and Aloe Vera. Each mask has its own targeted effects, such as purifying and hydrating, so it’s up to you and the girls to figure out who gets what! 

CBD for skincare

#3. CBDfx Bath Salts

We all need to set aside time to clear our minds and reflect upon certain aspects of our lives. Honestly, many of us don’t meditate because we either don’t know how or don’t think we can actually benefit from it. Implementing mediation into your life can provide mental clarity, lower stress and anxiety levels, provide a more positive outlook on life and increase your self-awareness. There are obviously more benefits than we just mentioned, but those are the basics to get your mind moving. 

Maybe you meditate already, and you might even have a certain time of day that you always do it. In this case, you can greatly improve your meditation sessions by pairing them with CBDfx Bath Salts. This type of CBD topical product will completely change the way you feel about bath time and meditation! Our Tranquil CBD Bath Salts are made from Celtic sea salts, which are super rich in minerals and can help balance out the mineral volume in your body. It’s also great for getting rid of excess mucus! The addition of lavender only further accentuates the 100mg of high-quality CBD that we used to create this soothing bath mixture. It’s also the perfect go-to product for any time when your body needs a little extra love. When you’re in the tub with these salts, and the aroma of lavender is rising and swirling around the room, take a long, deep breath and clear your mind. Repeat this step a few times, and you will certainly emerge from your bathroom a calmer, more tranquil individual! 

These are just a few CBDfx must-have product suggestions that every woman should keep somewhere in their homes, and there is so much more to check out as well. We know that life can get tough sometimes, but these CBD products can help bring a sense of wellness back into your daily life! What must-have product will you be trying next?

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