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November 21, 2019

The CBDfx Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving



The Cbdfx Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving

Dreading the thought of sitting through hours of family gossip? CBDfx has the ultimate list of CBD-infused solutions to your Thanksgiving woes!

By: Jacob La Cava and Chloe Persichetti
It’s that time of the year again, where all the little monsters and witches come shambling up to your home looking for a treat. No, not Halloween; Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday widely characterized by family members coming together to eat delicious turkey and cranberries and realizing that, outside of their last name, they have nothing in common with each other. While your friends all seem excited for its approach, you’ve always dreaded it. All you can picture as the date draws nearer is your annoying little cousins, nosy relatives and that dog your aunt brings who won’t stop yapping.

Creative CBD Ideas For Thanksgiving

CBDfx recognizes just how stressful Thanksgiving with family can be, and we believe that we may have some tips for using CBD to spice up your holiday season and help you survive this year’s flood of questions about your job, relationships and future expectations.

Incognito CBD Chill Shot

Along with Christmas and Easter, Thanksgiving is one of those holidays in which you are almost expected to overindulge. Plates scattered across tables and countertops are filled to capacity with pieces of turkey, mashed potatoes drowned in gravy and a mushy pile of stuffing and ripe cranberries, among other things. Thanksgiving gives you an excuse to drink as plentifully as you’d like as well, which is something that the aunts and uncles of the world have come to celebrate with open arms. 

This is the perfect cover for you to get in a little CBD with your meal. The CBDfx Chill Shot is a single-use “shot” of fruit-flavored goodness containing CBD tincture oil… that could very easily be removed from its container to conceal its true identity. Ready to chill without calling attention to yourself? Take one of these chill shots and discreetly pour it into a glass so that it looks like any other drink. If you feel like there isn’t enough liquid in the glass, you can add another drink to it as well. Something dark, such as a red wine, would be ideal, and in the same way that a zombie ignores other zombies, the wine mixture in your hand won’t do anything to alert your relatives that anything is awry. Your bright blue hair might, but that won’t become a verbal discussion until Aunt Darcy’s fourth glass of Franzia. 

Turkey, Vapes And Clouds, Oh My!

If you’re like many other families on Thanksgiving, you wait until the very last minute to prepare your turkey, often resulting in it being thrown onto a grill DURING the festivities and placed somewhere where the smoke won’t irritate the guests. This is the perfect location for you to discreetly enjoy your CBD vape pen. The smoke flowing out from the grill will mask the vivacious clouds that you’re producing, making it appear as if the turkey is producing all of it. You may be wondering, “How much CBD should I vape so that it doesn’t look suspicious?” The answer is do it just enough that the cloud could arguably come from the turkey, masking its true identity!

In order to pull this off, of course, you’ll need to get rid of the family member standing guard. Depending on the relative, there are several ways that you can get them to leave their post. Telling your uncle a major play just occurred in the football game that’s playing inside will certainly lure him away, and the promise of juicy gossip will do the same for your aunt. Tell Grandpa Max that your parents want him to tell them stories about the Korean War, and if a cousin above the age of 18 has been placed at the grill, you can simply promise that they will get a turn on the pen if they don’t rat you out. If this is the case, we recommend having one of our flavored disposable pens on hand, offering a delicious CBD vape juice reward for their cooperation.

8 Reasons To Buy CBD Vape Pens

A Yummy Gummy Pie Surprise

Dessert is an important part of any Thanksgiving celebration, and pies in particular have become a staple treat. There’s just something about the soft, sweet flavors of apple and pumpkin pies that magically opens up more space in your stomach. Sneaking CBD gummies onto your dessert plate as a stealthy addition to your slice of pie will allow you to get a much-needed serving of cannabidiol as the festivities begin to die down.

Once you have a slice on your plate, quickly place a few gummies on an around it in a way that looks natural. If anybody asks where you got them from, say that you had some sweets left over from Halloween that you thought would go well with your dessert. If they still don’t let it go, ask them about politics or something they posted on Facebook, start an argument between a few of them and slip away to enjoy your treats. CBDfx gummies are a perfect pairing with virtually any desserts, and since they are vegan CBD products, you can feel like it’s a “healthy” addition to your plate!

CBD Capsule Caper

Hemp oil capsules are by far one of the easiest means of consuming CBD for many people. They are small, compact and often don’t carry a flavor that’s too strong or earthy. The act of swallowing a capsule is so normal that a random stranger could watch you do it and never think it was anything out of the ordinary. If you’re lucky, your family will do more of the same. However, if you are questioned while taking CBD pill capsules, simply dodge the question and try to divert them toward another topic.

If explained correctly, this could actually have multiple positive impacts on your Thanksgiving experience. Not only will you not be bothered about consuming the capsules, but you might also get them off your back for other things. Our CBD soft gel capsules would be perfect for this ploy, having the appearance of a regular capsule. So long as you can handle lying through your teeth to your relatives, you’re in the clear!

Fixing Fido

There are only three things that are wholly unavoidable in this world: death, taxes and your aunt bringing her yapping little maltipoo to Thanksgiving. Usually, you’re forced to be kind to the dog and ignore the storm of barks and growls that it slings with reckless abandon, but not this year. With CBD on your side, nothing can stop you from having a peaceful Thanksgiving. Some CBDfx pet tincture oil is exactly what you need to keep that dog from ruining everything.

