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May 13, 2020

Tips For House Cleaning During A Pandemic



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It’s easy to forget out-of-sight and overlooked places in the home to clean. Here are some spots around your house that you should always be cleaning!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Cleaning your home can feel like an overwhelming task. It’s easy to overlook certain spots as you go about your normal routine. We’re here to help remind you of those easy-to-forget areas so you and those in your home can breathe easy – especially during a time like this. As we delve in, remember not to get overwhelmed by this list. Slowly adding these areas into your cleaning process can be a good way to tackle this list, especially if you feel that adding it all at once is too daunting! That’s another reason why we laid it all out in groups: so that you can compartmentalize and tackle them more efficiently!

Starting Small

Quick wipe-downs on high-touch surfaces such as door knobs, light switches and handles on cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms are the perfect starting point. It’s also a great idea to occasionally wipe down the cards in your wallet, as well as your keys. Those cards have been in so many places and have been handled by so many different people; their germ buildup can be pretty spectacular. Prior studies focused on the spread of germs have identified multiple strains of bacteria that live on these cards…we think it’s time to start wiping them down. 

Tackling window and door screens won’t be time-consuming either, but will still be very effective in eliminating bacteria. These screens seem to expertly trap and store pollen, dust and dirt. Along with the fresh air that it provides, it also allows dust to accumulate in its tiny squares and eventually enter your home. Reminding yourself to wipe these down will help you in the struggle to keep your house clean. 

Now, it’s time to get the heights in your home. Grab a chair to stand on; as you rise up higher and higher, you will notice all the dust and dirt that has been building up. Your wipes and rags will no doubt be overwhelmed with grime while you clean this portion of your home, but this is what cleaning is all about! You don’t want to leave any air debris lingering in the elevated nooks and crannies of your home.

The final high-touch surface area that all beginners should sanitize is the button that activates your garage door, which is another major hub for germs. Think about how often you have to use this button on a weekly basis. Though it’s constantly being used, the amount of times it has been cleaned is likely sparse. A quick wipe-down can eliminate many of these germs, so you can use your garage door button more comfortably, knowing that its bacteria content is dramatically reduced. 

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Getting More Into It

How many of your family and friends go above and beyond to clean their homes? Once you’ve learned this next level of cleaning, you’ll be a head above the rest! These cleaning techniques are going to quite literally outshine the other’s homes. Though this isn’t a competition, the air quality will be noticeably cleaner in yours – let’s dive in!

Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator is the best way to get moving toward providing your home with a more in-depth cleanse. By taking out everything in your fridge, throwing away unwanted items and wiping down the fridge’s inner workings, it’ll actually start to look brighter and more fitting as a place to store your food. 

What’s something in your home that is used frequently but washed…almost never. Can you guess it? The correct answer is: throw pillows! Used in many ways, the throw pillow is seen often but always overlooked. Check the fabric care instructions on your pillows, then clean the pillows in your washing machine. Alternatively, if you feel that your time is better spent cleaning something else, you can simply drop them off at a dry-cleaning business. They may not look dirty, but getting a quick whiff of one of them could tell another story altogether! 

Dirt and dust seem to be constantly compiling in the tiny crevices on baseboards in homes. Baseboards are what line the floors and the walls, and they need to be cleaned more often than not. Once clean, they can spruce up your home with their noticeably white complexion. Cleaning baseboards do require you to get on your hands and knees, or at the very least to get down into a crouching position, which can get a little tiring. To further ensure dust and grime don’t get in your home – we’re sure you don’t want to be constantly cleaning baseboards – one great chore is to keep the air vents in your home clean. This preventative measure will help the entire home be cleaner for as long as possible. Dust floating around in the air isn’t preferable. Let’s make the transition to a fabulously fresh home and get those fan blades and ceiling air ducts cleaned. The technique is pretty straight forward – grab a rag and begin working. 

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Are you cleaning correctly?

Cleaning your home can become second nature, but it’s best to learn all the tips before fully delving into it. You’re going to want to be as well-equipped as possible to recognize all the ins and outs of achieving a proper clean. 

You might not have noticed before, but if you read the backs of spray bottles, the contact time varies between cleaning products. What does this mean? Once you’ve sprayed the solution on a surface, for it to work, it needs to sit for a moment. Each cleaner has a different wait time, which is why it’s important to read each product’s labeling so you can kill the most germs possible and get the cleanest return on all the work you’ve been putting in. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing reusable gloves may be the best option as you clean, because they protect your skin from any cleaners that may be harmful. Additionally, while cleaning, you should allow for good ventilation and should avoid touching your eyes, mouth or nose while cleaning, especially with gloves on. 

Lastly, when cleaning a surface that is especially dusty, it’s always best to wipe it down with a dry rag first to remove the film of dust. What’s left can then be sprayed and wiped away, leaving the surface as clean as possible. 

Once you’ve added all this to your repertoire, you’ll be a cleaning pro! We guarantee that you’ll be feeling the difference as you stand in your home after all that hard work is finished. With added time on our hands, it will be a bit more viable to get some extra cleaning done. Sanitizing surfaces in your home is important during these times, because keeping you and your family’s immune systems healthy is key. Your well-being is important, and a clean home can reduce stress and allow you to feel your best. There seems to be an interesting phenomenon where an orderly home leads to an orderly individual. Whatever causes this, we hope you and your immune system feel better after taking advantage of these pro cleaning tips!

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