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March 25, 2020

Tips To Living A Cleaner Life in 2020



Tips To Living A Cleaner Life

Not sure what to do while staying at home? Clean your life and your act up fast with these tips meant to fit in with your schedule!

By: Chloe Persichetti

Regardless of who we are, where we come from or how we carry out our lives, most of us come to the conclusion that being around dust, clutter and chaos is not preferable. Cleanliness is sought after no matter where you are in the world. “Clean” can refer to many things: surfaces, eating habits, decluttered minds and priorities, etc. Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, these cleaning tips can also tie into keeping you safe during these unprecedented times. 

A Clean Homespace

Whether you like it or not, your home directly affects your mental health. Creating and maintaining an enjoyable, clean space should be a priority. Many of us are busy with our jobs and don’t have time to put a lot of thought and effort into this aspect. We’d like to lay out a few tips to keep your home clean and your productivity up!

The first, seemingly obvious recommendation is that if you don’t make a mess, there’s nothing to clean up! If you consistently pick up after yourself, you don’t have to dedicate a full day to the cause. An international study spanning four countries reported that a clean home is always of high importance. Sometimes, we need something that is going to work for us while we carry on with our busy lives. One way to solve this problem is through plants. Did you know there are plants that purify the air? These are great to consider growing in your home. Look up these plants online and learn which ones will work best in your home due to lighting restrictions. 

Speaking of lighting, let’s get yours boosted! Better lighting directly corresponds to a better mood. Why would this be part of a blog focused on cleanliness? Allow us to explain: you wake up in the morning and it’s dark outside. The room is cold, but your bed is warm, giving you no motivation to slip out from under those covers and begin cleaning. You know what I’m talking about – we’ve all been there. Make a switch to full-spectrum light bulbs, which mimic sunlight and can make you and your home feel bright. This burst of “sunlight” will have you awake and making your bed every morning without you even realizing it. They improve mood, productivity and potentially plant growth, which is great news for those air-purifying plants you’ll be getting! When your home isn’t cluttered, you’ll find that your mind won’t be either.

Cleaning Day For Your Mind

Your mind is a powerful tool and should be kept clean. Just like your surroundings, your mind likely needs some extra love and attention. Your thoughts, among many things, are the structural building blocks for how you visualize your day going, and as such they are extremely vital. Though there are many ways to cleanse your mind, here are a few ideas that can help you get started.  Keep your mental clarity sharpened by lighting a candle; something to focus your mind. Next, grab a pen and paper, and write out what you need to do in order to make yourself feel happy. Eliminate the things that get in the way of this goal. These lists will look different for everyone, so pinpoint your distractions and get to the root cause. Once they’re eliminated, your life will be one step in the right, clutter-free direction. Even after doing this, it might still be difficult to reach a point of mental clarity and a quiet headspace. Meditating and/or listening to meditation music will begin to help ease your mind into the habit of freeing yourself from the thoughts that limit you.

Cleaning out your system is also an essential step toward happiness. You are the most important aspect of your life, so your bodily functions need to be running smoothly. Your quality of life brightens when your bodily systems are given the chance to function properly. Your mind is connected to your stomach by the Vagus nerve, so what you eat really does translate to your thoughts. One way to cleanse your body is to eliminate free radicals. Your system needs extra assistance when it comes to flushing out these unwanted toxins. Drinking water, especially alkalized water, is great for your body and your mind. Water will also allow you to feel more refreshed and help alleviate any mental fog you may feel throughout the day. 

Lastly, if you’re having difficulty with eating healthy, we have a tip for you. Clean eating will help improve brain and body function, which in turn helps fuel your other cleansing efforts. To help, try looking up information on whatever fruit, vegetable or herb you are about to consume to look at their benefits. Once you begin seeing for yourself how different types of food directly fuel the body, you’ll want to integrate them more and more into your meals. 

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Easy Swaps

There are many little switches we can make in our daily lives that translate into cleaner living practices. We have come up with a few ideas to boost some areas of your life. Let’s begin with some easy, quick swaps to get the momentum going. Ensuring your water bottles are BPA free is a great first step. BPA is not healthy for our reproductive organs, and a quick check when purchasing a new water bottle is a fantastic “why not?” moment. 

Along with this, moving away from plastic has many health and environmental benefits. When you are at the grocery store buying produce, stay away from pre-packaged, plastic-laden fruits and vegetables. Instead, opt for the product without this packaging. This means you must cut your fruits and vegetables yourself, but pre-cut produce seems to “go bad” quicker since it’s more exposed to oxygen. In the same way, you don’t have to always use those plastic bags that they offer – you are going to wash everything well when you get home anyway. This especially goes for fruits and vegetables with skins that you are going to discard regardless. 

There’s one last seemingly innocent culprit you need to switch out. We see it and smile at its “freshness” and cute shapes…but in reality, it’s a dangling nightmare of chemicals. It’s *queue dramatic music please* Car fresheners. *Panicked gasps arise from the crowd.* According to the National Motorist’s Association, “The majority of home and car air fresheners are created with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)…The EPA lists a number of possible adverse effects of exposure to VOCs including headaches, loss of coordination, nausea, liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage, and more.”

This refers to more than just the tiny car fresheners that you occasionally see; it’s also the air fresheners used in office buildings and your home. The indoor pollution caused by these fresheners does much more harm than good. It’s ironic that they are named air “fresheners” when it seems they only pollute the air with harmful, synthetic chemicals. To make matters worse, the Natural Resources Defense Council conducted a test in 2007, in which they tested 14 air fresheners and found that all of them contained phthalates. Though this ingredient is not listed on the packaging, all air fresheners tested positive for it. Phthalates cause birth defects and reproductive problems. 

Parting Tips: 

  • Did you know perfumes and colognes can hold toxic ingredients such as phthalates? Think about it, you’re spraying it right on your neck almost every day.
  • Hand soap can be made simpler with a quick change to natural hand soap. These can be in the form of a liquid or a bar and cost as low as $2.99. This is great — because many equate organic to lots of money; and doesn’t always have to be the case. 
  • Makeup can be filled with chemicals. Reminding yourself of what exactly you put on your face can greatly improve your ability to make changes and live a cleaner life. 

A clean lifestyle can affect virtually every facet of your life. When we think “clean”, let’s think about all of these aspects. Staying home can be boring and make you feel like you’re missing out on life, when really you can be using this time to improve on your life exponentially. Follow some of these tips and be amazed by the improvements that you make!

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