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June 10, 2020

Reasons To Keep An Open Mind

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Reasons To Keep An Open Mind

Keeping an open mind can come in various forms – learn how you can implement these methods into your everyday life and begin to see the world in new ways!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Keeping an open mind allows you to be receptive to the various ideas and beliefs held by those around you. When you take a step out of your daily routine and see how life can be for others, it gets easier and easier for your mind to open itself up for more. Living beyond the walls you have put up for yourself, and observing life from multiple perspectives, will help you craft a new world view that leaves you excited to wake up each morning. You’ll find that it’s wonderful to have a new perspective on what you thought you knew your whole life!

What Are The Benefits Of Keeping An Open Mind?

There are various benefits to opening your mind such as inner growth, new friendships, new opportunities and creating excitement in your life! Opening your mind will revitalize growth, while exploring and learning are going to give you the confidence to speak on certain topics and strengthen your perception of the world you live in. You may think you understand what is going on around you on this planet, but chances are you don’t fully know. That is why maintaining a learning mentality is imperative! As you walk in new places and make conversations with different faces, you will begin to understand your way of thinking is not the same as others, which is a wonderful thing! Living where you already know everything that’s going on around you is boring. Setting up new personal goals, such as moving outside your comfort zone, is a great way to revitalize your life!

Keeping an open mind also allows you to cultivate a wider range of friendships. As you forego old boundaries and explore new places, it’ll be difficult not to bump into new faces and begin conversations. In life, each person brings with them a different perspective. Therefore, you can learn a lot just by branching out. This new lifestyle of being social and expanding your world views will allow for you to experience a wealth of blessings you never saw coming. 

Curiosity will be the root of this new journey in your life. Remaining curious about what else is out there is essential! It will give you a fresh, exciting outlook on the world that you may not have experienced since you were a bright-eyed kid going to college. Word of advice: don’t just take someone’s statements at face value, find out the truth for yourself! You’ll actually come to have a better understanding of yourself when you are exploring unfamiliar realms. 

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

Frank Zappa 

What Does Keeping An Open Mind Look Like?

Expanding your mind can open you up to all different types of positive experiences. Before you go on with your usual routine, question it and take a different route. Purposeful change can be fulfilling – you won’t know until you try! Reading about something is one thing, but figuring out how to translate it into real-life scenarios is another. Here are ways you can put this article into action:

Abandon Older Perceptions

You’ll find that your older perceptions don’t serve you any longer, and that they weren’t allowing you to experience the best of what life has to offer. An example of this can be as simple as obsessing over a certain type of food. Let’s say that you’re a massive fan of vanilla ice cream, and you wish you could eat it every day of your life. You never stray from it, because you know that it suits you well. The phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” can be best applied to situations like these. The day you get curious and stray from the typical path is the day you begin to understand and appreciate what expanding your horizons can do for you. Without this experience, you might never discover the incredible flavors of chocolate and strawberry ice cream!

Embrace Change In Your Life

Now, say you take a spin class at 8 o’clock each morning, but you see that a new class with a focus on weightlifting just got added to the schedule at the same time. It piques your interest, but all your friends are in the spin class and you won’t know where to begin when lifting weights. This is a moment when broadening your horizons and leaving your comfort zone will lead you to gaining more confidence within yourself. Now, you do spin 3x a week and weight training 2x, because you loved it so much and you now have new friends in both. Also, as a result of alternating between the two types of training, you actually end up performing better in both classes. Putting yourself in different situations and environments will train your brain to be more comfortable with breaking previously set boundaries. Plus, you never know who you are going to meet! 

These examples are minor, but they describe instances in which you can get the ball rolling in the right direction. Being willing to put yourself out there and try something new is imperative for your personal growth.

How To Cultivate The Open Mind

When opening your mind, there are various paths that you can choose to follow. Regardless of which path ends up appealing to you the most, remember that the end goal is to become more open to the world around you and to discover an abundance of new opportunities. Expanding your scope will lead you down a steady trail toward previously unforeseen fulfillment. 

Closing yourself off is one mistake that many make because it’s easy and convenient. There are few dangers posed by a closed-off lifestyle, and it offers a certain predictability that many people enjoy. Instead of dedicating yourself to concepts that are already familiar, take time to learn about other schools of thought. Researching new ways of thinking can bring a sense of joy to your life that might have been missing. 

As you set off on this journey to broaden your own personal horizon, you’ll also have to learn how to accept being wrong at times. We’re only human, so making mistakes and being misinformed shouldn’t be viewed in an embarrassing light. It actually may show good character, since you are being truthful. Admitting you don’t know something takes courage. Ask questions and continue being a student of knowledge. When you are equipped with a more widespread world view, you can understand situations better and live the fullest life possible. 

Challenge yourself in all ways; if you have a routine, break it! While simple, you’ll notice that taking a different route to work, trying out a different gym location or listening to a new radio station can actually make an impact that’s greater than you could imagine. Adding spontaneity into your daily life can invoke happiness and brighten your day in little ways. Recognize that there are many different ways of living; switching yours up here and there is a great starting point when learning what the world has to offer. Always remember, opportunities come in unexpected places! 

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

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