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August 28, 2020

The Downsides of Buying from Unknown CBD Brands



The Downsides of Buying from Unknown CBD Brands

CBD is great, but it’s hard to deny the downsides of buying from unknown CBD brands.

Sure, you can do your research. You can read all about the key ingredients to look out for but what you can’t account for is dishonesty—companies lying about ingredients and quality. 

Hence, the downside of buying from unknown CBD brands. 

And it’s more than getting a product you don’t like. You can get a product filled with heavy metals, chemicals, and other elements detrimental to your health. 

To keep you informed, we want to make sure you avoid this by reviewing the downsides of buying from an unknown CBD brand.

To start, watch out for…

Low-Quality Products with Harmful Additives

It’s a serious letdown when you scour the web searching for the best CBD product, and something lackluster and forgettable arrives. 

A lot can expose the poor quality of a product if you know what to look for. 

The first thing you want to pay close attention to is the label. It should display the net weight, concentration, panel of ingredients, and other information such as the manufacturer. 

It’s especially important to analyze the ingredient panel when searching for CBD vape products because substandard companies use toxic ingredients that cushions their profit margins. Be on the lookout for ingredients like vitamin E acetate, toxic additives, any synthetic CBD. 

 Most commonly, you can find vitamin E acetate in cosmetic and skincare products. While it provides excellent benefits for these types of products, it doesn’t quite pan out for CBD Vapes. Vitamin E acetate is a synthetic form of vitamin E not suitable for ingestion. It disrupts the lungs’ innate ability to stay inflated and function properly. 

And although those sweet flavors are enticing, it’s best to steer clear of them because the American Heart Association tested nine of the most popular flavors and found they impaired nitric oxide production in the endothelial cells. 

Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but if we break it down, it causes inflammation within the body that reduces blood flow where it’s needed. This is the first sign of cardiovascular disease and other related issues. 

This is a significant downside of buying from unknown CBD brands. You don’t know what you’re getting most of the time and this can be a grave mistake. 

This same notion applies to other product categories as well. The best way to avoid this is by checking out the product’s lab results or certificate of analysis. If you can’t find lab tests, it’s best to keep looking for a more reputable company. 

Wasting Money on Ineffective Products

Aside from the apparent health factor, you’re wasting time and money when you purchase from unknown companies. 

Some of these companies may claim to use a certain amount of CBD per product, but if you take a peek at the lab results, you’ll see a drastic difference. In fact, the FDA recently called out 15 companies for operating illegally in a variety of ways. 

Some of the most notorious companies trying to “trick” consumers are on Amazon because they have a stringent policy against CBD sale. With this in mind, if you see CBD for sale on Amazon, it’s most likely hemp seed oil. 

This is something else you have to pay close attention to because hemp seed oil will do absolutely nothing regarding the therapeutic relief you’re looking for. However, if you need some deep moisturization for a rough skin patch, it may not be a total loss. 

This is hemp seed oil’s primary use—a nourishing oil for skin and body products. Moving forward, if you see Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, you know it’s hemp seed oil. 

Some companies utilize synthetic forms of CBD. These synthetic forms of CBD are created by combining chemicals like bromide and fluoride, designed to mimic the effects of naturally occurring cannabinoids. However, there’s a huge difference, obviously, right? 

Our bodies cannot catabolize these compounds, and this leads to a myriad of unwanted effects. 

All roads lead back to the main identifying qualities of reputable companies. Let’s discuss those qualities more in-depth so you can avoid any unnecessary interaction with unknown companies with no regard for your wellbeing. 

How to Recognize Quality When You Come Across It

We’ve touched on this a bit on our blog because it’s critical to become more versed in CBD knowledge. 

When you know what to look for, you avoid loss of time, money, and avoid unnecessary health issues from low-quality products. Here’s the checklist you need to keep handy when looking for CBD brands to associate with. 

  • Organically-sourced hemp
  • Positive reviews from other consumers
  • All-natural ingredients and flavorings 
  • Third-party lab testing
  • CO2-extraction process

All of these elements are vital in the process of creating high-quality products for consumer use. When you visit a brand’s website, you should be able to look at their “About Us” page and gather whether or not they hit all of the marks above. 

Most reputable companies have third-party lab tests readily available on the product page or a separate section devoted to lab results. Additionally, please pay attention to how a company extracts its oil because some methods leave behind chemicals and toxins. If this oil is the base for the entire product line, you can see this issue here? 

Last but not least, take note of what others say about a company and the products they create. If the majority of the reviews are positive, chances are, the product is worth trying. 

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