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February 7, 2020

Ways To Bring CBD To The Office



Ways To Bring Cbd To The Office Ways To Bring Cbd To The Office Ways To Bring Cbd To The Office

Struggling to find ways to add CBD products into your busy work flow? Let CBDfx help you with some fun and interesting options!

By: Jacob La Cava

Days in the office can sometimes feel like the end is never in sight, especially when you have something that you can’t wait to get home to. For some people, that something is a spouse or child that they’re excited to spend time with. For others, it’s a pet that’s waiting anxiously for their master to come home. If you’re a really cool person, however, that something is your stash of CBD products, waiting back at home to give your day a boost.

Cannabidiol lovers know how convenient CBD products can be, offering swift effects without requiring a great amount of effort on your end. What if you didn’t have to wait until after work to quench your CBD desires? What if you could enjoy all that these products offer at any time of day, whether it’s the early hours of the morning or in the middle of an important business meeting? There’s no reason that work and CBD can’t coincide, and you shouldn’t feel as if you can’t find places to store your favorite products in the office.

Here are some fun and useful ways in which you can combine your office life and love of everything CBD!

#1. Gummies For Every Occasion

You’ve been working hard this last week; like, really hard. You managed to cram 60 hours of work into less than 40 and even had a bit of spare time to catch your breath and get your less urgent tasks completed. You want to reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in, but you’re still at work for a few more hours. The office isn’t providing any sort of reward for you, either; no sort of celebration to recognize the incredible work that you’ve been putting in. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and ensure that you gain something from your hours of pain-staking effort! 

Bringing a bottle of CBDfx CBD Gummies to the office is one of the ultimate ways to congratulate yourself for your hard work. Every time that you reach a certain work milestone or alleviate a large portion of your workload, chow down on a couple of these tasty gummies. Each bottle contains 60 gummies, so you won’t have to worry about restocking too frequently if you portion them out correctly. The bottles are compact enough that you can store them in a bag or desk drawer for easy access. At 5mg per gummy, you’ll get a small, yet satisfying, amount of CBD with each and every serving.

#2. Face Mask On Your Break

Breaks at work are a weird phase in the day. While you sometimes have activities that can fill up the time and make it feel like a break well spent, other days you’ll have to approach your break without any sort of plan whatsoever. You could just do what you did on a previous day, but that same sense of accomplishment simply won’t be there again. You could take a walk then, but, no that won’t work either; last time you went on a walk during your break, you were accosted by a group of elderly men who didn’t understand why you’d be on your phone on a beautiful day like that one – even though it was overcast! With your options running low, you’re usually left to choose between sleeping in your car or jumping into someone else’s break plans. 

CBDfx Face Masks are an interesting new option that you’ve likely never considered before. These masks function like those you’d find in a beauty salon, but also contain a hefty helping of high-quality CBD hemp extract. They’re as lightweight as a CBD product can get, meaning you can take them with you to work and anywhere else that you might visit on a given day. Easy to use and providing your other senses with a light, pleasant aroma, you can simply get into your car, turn on your chill music playlist, apply the mask on your face and relax. The mask will work its wonders, and after ten minutes you can take it off and discard it. Your face is certain to thank you for the kind treatment, and you’ll certainly be thankful that you came across this product. Once you have one of these bad boys with you, you’ll never struggle to enjoy a work break again!

#3. Chill Shots By The Water Cooler

It’s interesting how some things in life never seem to change; the appearance might, sure, but in the end, certain things just gravitate toward each other. Remember when you would gossip in middle school by the water fountains? Well, that’s managed to follow you throughout your life, now manifesting in gossip by your water cooler at work. For the most part, you don’t get yourself involved in others’ problems, so the gossip usually doesn’t appeal to you. However, some of it is just too juicy not to want in on. You want an excuse to be near the cooler as often as possible, but you don’t necessarily want to be drinking water all day long.

Spice up your trips by replacing water with CBDfx Chill Shots. You’ll want to be sly about this; don’t just walk up to the water cooler with a container of chill shot liquid in your hand. Grab a cup of water earlier in the day, but when you finish its contents, keep it with you. Then, when you want to get near the water again, pour your chill shot into it. The CBD-infused product will provide you with a tasty flavor profile, making it an ideal water replacement. Additionally, their containers are so compact that you can store several of them at your desk for multiple water trips. With an army of chill shots at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about missing juicy work gossip ever again!

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#4. Vape Pen Shenanigans

Work can get dull and repetitive at times, and if you don’t stop and shake things up every once in a while, you might end up going crazy. While practical jokes aren’t the first means of shaking things up that you should turn to, it can be a fun and easy way of reducing stress and tension in the office. You could go for some of the more traditional office practical jokes if you don’t feel like coming up with your own, or you could be an innovator and use CBDfx disposable vape pens to hoodwink your coworkers. 

First things first, you’ll need to determine whether or not your office is somewhere that doesn’t take kindly to vape pens. If you think that playing a joke that involves a pen might result in you being seriously reprimanded in any way, you should reconsider the joke entirely and go with something more casual. If your office is fine with vapes, you’re good to go. Bring two CBDfx disposable vape pens with you to work: one fruit-flavored pen and one terpenes pen. Hit the fruit pen in front of your coworker and tell them how much you love its flavor. Hype it up to the point where your coworker is incredibly eager to try it themselves. Then, switch the pens and hand them the terpene one, which will possess one of several different famous cannabis strains. Expecting the light, fruity flavors of strawberries and watermelon, nothing in the world will have prepared them for the herbaceous flavor of OG Kush!

#5. Calling It A Night With CBD Balm

After a long day of work, you’re bound to feel a bit banged up. You might not be living out the life of a professional athlete, but you still certainly feel the wear and tear of the day. Even if you’ve used some of the other CBD tips on this list, there’s pretty much no way to avoid it outside of playing hooky from work entirely. The way that you address the way you feel makes all the difference in the world, and it can have effects on the way the rest of your night plays out. As a result, you need to have a solid game plan for what you’ll do to address it.

CBDfx CBD balms could be the answer to your prayers, especially if you didn’t already have an adequate way of addressing the issue. Each of these balms is filled with supporting topical ingredients that are handpicked for certain predicaments that you might be facing on a given day. Freezing cold office leaving your skin feeling dry? Our Moisturizing balm provides agents that’ll get your skin feeling back to normal in no time. In addition to these discomfort-addressing topical ingredients, essential oils lend their fruity and floral scents to the balms, which is all but certain to appeal to your other senses long after you’ve applied it to your skin.


Bringing CBD to work with you could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, and hopefully these tips can be applied to your future work experiences. You can find all the CBD products you need right here at CBDfx!

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