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January 21, 2020

Tips for Staying On Track With Your Fitness Goals



Tips For Staying On Track With Your Fitness Goals

Maintaining fitness goals can be made simpler with these tips in mind. Whatever your reason is for getting fit, we’d like to help you reach your goal!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Your journey to creating a ‘new you’ should never be met with shortcuts. You’re a complex being, and in order to make any serious personal changes, you’ll have to repeat certain actions over and over again until your goal is fully met. Envisioning your fitness goals and the changes you’d like to see is easy – we all strive to become better – but it’s difficult without a plan. Accomplishing your goals isn’t always easy, but doing so comes with an amazing feeling of reward because they are often goals that can’t be bought or given. With that being said, let’s get right into it!

Learn Your Journey 

To begin, you must first narrow your sights: what is it that you’re working out for? Maybe it’s to gain or lose weight, be healthier or remain agile as you age. You need to know the why as you set out on your fitness journey. Once you have that figured out, create a list of short term and long term goals. Be specific in this process as you begin to sift through and decide which goals deserve the most focus and which can be placed at the wayside. Setting milestones is a very important piece to this puzzle; you can find yourself lost without a master plan. Consolidating and concentrating on the most important goals takes away small distractions and ensures you are focusing your energy in the right places! 

Now it’s time for the research! I’m sure seeing the word “research” can bring you back to the dark days of school; the late nights, cramming – we totally understand. However, even research can be made exciting if it’s surrounding a topic you care about: you! There are many resources online that provide information on what you should do in order to achieve a given goal. Research always helps with a time frame. You need to know how many days, weeks and months something is going to take, so that you can both plan on meeting your goals accordingly and know what is and isn’t realistic. Oftentimes our minds trick us into wanting our goals to be completed faster than is possible. We can nip this brain distortion in the bud before it even starts by performing a bit of research. That way, you’re able to base your goals off scientific evidence rather than your own pushy mind. Now it’s time to ask, “Are you getting a trainer?” If not, you may need to find effective workouts online that pertain to your goals, or discover a fitness YouTube series you like most and can work alongside. This will be another important part of your research. Lastly, learn about diets that fit your specific needs. Prioritizing a diet that is based on your gender, BMI and goals is important. Remember: personalization is key.

Making Space For The New You 

How you live outside of your fitness journey builds habits that directly align with your goals. Changing your lifestyle is a way to embody a new goal to its fullest. Get rid of things in your home that do not serve this new goal; think of it as a mini “spring cleaning.” Better yet, re-arrange what you can to create an indisputable change in your life. Maybe the art in your home can be switched around, or a sofa can be angled differently. Getting your subconscious involved can be a great help as you progress through your fitness journey! 

Something interesting that you can try is writing yourself a letter before you begin. In this letter, express how you feel – excitement, apprehension, whatever it may be is perfectly normal – and explain the reason that you want to pursue a certain goal. Lastly, describe how you would like this goal to be fulfilled in your life. Put this letter away and take it out to read when you’re having a bad day. You’ll begin to see that the ultimate form of motivation is self-motivation!

Tracking you progress will allow you to see how far you’ve come since you began your fitness journey. We get used to things and don’t remember how we looked starting out and get displeased; yet, we aren’t taking into account how much change we have actually undergone. The feeling of gratefulness you’ll experience while tracking your fitness journey will be a great help when you’re struggling to stay on it. That’s why crafting a newly-arranged environment can also remind you of your new changes elsewhere in life!

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You’re Not In This Alone 

Mentally prepare yourself for those low days; they’ll certainly come, and that’s when you have to work extra hard. You can get through these rough patches through support. There are many downloadable apps that can help with whatever your area of need is, from food journals to workout regimens. You can even find some that track your progress and keep you motivated at the same time! Let’s face it, when you are working toward a goal, it can be hard to maintain self-motivation and stave off feelings of loneliness. It can often be a journey for you that leaves out the people who are typically enlisted in your life activities. But this journey can be exciting! Downloading an app or having a trainer are beneficial here because they offer the support and encouragement you need to push through, while also preventing you from feeling alone!

Apps and trainers also instill you with a direct line of accountability! Your friends and/or trainer can hold you to tasks that you need to hit in order to succeed. This keeps you reliable and regimented as you continue getting your footing with these goals. Lastly, remember to share with your friends and loved ones what you’re planning on doing, and let them know that during this time, your routine and habits are going to see changes. By making these statements, you are cluing them in on your fitness goals and ensuring that they don’t accidentally force you into a situation that could set you back. This is all vital for crafting the new you. 


Whatever your fitness goals may be, we wish you the best and hope you remain dedicated! This will be a great year for you and CBDfx hopes these simple tips help you along your journey!

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