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November 20, 2020

Struggling with Brittle Nails and Hair? Here’s Your Solution


CBDfx Staff

A woman holding a hair scrunchy

Maintaining a million-dollar face like yours can be tough if you have to deal with brittle hair and nails.

When hair gets weak, it becomes difficult to manage and can even break under the right stresses.

When you suffer from split ends or cracked fingernails, it can have some frustrating effects on your daily life. There aren’t many things worse than going for a scratch only to feel a part of your nail missing.

Taking your health seriously means keeping an eye on your hair and nails. They serve an important purpose, and taking care of them doesn’t have to take up all your time and money.

In this blog, we’ll talk a little about what you can do to keep your body’s hair and nails looking great and staying strong.

How Are Hair & Nails Made?

A woman smelling lavenderThe human body does some weird stuff, such as clumping proteins together to create hardened stacks (known as filaments) that grow and cover our heads and hands.

While hair and nails are marketed as little more than the goals of your beauty regimen, they actually serve an important hygienic purpose—keeping you free of airborne contaminants and debris.

The body is an efficient, (mostly) self-contained ecosystem. When you eat food, your body takes the vitamins and minerals and uses them to fuel all sorts of growth processes. One of the most essential building blocks to this growth is the amino acid.

Amino acids are proteins that are essential to strengthening everything from bones to skin. Hair and nails are made when groups of these amino acids (called alpha-keratins) bunch up and fuse together to take the structure of whatever the body needs at that moment, i.e. hair and nails.

As the alpha-keratins turn into the right structure, the nuclei of these cells degrade, leaving behind nothing but a woven filament that can handle a surprising amount of stress. Your hair and nails are kind of like the fossilized skeletons of proteins that once lived in your body.

What Makes for Strong Alpha-Keratins?

When all your body’s proteins are in balance, your hair and nails grow strong and resilient. As nail beds and hair follicles produce the alpha-keratins, they also release chemicals that seal them so they don’t suffer too much damage from external forces.

However, like anything else on the body, hair and nails break down over time.

Whether it’s from sunlight, dry air, or chemical treatments to your hair, there are plenty of ways Mother Nature can weaken your hair and nails.

So, how can you keep your alpha-keratins strong?

Biotin Supplements to Build Strong Proteins

Think of your body as a garden—it needs food to grow strong, and it needs sunlight to fuel that growth. Without either of these, the growth can’t happen and the garden becomes brittle. Yes, water is a good food source for your garden, but the strongest and most beautiful plants are fed with other supplements.

Biotin is like a hair and nail super fuel. It provides energy for your body to break down amino acids and sugars more completely. This means that when they’re used to build alpha-keratins, they have a stronger, healthier, and more resilient fiber structure.

Unlike the topical treatments we’ll talk about later, biotin comes from food or supplements. It is a B vitamin that fuels your body as it digests food and gleans nutrition.

This is why biotin is included in prenatal vitamins—this fuel source helps expecting mothers send more nutrition to the baby growing inside of them.

In fact, a third of pregnant women don’t have enough biotin, regardless of how much they consume in their diet.

CBD Oil Hair Treatments

Amino acids are super important when it comes to building hair and nails. The problem is that proteins are volatile and are quickly absorbed and spent. Even with a diet rich in protein, day-to-day stresses on your alpha-keratins cause damage that can’t be repaired as quickly as it happens.

If you’re outside a lot, for example, your hair is exposed to more sunlight that will break down and dry out its protective oils.

One excellent way to keep your hair strong is to feed it more amino acids, and few sources offer a more diverse array of proteins than CBD oil. This may be why more and more hairstylists recommend CBD oil treatments for moisturizing dry hair and preventing hair loss.

CBD oil is an effective way to revitalize your hair and keep up those luscious locks. Whether it’s a scalp treatment or simply working in a tincture over your hair follicles after a shower, cannabidiol can be a great solution to your hair woes.

Keratin Therapy

Sometimes, your hair and nails might need a code red treatment. If your nails fracture and your hair break off more than it should, it may be time for an emergency keratin session. Keratin, related to alpha-keratin, is a protein that can be applied as a topical to the hair and nails.

As a treatment, keratin therapy is probably the most popular option out there, and it works well.

During a treatment, high concentrations of keratin are applied over the hair and nails. Porous hair or brittle nails slurp up the rich amino acids and seal up any weak areas. The results are shiny, smooth, and strong alpha-keratins that turn heads.

Keratin therapy is also the most expensive option, with treatments starting at around $300. Since it has to be redone every few months, regular keratin treatments can be financially out of reach.

Building a Healthy Routine

A woman looking into the distanceYou don’t have to spend thousands of dollars each year on healthy-looking nails and hair. By taking the right biotin and CBD supplement on a regular basis, you can enjoy the benefits of strong alpha-keratins without spending all your money on treatments.

CBD aids your entire endocannabinoid system (ECS), which performs important functions all throughout your body, including in the immune system, GI tract, and heart.

CBD has been clinically shown to treat problems related to:

  • Pain
  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Headaches

Good Supplements for Brittle Hair and Nails

Not all vendors out there sell high-quality products. Some supplements are grown cheaply, using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that make their products less effective. Unfortunately, these products lead some people to think supplements don’t work.

Make the smart choice: buy organic. By choosing a vendor that sells organic goods, you can be confident that your supplements contain more of the natural byproducts and broad-spectrum ingredients that will serve your body’s needs.

Check to see your vendor’s lab reports so that you know exactly what you’re getting. Yes, organic products are more expensive than non-organic supplements, but their quality makes it worth it.

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Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.

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