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December 20, 2019

The 6 Degrees of CBD: How CBD Connects Us All



The 6 Degrees Of Cbd How Cbd Connects Us All

If you have interest in CBD, you’re not alone; millions of others around the world are discovering just how much they love what CBD has to offer!

By: Chloe Persichetti

The theory goes: everyone on the planet is, at the most, 6 degrees separated from the rest of the population.  A ‘degree of separation’ is how far removed you are from having a social connection to someone. For example, a friend of a friend possesses one degree of separation from you. Many people who you know or are linked to are fans of CBD, yet people still question CBD’s validity. It can certainly scare some away, but in reality, a lot more people use CBD and other hemp products than you would expect! 

How Popular is CBD?

You might’ve heard the phrase “6 Degrees of Separation” already, but we’re here to explain how this same concept applies to CBD. In the current regulatory climate, it might feel like expressing interest in CBD is still a little taboo. However, rather than setting you against the grain of society, your interest in CBD is actually something that you share with a vast community of other people. No one walks around with a sign on their chest declaring whether or not they use CBD – if that was the case you’d understand just how popular cannabidiol is – and we’re here to explain to you that you are interconnected to many who truly love CBD; you just don’t know them yet! We at CBDfx want to ease your mind and help you better understand you aren’t alone in wanting to try CBD!

With travel becoming more accessible, the world’s connectivity expanding and social media directly growing with it, we encounter more people in our daily lives than ever before. The way we see it, the more individuals you meet, the closer you become to another person who loves CBD! What a wonderful world. According to a recent 2019 Gallup Poll, 14% of Americans say they use CBD. The United States Census Bureau says that as of December 2019, there are 330 million people in the US, meaning that over 46 million people use CBD in America. This is just the amount of people who were polled and stated that they used the compound; millions more could potentially be out there as well, enjoying the range of CBD products that we and others sell. View this information as the basis for our 6 Degrees of CBD theory!

Public figures are revealing how much they appreciate CBD as well! We now know that many celebrities and professional athletes use and promote CBD through sponsors, as well as partnerships with businesses, campaigns and awareness programs. When you really think about it, you’ll realize that these celebrities and athletes aren’t as far removed from you as you may have previously thought. Chances are, you’re connected to some degree – we’d say 6 degrees at most! With over 46 million people in America alone showing their love and appreciation for CBD, you will find that you belong to a massive community. While you previously assumed that you were an outlier, you’re actually a part of a large web comprised of the millions who also love CBD; and that’s just the United States!

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Are the CBD rumors true? 

CBD seems to be all over the media right now, and some of us might have heard rumors such as, ”Does CBD get you high?” or, “Is CBD legal?” We are here to address these rumors and questions, and help you choose the best product for you within our wide variety of options. We are here to be completely transparent and give you information that can help guide your decision making. You may find yourself asking these critical questions somewhere down the road and we want to give you helpful answers. 

Are CBD lab tests important?

Lab tests are necessary when finding a CBD company you can trust. Some CBD companies are spectacular, while others can be scams, but once you have a company like CBDfx that you can rely on, those worries of bootleg CBD will flee from your mind. It’s similar to the difference between burning your own DVDs and streaming them; one’s quality will surely be better than the other. 

Does CBD get you high?

A serving of CBD does not get you high. In fact, most hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC in total – so getting “high” from these products would be very difficult. This ties in with the first question, reiterating the fact that lab tests are important. A CBD company that doesn’t keep up with FDA rules and regulations regarding CBD and does not provide lab tests should be considered a ‘sketchy’ company. Their products could contain little to no actual CBD, and we would all be none the wiser. Once you have an entrusted CBD company like CBDfx, you’ll be good to go!

Is CBD legal? I heard the FDA is still investigating.

CBD is legal. Its nationwide production and sale has been legalized for a year, since the Farm Bill passed in December 2018. Since the FDA is still studying CBD, they have rules that companies are required to follow, such as not saying that their products are supplements or designed for any specific health benefit. If you take anything away from this FAQ section, we hope that it’s the importance of doing your research and finding a CBD company that resonates best with you. Committing yourself to personally researching companies can take time, but with CBDfx you are able to skip most of the process, because our trusted company has thousands of real-customer reviews and lab tests to back up the quality of our products.

How do I know a product is right for me?

Where do you begin in a market so full of different CBD products? If you’re new, it can be difficult finding your footing. CBDfx has friendly customer service representatives who want to help guide you and answer all your questions. We have a wide variety of products – whatever you desire in a product, we can tailor a selection to you! Plus, we know it can all be confusing sometimes. We have product information on all of our pages and on our packaging in case you don’t want to call! In-depth blogs and helpful information are all found on the CBDfx website. Descriptions of the best way to use the product and FAQ tabs are included on every product page, so there’s no way you can go wrong. We’ll help you find your perfect product. Whether you’re just starting out, or feel that you need further information on other products, CBDfx has you covered… and you’re not alone, just check our thousands of customer reviews!

Did you know?

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