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April 14, 2020

Revolutionizing Your Nightly Routine With CBDfx



CBD for sleep

Your nights are about to get much more pleasurable. Here are a few tips on how to revolutionize your nightly routine with CBDfx!

By: Paaez Coleman

Some people argue that peace of mind resides in routine, while others cringe at the thought of a “routine” because we don’t want to feel as if we are trapped in a cycle of monotony. The funny thing is that we all have routines, whether we’d like to admit it or not. Sure, they might be loose routines, but you still have certain things that you do everyday. With everything going on in our current climate, we could all benefit from a set routine, especially one at night. Integrating CBD into your nightly routine will not only add to your overall sense of relaxation, but it will also provide an element of normalcy for your already interrupted lives. Implement the following steps to reach a new personal state of zen while you sleep like a baby, and rise ready to conquer whatever life throws at you!

Set Small Fitness Goals

Most people find it hard to get to the gym and work out, so it’s absolutely understandable that it’s even harder to find that motivation when you’re stuck at home. Do you want to know what does work? Starting small with your fitness goals. If you are like the majority of us and have been doing absolutely nothing physical in the past few weeks, you can start by doing 10 sit-ups and 10 push-ups every night, or whatever combination suits you – so long as you start small, you’ll be getting the ball rolling. Beginning with minor fitness routines means that your body won’t experience as much shock, and you won’t mentally psych yourself out before you even begin. 

The best part of starting small is that you get to include CBDfx muscle recovery balm into your nightly routine! If you know your muscles are going to gripe at you, go ahead and rub some of this CBD hemp balm onto those muscles while subtle hints of lavender and orange fill the room. Your muscles will wake up feeling engaged and refreshed!

Snuggle Up With A Good Book & Mask

Never underestimate the power of reading the words straight from the pages of a physical book. Have you noticed that reading on an electronic device hurts your eyes after a while? Not to mention, we’re already staring at our phones most of the time. So, why not pair your favorite book with one of CBDfx’s face masks

Simply pull out the sheet and place all 50mg of broad spectrum CBD onto your face while you escape to the world of your book. You can soak up all the active topical ingredients that the mask offers in only 10 minutes; leave it on a little longer if your book is getting good, or take it off and keep reading since this mask doesn’t require a rinse! 

CBD with melatonin

Bath Time Has Never Been Better

Now that you’ve nourished your mind, you can run yourself a relaxing bath with our CBD-infused bath salts. This lavender, celtic salt mixture is enhanced with high-quality, organically grown CBD that seeps into the muscles, while the salt’s supporting topical ingredients go to work relaxing your body and releasing any stressors or unwanted thoughts. If the soothing sensations of its topical ingredients weren’t already enough to sell you on, the salts also offer up their own form of aromatherapy, providing a soft, floral scent that takes you away to your own perfectly peaceful field of flowers.

If you want to step it up a notch, light your favorite scented candle and let the two pleasant aromas caress your body together. Then, dim the lights for the ultimate at-home spa experience. Oh, and if you don’t live alone, may we suggest locking the door? You wouldn’t want your husband barging in to ask about the cable bill, or the kids coming in to ask you to reattach Batman’s arm; what a total mood killer. We all deserve some private time to ourselves, to relax and recharge. 

The Perfect Facial Combo

This is the perfect time to put forth a little extra effort into your skincare. We used to be out there  soaking up the sun’s rays, and our skin thrived thanks to the natural nutrients that the sun emits, but what about all the pollution in the air that your face endured on a constant basis? This is where the CBD Face Cleanser comes into play, as its natural charcoal elements create a powerful cleansing foam that travels deep into your pores and removes the toxins and pollutants that our environment is filled with. Adding this cleaner into your nightly routine will put you on the fast track to having  healthy, glowing skin that you’ll be ready to show off when the time comes!

What’s a deep skin cleanse without following up with some intense moisturizer? That’s why the next step in your nightly routine should be to take a few drops of our CBD Face Oil Serum, which boasts an array of supporting topical ingredients designed to address signs of aging, and wrinkles! This serum greatly benefits from the addition of red raspberry seed oil and a dozen other natural botanical extracts and oils. 

Sleep Tight

Some of us aren’t able to “turn our brains off” at night. We toss and turn as our thoughts become entangled with our vivid imaginations. A problem most of us don’t realize is that we need to disengage from electronics a good hour before we plan on going to sleep, because they actively stimulate our brains. Our CBD gummies infused with melatonin are perfect for use before bedtime, since they both taste great and get the job done! Simply take one gummy 30 minutes before you want to sleep, and you’ll be surprised by how quickly the melatonin allows you to fall asleep. 

While you’re waiting for the melatonin to take effect, take advantage of the quiet time with some meditation techniques. You don’t have to be an expert or even know how to properly meditate. Simply take the time to quiet your thoughts to the best of your ability and focus on the rhythm of your breathing. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping sound, getting some much needed rest and preparing your body for tomorrow! 

Creating a new nightly routine doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In times like these, we can all benefit from setting aside some quiet time for ourselves and implementing strong self care tactics. Your evenings will soon prove to be your favorite time of the day with this new routine in place!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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