Our products aren’t the only CBD vape additives on the market. So what makes CBDfx different? Simply put, our commitment to high-quality, organic, all-natural ingredients sets us apart from the rest. We’re fiercely protective of our customers and their right to an unadulterated, traceable, and ethically sourced product.

That’s why we make our CBD oil’s lab reports available right here on our site, so that you can be a fully informed CBD user with access to a totally transparent sourcing process. Our organic hemp plants are carefully grown at our partner farm in Europe, and then shipped directly to our labs in California — no middlemen involved. We know that you’re picky about what you put in your body, and so are we. Our goal is to make our CBD products as organic, natural and vegan as we possibly can. Have a question about what’s in your CBD oil or how it got there? We’d love to hear from you and tell you about our process.