CBD for pets is the same as that given to humans, only in lower concentrations. It affects them the same way that it affects us, taking the guessing out of determining what they will feel. You can use a pet tincture oil to condition the overly excited dog to not bark. When it is being well-behaved, feed it a treat infused with our tincture oil — and eventually it will give up its “bad boy” act entirely in the hopes of receiving more treats. You’re may be thinking, “How much CBD oil should I give my dog?” The answer depends on the dog’s size, but generally the pet will experience it within a single dropper-worth of oil. Aunt Suzie’s terrier will have a change of heart after trying some CBD!

CBD for pets

Celebrate With Vegan CBD This Friendsgiving! 

Your chosen family coming together can only mean one thing: great times are ahead! Friendsgiving is important, so CBDfx has put a lot of care into helping you curate the best one yet — all with CBD in mind. 

Friendship Feast

The beauty of Friendsgiving is that your food selection can be much more varied and “non-traditional.” Maybe you and your friends don’t want to go through the hassle of baking a turkey, and that’s fine! Turkeys take more time than they’re worth to prepare sometimes, and they can be expensive. Charlie Brown is arguably the inventor of Friendsgiving, and his food selection was as non-traditional as it comes. It only makes sense that you would carry on this tradition by finding a wide variety of foods to enjoy with your friends, and you can even take it one step further by introducing CBDfx tincture oil to each food item! 

Add our CBD tincture 500mg to whatever your Friendsgiving menu may consist of: pies, burgers or Chinese takeout! We have a tincture that works for each of these. This is the best CBD oil that you’ll find on the market, meshing with all food types and delivering the effects of CBD that we’ve all come to appreciate so much. The only disadvantage to doing this is that eventually you’ll have to downgrade and go back to eating the food without CBD!

Toasting With Tinctures

If adult beverages are you thing, you might be surprised to learn that CBD and alcohol can be mixed together… and the combination is truly fantastic! For many people, drinking games are one of the best ways to get the evening going. Once the solo cups come out and the speaker turns on, that’s when the night tends to begin. The friends are together and it’s time to celebrate! We all know that sometimes rifts can happen between friends… but party games can help get the energy high again! So, to the few people who dislike each other but still share the same friend groups — this one’s for you!

Looking for a new and interesting drink combination? Add our CBD tincture 1000mg to your spiked eggnog or any other drink that you’re enjoying. You can play beer pong with it or use it as part of a Thanksgiving-based drinking game. After a few rounds, we know things can get a little too competitive. Does your friend keep losing and have a bruised ego? Give them some CBDfx hemp cream for his wounded pride. If he’s extra down on his luck, give him more CBDfx tincture and find an answer to the question, “Does CBD oil give you energy?” 

Another great way to add to the festivities is creating your own alcohol-soaked CBDfx gummies. It is definitely the way to go this year! Make a large pitcher of your friends’ favorite alcohol. Add a mixer you like to mix with it. Now the finishing touches! Pour as many CBD gummies you want into the concoction. When you ladle up the magic elixir, the gummies will be alcohol soaked for an extra kick. The great tasting gummies will blend so well with your drinks, there’s no way this won’t be a sure-fire hit!

CBD tincture oil

The Ultimate Goodie Bags

Thanksgiving is founded on the idea that, as human beings, we are all connected and should provide each other with things such as food and gifts. With your family, a nice meal and a bright, happy attitude is enough; with your friends, it’s a bit different. Your friends want to get crazy, they want to see you be sassy and slap a big, turkey-shaped wine bag with them to celebrate the holiday. In the old days, the cornucopia was filled with fruit that everyone would share. This Friendsgiving, show your friends how much you appreciate them by sending them home with miniature cornucopias filled with CBDfx products! 

Thank your friends for being their amazing selves with cornucopia goodie bags to take home at the end of the night! They will all love you for it, and there’s no way that any of them will ever be able to top it. Make sure that you give the largest goodie bag to your novice CBD friend who’s been asking you all week, “What does CBD feel like?” We recommend our gummies, mini-sized balms or disposable vape pens, but you can choose any products from our vast collection and they are guaranteed to be a hit!

Counting Gummies in Your Sleep 

After all the high energy games, lots of alcohol and copious amounts of food, you definitely shouldn’t drive home. If your friend has extra rooms or couches, it could be a great night for a sleepover! Because who wants the party to end anyway? Besides, adding 10-minute face masks to the night can be a fun element. You’ll be crying with laughter when you see the “manly-man” of the group with a CBD Aloe Vera Mask on. He may just rip your phone away when you try to Snapchat! 

As the night begins to wind down, you may be wondering, “Does CBD make you sleepy?” The answer is… only if you want it to! Especially if what you are consuming is the Melatonin CBD gummies by CBDfx. When you’re still ramped up and you turn over to see the clock reads 2 am… you’ll need to reach for a melatonin CBD gummy to help you catch those Z’s.  

Try out one or more of these ideas this Thanksgiving, we promise you won’t regret it! The holidays can bring as much undue stress as they do enjoyment, and you shouldn’t be forced to dread November’s approach. CBDfx understands how life can be sometimes, and our extensive list of products is here to help you get through it all. Whether you decide to mix CBD gummies in with your pie or enjoy a buzzed group face mask session with your friends, we’ve got a product that will go above and beyond to satisfy your CBD needs! 

In addition to the products that were described in this blog post, there is an array of other, high-quality products that each has its own incredible value. We have more types of CBD for sale than you could ever imagine. Browse our website’s full catalogue before making any decisions, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us through our website! If you stick around the site long enough and end up buying $75 worth of products, you’ll get a free CBDfx tote bag as well! We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know?

The strength of the CBD needed (500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg) will depend on the dog.
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